Astrology: Sisterly love

Its my Sister’s Birthday tomorrow, April 21st.

We are ‘close’ on a almost psychic level, her Venus is conjunct my Moon and Jupiter, and her Sun sits on my 4th house, and she’s always been there for me, if only in the background, and she’s the only family member that i have ever confided my ‘real’ personal stuff to.

I have another half-sister [who i’ve never met], and have no idea of her Astrology chart, but its sure to tie-in a little to mine.

Anyhow Julie, born on the same day as our Queen has Elizabeth as her ‘middle’ name, and has her Moon on the ‘royal’ star Regulus, and does have some ‘bearing’ about her.

There is a lot of planetary conjunctions in my close family, all showing how we interact with each other, and even without ‘exact’ charts i suggest you do a little research of your own, it can be fun trying to work-out what you ‘do’ and ‘mean’ to each other.


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