As suddenly as it began it ends

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Now is it that i fear the 21st of December will be our last day on Earth, so that’s why i am ending the blog today.

No, not really, its more ‘because’ my sister blog Astrology and the Astrological World is ending today so ‘i thought’ i would pull-the-plug on this one too. But it’s also ‘to do’ with wanting to do other things with my life now.

And then i have to be ‘honest’ with you, [you see] i have been slowly running-out of things to say for a while now, and whilst that usually would’ve been a ‘spur’ to change the blog’s ‘input’, [that is to ‘change’ the blog’s content], this time it is not going to be so.

But ‘say’ it had been the ‘case’ i would’ve put more of the kind of Astrology [which is used in an Astrologer’s day-to-day work], or even that ‘work’ that i ‘sometimes’ do for others. But its also ‘down to the fact’ that i have been doing these ‘blogs’ for the past three years and that has meant that i have had to put that kind of Astrology on ‘hold’, so i would need to do some serious catching-up before i could publish anything, [meaning there is little or nothing] of any great worth ‘there’ ready to be tapped-into’ [as of today].

But ‘to be honest again’, this isn’t such a bad-thing as i’m quite worn-out after pursuing the kind of ‘Astrology’ that i have ‘put’ into these blogs in the past 1260 days, and i am now ready for a rest from it.

But even after saying this, i have to admit its been quite a beautiful journey, and now at the end-of-it i wouldn’t have changed any of it, [except maybe for ‘the exhausting way’ in which it seemed i could ‘only’ work], and the deleting of hundreds of spam comments, which i certainly could’ve done without, especially when i realised i didn’t like ‘certain’ people [trying to get a free ride on my work/success], as that simply didn’t go down well with me.

And i also have to let you know that it was surprisingly rather ‘fun’, [to begin with], knowing that i had a blank sheet of paper but not quite knowing what i was going to write about [except for having the initial idea]; and [i found it] to be quite an exciting way of attacking the ‘goal’ of finishing with a decent-ish post at the end-of-it.

But it soon became apparent ‘over time’ that any ‘high and mighty’ ideal’s i once had had to give-way to the great idea’s, which were coming thick and fast at one point, [and i just hope you enjoyed reading ‘some’ of what i came-up with].

And then i found that ‘with me’ at the writing helm you never ever were going-to-get just the ‘ordinary’, but [believe me] i wasn’t deliberately setting-out to be weird or controversial, although if something of that kind popped-into-my-mind i didn’t shy away from expressing it.

And i have to tell you just ‘one more time’, [that i felt there was 30 plus years of learning and understanding that was informing my ‘work’, like it was just waiting to come out], and that’s why you got ‘a little more’ from me than the usual fare which is found out there.

It therefore always ‘pleased me’ whenever i felt i was really contributing something, [you know, that which perhaps had never been explored or expressed in the way i did it before], and perhaps even more so when i wrote on the events of the day, [as it felt good when i had my say].

You see, it soon became obvious to me that my Astrology came-out [within the posts] not as you’d expect to see it, [you know], the stuff which is usually done by picking a ‘part’ of Astrology and discussing a certain ‘aspect’ of it, be it the ‘transits’ or the ‘midpoints’ or suchlike, and only keeping to the main theme, no, with me it all ‘seeped’ into one, [making a whole-story ‘post’ astrologically-laden in more ways than ‘one’]. And i hope you liked that ‘style’, although admittedly you would see more of ‘that’ style in my sister blog, Astrology and the Astrological World than in this one.

Now, there’s no doubt in-my-mind that these two blogs could go-on-and-on and really develop, but essentially [all that can be said now] is that i’ve put down a ‘style marker’ [of sorts], for a more ‘personally-involved’ kind of Astrology, and for people to copy/imitate ‘if they wish’.

Note: although i know i’m not such a big innovator, and people have been doing personal blogs on Astrology for some time now, i still feel i’ve made a difference, whether you agree or not.

Still my blogs have ‘done’ some quite ‘unusual’ things [in the World of Astrology], and i’m sure you’ve spotted the ‘lines’ [i haven’t followed, as so many do], and that’s been part of its appeal, [and i’m sure i’m right in saying, that you didn’t find this kind of writing ‘elsewhere’ on the Internet very often], even if my blogs ‘looked and felt’ just like other Astrology blogs.

But [ending it is], so i’m afraid ‘this’ is all you’re going to get from me.

So, i have had my ‘say’, and i take my leave, knowing that there are people and organisations out-there who can make the ‘real’ changes, whether that’s just plugging-away at it, or working to put Astrology ‘up there’ again in the human consciousness, or just getting it respected again, with a ‘trust’ so [well-developed] that a ‘punter’ feels s/he is getting a good product.

But i’m sure if the tide-turns again, and the people are favouring Astrology once more there will be a ‘need’ for many astrologically-minded ‘people’ to be ready to meet that challenge, but somehow ‘this time’ i see ‘people’ will not be relying on ‘others’ so much, and hopefully they will be informing themselves, [but this means the ‘people’ who take-it-up will have to be quite serious about it].

And if the opposite applies, the die-out will simply be because people aren’t too bothered about using it, even if its to their ultimate loss.

And that just about finishes it, except to say that…



Finding the ‘right’ moment

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Now here is a question to think about…

…does the ‘soul’ seek to be born at a [moment] which is ‘right’ or ‘best’ for its self?

I dare say that some ‘souls’ do seek to do just that, but if i asked you, is that ever achieved? then the sensible answer [has to be] ‘we just don’t know’, as aren’t we just born when we are and that’s all there is to it.

But when we ‘look-at’ the people who have made a ‘success’ of their life, [aren’t they] shining examples of people who have made it ‘good’, [so surely they incarnated at the/their right time]. Well yes, maybe so, or perhaps it was just a successful meeting of the right person with the right horoscope [for him or her], or even then maybe this ‘soul’ was just going to do well and succeed despite the Astrology chart they got born with.

But we have to consider what success is, don’t we, and how we measure it, because [to start with] its got-to-be some kind of ‘worldly’ success, [as who can truly count our ‘spiritual’ successes].

Because the ‘things’, [and especially the one’s you get over] in life, could be said to be [for some of us] major successes, even without any other [notable] life events. And then all of us must realise [see] that we have a ‘limit’ or ‘ceiling’ [if you like] to the world of opportunities as is ‘specifically’ shown in our natal chart, [and be it ‘high’ or ‘low’], to reach the end-of-your-life and then say i did what i could and as much of ‘what’ was asked of me is probably the nearest ‘measure’ many of us can have. But that is a very simple philosophy, and you’ll have your own idea’s on this.

But even worldly success could be put down to something of a ‘given’ [if the person ‘born’ is born into a wealthy or celebrity family], but isn’t this partly ‘what’ having planets in dignity and planets conjunct certain major fixed stars all about. But again [for those born at these ‘times’] they still have to be able to carry-it-off. Note: there are cases where ‘dignity’ doesn’t necessarily mean you are ‘somebody’ [who is manifesting a great soul purpose], see the Queen’s sister, she had plenty of planets in dignity, and its fair to say [for her] it just indicated a privileged life and not much else.

But getting-back to everyday ‘births’ now, [and that means the majority of us], who of us can ‘say’ or even ‘know’ if they we’re born [when they should have been]. Note: and if the ‘time’ of conception does add another ‘dimension’ to us, but we can’t pinpoint when that ‘was’ or even [in a wider context] what it did/does, then we may truly never-know what has made ‘us’ who we are, [that is] from a wider perspective than just the birth-time that astrologer’s use now.

But moving-on from this, and for a bit of fun, [as these deep philosophical questions ‘quite frankly’ get on-my-tits ‘nerves’ after a while], and because i want to do something a bit different, here’s a slightly quirky take on birth times.

So your mother is about to go into hospital as she has been told to expect your arrival any day soon, and it just happens she goes-in, in the early hours of the day she was given for your birth but she has to wait until mid afternoon for your actual birth, and many years later [when you ask her about the circumstances of your birth], and maybe even your birth-time from her she tells you this… …we were waiting for you for many hours, so your birth could’ve been many hours beforehand [as i was seriously waiting that long] but then again it could’ve also gone-on for much longer].

So ha, [you think], i could’ve had the ‘scope’ to have a lot of other different birth-times, and that gets you thinking, and [that is] if i just adjust my birth-chart backwards and forwards [a few hours] by the rectification tool on my computer programme [and see what ‘chart’ i could’ve got] it will make for an interesting little experiment. Note: it can be done by hand too, by using a ‘table of houses’.

But more on this later …

… maybe the bigger question still nags at you, [but ‘you’ put it to one side] as you like to believe, [like most do] that you arrived when you did, and it was ‘correct’ for yourself and [your soul], believing you needed that ‘horoscope’ to allow yourself to flourish, and for you to be yourself, but you still ‘wonder’ how much-of-it was maybe down-to-me being ‘born’ [when i was] so i made sure i had just ‘one’ factor in the chart, [that i may have been specifically born for/to have], but then again you think, was i really born so ‘every attribute’ i have [like the shyness in social situations and the ‘exacting’ manner] were already ‘there’ just ready to come-out [along with the more obvious and easy expressions] of my Moon Jupiter conjunction, probably.

Because if [as i partly believe] my Moon Jupiter conjunction is my strongest ‘hand’, and with it being in the 6th house, it accidentally puts the ‘other planets’ where they are, [or perhaps this conjunction isn’t ‘my biggest purpose’], and some other position is, like my Mars on the 9th cusp, [which then ‘put’ Jupiter and the Moon in the sixth house], but even then you still have to consider that perhaps some ‘positions’ are just accidentally wrong for me, and i’ve had to learn-to-live with them.

Note: but as our souls have to partake in ‘all’ the planetary energies which affect life here on earth i suspect we could ‘all’ probably ‘incarnate’ quite easily under any conditions, but to make the most of it, [that’s another question], as you may not be able to live up to ‘much’ of what is in your chart.

Still taking it on one step further its makes me wonder if my birthday has brought me anywhere ‘close’ to what my soul could achieve, [but maybe i would have had to wait another 100 or 200 years for something better to come along, who knows]. But seeing that i incarnated [at the time i did] and with some ‘bad-ish’ [tough] placements, i am all-too-aware that none of us are perfect, and we’ve all got to do the ‘best’ with what we have.

So with that in mind i am now going to shift my chart around by a few hours [either way] and see what i could’ve ‘got’ if i’d been born just a few hours earlier or later; and specifically where my Moon Jupiter conjunction would’ve been ‘placed’, and the other subsequent ‘changes’. Now, i was born at 20:25:13 -1hr [summertime] on 27 06 1965 in North Walsham, Norfolk, England, giving me a 24 degree Sagittarian Ascendant.

Being born on the cusp of night-time means i have many hours of the morning and day on the 27th which could’ve seen me ‘born’, and just a few hours after 8 30 at night, so lets look at the earlie’s first. Note: all times used are Summer time, so -1hr for GMT times.

At 11:10 am on the 27th my Sun would be in the 10th, [still angular] and my worries may of changed from that of relationships to how i was perceived, [my image] in the world, but would i still be the same person? [working-it-out, in the World]. Then with the Moon and Jupiter around the Midheaven there’s very little scope for dealing with my problems ‘alone’ and in some ‘isolation’ [like i do it now], with them in my sixth house. And with Mars in my 1st house ‘now’ i may have taken a more vital role for my ‘exacting’ qualities. And with Saturn on the 7th cusp i probably would’ve taken my troubles and isolation in relationships a lot more seriously than i do as of now.

At 12:28 Mars has come to be exactly on the Ascendant, and its pushed-back the Moon Jupiter conjunction into the 9th, and with Mars now ruling over the 3rd and 8th house i probably would’ve developed a more cutting wit, whilst probably not holding-back, especially when i wanted to see some change. And with the Moon now ruling the 10th house my inner self would probably be a lot more [the topic of discussion], though i may not like ‘it’ all that much, and with Jupiter as lord 4 and 6 it might’ve seen me confiding much more in my parents [i guess], and maybe me being more careful not to overdo things, [as that is partly what i do that anyway].

By 14:00 the Moon Jupiter conjunction has moved exactly to the 9th cusp giving it that ‘little’ bit more power than just being [in the house alone], and Mercury and Venus now sit on the 10th cusp, and my whole approach to ‘what and how’ i put things out into the world would surely be looked-at and scrutinised more [with me] than they are now. But the main reason i chose this ‘time’ as an example is both Saturn and Mars now sit in the 6th and 12th houses respectively, and that wouldn’t be all that good. [So, i believe i wouldn’t have consciously chosen this ‘time’], to be born.

16:52 puts Mercury and Venus on the 9th cusp, with them ruling in the 10th, 11th and 7th houses, so that bodes well, but i’d have to accept the Sun in the 8th house and my Moon Jupiter there too, which isn’t so good, but with my Mars in the 10th house that would help matters.

At 19:40 just 45 minutes before i was born the only major change is Moon Jupiter to the 7th cusp, [which is good], but is it more preferable than what i have at present, [with the slight changes to everything else, ‘its hard to know’, [and could i have pulled-off a Libran Midheaven], i suppose i just would have had to.

And that just leaves 00:11 on the 28th, as the one i may have chosen for after birth, and this one has Saturn on the Ascendant, and ruling-over the 11th, 12th and some of the 10th house, so almost one ‘quadrant’ of the chart, [so that’s some heavy shit] right there, for that individual born then. And now with the Moon and Jupiter in the 3rd house, it has to be a case of ‘have you got something to say to me Punk’ aimed right at me. But the idea of having some fun to alleviate the ‘harshness’ of the Saturn placement with both Mercury and Venus in the 5th house is very attractive. But an already argumentative Mars ‘now’ in the 7th doesn’t ‘fill me with thoughts of joy’, and the Sun in the 4th house could really see me retreating into my shell, with the occasional verbal ‘outburst’ i guess.

But this is essentially a futile exercise [as my chart will never be any different], but it’s still a bit of ‘fun’ [to see what might have been]. Note: there’s probably lots more reasons why we could be ‘different’, [or slightly changed people with our focuses on other things in our lives], and i am still not fully ‘convinced’ what i’ve done ‘above’ has any ‘real’ value, still its done now.

Astrology: Just scraping by

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“I want to be a better Astrologer”, is a sentiment that [i’m sure] a lot of people who look at and interpret the ‘stars’ for their own and other people lives often say, whether its to themselves or others.

But i really do, as all i ever seem to give friends are pale imitations of ‘what’ i know is possible.

Usually i am quite disappointed at what i ‘deliver’, but ‘they’ seem happy enough with what i give them, so perhaps i should ‘settle’ just for ‘that’.

The problem is, [when you know you can do better] you feel you ‘must’ do justice to your ‘art’.

But you must always bear-in-mind not to ‘over complicate’, and certainly not to ‘bore’, and your listeners are never ever half as interested in how you ‘came-up’ with your ‘words’ of ‘wisdom’ than you’ll ever be. So learning to keep the techniques to yourself and what is ‘good’ to share is always the Astrologer’s dilemma.

Basically it seems to go like this, you’ll delve into people’s ‘real-world’ situations, [always the ‘urgently-spoken’ one’s] which need tackling straight-away, because talk to any ‘friend’ and their relationships are nearly always discussed first, but after an hour or two you will find you have ended-up talking about every aspect of their lives, and you have given your CHEAP advice, but i never ‘belittle’ just what it is we get to talk about, as [its possible] you might just ‘say’ what ‘it is’ that they want to hear.

But its got to be kept easy, as any attempt to give them more than they really want seems to always end in failure.

So, when i’m back at home considering the best move forward, and getting over the lie that i ‘never really have the time to study’ i know that with a little more ‘effort’ especially pertaining to the works of the ‘early’ astrologer’s i could really up my game, and could end-up feeling quite knowledgeable.

You see i need just that little bit more than i have at present to back up and enforce what i already know.

Because with some more knowledge on what gives a person their good or bad ‘fortune’ i could add a lot more to the very ‘poor’ answers i give to friends [at present] on why they may have ‘lots’ or [no money at all] in their lives, [and then i’ll get out-of-it] the knowkedge that its ‘due’ to more than a strong or weak planet ruling their 2nd house, as perhaps it comes-about by simply knowing more about the Part of Fortune, but however it comes about, its just ‘having-it-there’ inside my mind for ready use that really matters.

And that’s far better than the limits that i live within now, as i can’t help thinking [where i am at now] kinds of let’s me, and the Astrology i could do down.

But why is it so important to me? maybe its because all Astrologers know that there is a ‘wealth’ of further knowledge to be had on ‘so many’ parts of our ‘art’, and that its a bit like our brain’s where we are probably only accessing 10 percent of it and that’s just not good enough.

So today i make myself a promise, i will look further ‘into this’ so the next time a ‘friend’ asks me about her ‘basic’ wealth indications i can say just that little bit more, and then feel ‘content and satisfied’ in myself that i’ve finally found what i needed [to do more] than ‘just’ [scraping] by.

Well at least until the next-time when there’s an urge to move-forward in my Astrological knowledge..

Astrology for sale

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There are those who will offer you ‘your’ World for a ‘price’, and they will tell ‘you’ everything about yourself, [but surely you know ‘most’ of your World already? don’t you? of course you do], it’ll be inside your head, [but it will not be ‘phrased’ like an Astrology report].

So when you send of for one, just ‘remember’ you blimm’in well should know quite a lot of ‘stuff’ about yourself, [at least by the age of 16/18], when you are old enough to buy such reports. But [truth is] it may be 30 or more years until you ‘realise’ much of the ‘knowledge’ given to you at 16/18 [or whenever] was always within you, and any ‘report’ you got never-ever matched what you ‘already’ knew about yourself.

And when considering buying a report [always ‘know’ this], if the people who send you this ‘report’ didn’t tell ‘you’ most of what ‘you’ already knew about yourself, then are ‘they’ really doing an accurate job?

So, is the ‘point’ [a written mirror for you to ‘match’ your soul with] of [what a report is] ‘sinking-in’ yet?

And have you asked yourself that all important question yet, what ‘need’ do i have of it?

And ‘of course’ you must ask yourself the question, why are ‘you’ buying such a ‘report’? are you so out-of-touch with yourself, or do you really believe there’s lots of fantastic new information available, [that the ‘writer’ can tell you about], or maybe you’ll get ‘something’ which ‘you’ had no idea existed [for you], or stuff you just hadn’t woken-up to, or you’ll get a load of idea’s for ‘new stuff’ you hadn’t done yet. Yes you probably are, but i hope i am slowly disillusioning you of that idea.

Although i must admit i felt very much like that, when many years ago i got ‘one’, and i suppose it did help in my overall journey, [and i’m sure many who have also got ‘theirs’ probably would ‘admit’ very much the same].

So we mustn’t forgot the ‘draw’ of these reports. Which has to be the ‘potential’ you possess, and lure of knowing something ‘different’ [new to you] which when given to you [in written form] is akin to the ‘buzz’ someone who does skydiving will get, and for many out-there the ‘new experience’ may offer you a thrill seeking ride, [of the mental kind] like no other, [at least until the shock of the ‘new’ dies down]. And hopefully you will have found it a pleasant ‘diversion’, and ‘one’ that you were happy to pay for, [but not again and again, as ‘charts’ don’t change, and remembering that other Astrologer’s should be reading the ‘same’ positions, and giving you virtually the same answers] so its not advisable to go around ‘hunting’ for a better reading or different answers.

And even receiving a badly-written-report is still for the most part always going to be a matter-of-opinion, especially when you see it like ‘this’ [the payee who sent for it, surely shouldn’t have the knowledge to argue-the-toss with the faceless person who sent-it-out], or why were they seeking the report [some ‘more’ knowledge] in the first place?

And anyway if you query it/them they’ll just say it is simply a matter-of-opinion, ‘as to’ whether what was sent out to you was good or not.

You see when sending-off for a ‘report’ and paying your money, [for all those wonderful and mysterious things they are going to tell ‘you’ about yourself], you are basically saying ‘i know very little and i want to know more’, albeit unspoken, and i’ll pay for ‘anything’ you have to say to me, [that ‘simply’ is the deal].

I said it like ‘this’ because i want to stress to you that ‘they’ are on to a ‘winner’, with virtually no-come-back from what they send you. Except, you can send it back, or ‘post’ a letter/email saying it was ‘crap’ of course, but that’s unlikely to do anything for you.

Because as the people who’ve been ‘there’ already know, under any heading, [for example] Moon square Saturn, you can get the good bad and ugly.

So if you do want to go ahead with one, do your ‘research’ [the best that you can], and keep your fingers crossed that you’ve picked ‘one’ of the better one’s,

And so you ‘pays your money’ and takes your chances.

But if you ‘believe’ you’d get a better ‘deal’ with a non-computer report, [a hand-written one] then think again, but that’s another story.

Its time for Saturn in Scorpio

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So, ‘expecting’ a whole treatise on what Saturn in Scorpio means, well you’ll be disappointed, but strangely enough you may well end-up with just ‘that’ if all goes well.

But this is a ‘building-job’, [which with the fixity of Scorpio and the steadiness of Saturn] may not be an all-too-real starting ‘phrase’ for what i have in mind.

You see, as we sit on the cusp of Saturn entering Scorpio [today] i have no ‘words’ to describe it, [although of course] i could use other people’s findings, but i don’t want to do this.

Instead i will start with a blank canvas, and add my ‘findings’ as-i-go, building-up some real-life ‘findings’ over the next two and a half years.

I am not even going to give you ‘one’ to kick-off with, except to say there is always a lot going-on underneath any calm exterior [Scorpio], but ‘that’ may be a lot less now Saturn is here. Or does the ‘calm’ only ‘occur’ after a lot has been done and achieved. Or perhaps we can only keep ‘calm’ by not trying to do anything, and hence never achieving anything.

Keeping-it-together, [in control of ourselves] may or may not be an ‘issue’ for you over the next two and a half years. The emotions welling-up inside of you may make it hard to keep on top of things.

Then i’ve this to share with you, even though we’ll all ‘share-in’ the universal properties and experiences of Saturn in Scorpio, its its transits which’ll define most of what we experience, i will have it trine my Sun, Saturn Venus and Mercury, and sextile my Mars whilst in Scorpio, and will ‘feel’ its influence as my 1st or 2nd house ruler aspecting the ruler of certain ‘houses’.

It’ll trine my Sun first at 5 degrees of Cancer, bringing it in contact with my 8th house. With that in mind i know what i’m to look-out for.

You will have something playing-out like this too. And when looked-into carefully [it can] really ‘inform’ one of 7 paths [planets] that ‘will’ be working-out-for-you.

Next i just want to tell you this, its quite funny that just as Mars leaves Scorpio Saturn enters it. The hot planet Mars is leaving what can be a very cold sign, and now a very cold, [but dry] planet is there. The only real similarity being [they are both] malefic forces, but whereas Mars flourishes here Saturn is likely to clam-up, and any victories hard won. Although just like any planet in sign combination there’s always ‘things’ which are just-right for it, and i’m sure they will become quite obvious, and very soon.

But after saying all this, i mainly just want to say, do come-back from time to time, for the-post-may-of-grown, well that’s the intention anyway.

1. Mars the planet of War rules Scorpio and Saturn is the best representative of Cold, so if ‘tensions’ mount between you and others it may simply turn ‘frosty’ and become a kind of Cold War.

2. ‘Digging hard to find my sexuality’ or ‘Where did my sexual feelings go’?, has Saturn robbed-me,or put a barrier around my ‘sex’? no, its unlikely, but you may need to stir-it-up like you never had to before, so we’re talking finding some stimuli here.

3. ‘Depth’; Saturn has a certain depth, as does Scorpio, so watch-out for, and feel something ‘deeply’, it’ll find you, [if you don’t sense it], and it’ll try to make you ‘live it’ in yourself. There will be ‘opportunities’ but you gotta take them.

4. If you are going to dig into someone’s emotional past, see how they feel about it first. And then do it with responsibility and ‘true’ knowledge of ‘the’ situation.

5. We know Scorpio is the sign associated with sexuality, but with Saturn here it can be a ‘slow-burner’, but ‘wow’ when its built-up it comes-on/out strong.

6. Passion is inbuilt, but trying ‘harder’ to not ‘care’ suits a lot of people [just now], and especially ‘those’ who have made it their ‘modus operandi’ in life.

7. Building-up something if-built-on what seems like ‘shifting-sands’, or if your ‘life’ seems like sand slipping-through-your-fingers its probably because despite your good-intentions you still aren’t making those solid connections ‘where they would really count’.

Astrology: Once in a Lifetime

September 11, 2012 - Leave a Response

It seems/feels like only ‘once’, as it ‘happens’ every 12 years, but in fact this is my 3rd Jupiter return 15 15 Gemini, and if i live a few more years i could well see 2 or 3 more.

Strictly speaking i should draw-up a Jupiter return chart, and see what it predicts, but as i don’t know how to interpret one [well], i simply won’t bother.

So how do i feel? well much like ‘myself’ is the ‘true’ answer, [and why wouldn’t i], as Jupiter is my Ascendant ruler, and this planet matches its place of my birth, i.e. a ‘return’.

And its probably the only ‘real’ time i will, [every 12 years].

Its that Jupiter cycle, ruling my Ascendant, that ‘marks’ the experiences i have. I believe some personal transitions take quite a while to ‘mature’, much like ‘for’ a person with Saturn ruling their Asc.

But if you were to ask me what the difference is between how a Mercury or Moon ruled Ascendant person experiences ‘life’ to me or a Saturnine? i’d have to guess, or ask or observe those who have it.

As i’m on my ‘own’ [right now] my best guess is… … they would experience ‘change’ as quickly, and [to them] as naturally in their everyday affairs as i do in my 7th house Moon ruled life.

So whereas i am suited to long-winded pursuits, and move slow-ish, the Moon ruled Asc people can easily encounter a multitude of ‘minor’ events, and of course if the Moon is in Cancer or Taurus you’ll ‘face’ and do whatever you ‘do’ well.

So i had to wait a good few years to feel OK again, as being ‘myself’ is on a larger-scale, and every ‘year’ in the past 4 yrs has seen me ‘struggling’ to get back to the ‘person’ i knew myself to be.

Maybe you can relate to ‘that’ yourself?

A good day to be born?

September 4, 2012 - Leave a Response

Coronation Street ‘the nation’s favourite television show’, [and rightly so], as there’s nothing better than seeing ‘real life’ which you can get involved with but still remain detached, gave me a little ‘gem’ of an idea last night.

Tyrone and Kirsty are having a baby and its due date was yesterday September 3rd 2012, and Tyrone said it sounded like a good day to be born, so let’s see if it was?

Well, in this year of Jupiter in Gemini, the ‘times’ when other planets are ‘strong’, becomes the ‘best’ times on this rather ‘weak’ Jupiterian background. And perhaps the ‘Street’ does have an Astrologer/Astrological advice, as we have a Strong Venus Saturn square aspect, [although it is past exact] come the time of transmission, although later the Moon will bring it back into ‘play’ when it opposes Saturn and squares Venus, so perhaps its power isn’t totally lost.

This aspect is of a strong Saturn, and although Venus isn’t so strong, she gets received into Libra, so we see she has more ‘power’ than is ‘obvious’, so Tyrone seems quite ‘right’ in sensing something about the day.

Then we must look at Mercury which is strong in Virgo and Mars also strong in Scorpio, and ‘with’ this much essential dignity someone born ‘this day’ would be well provided for, and could look after themselves, but it gets better as these two planets are about to come into sextile aspect, forever joining these two positive forces.

Then we see the Sun and Moon which are in Virgo and Aries, ok signs for them to be in, but as the tv programme went out they were in ‘antiscion’ conjunction, making them a special combination.

So we see all the planets except Jupiter are doing ‘good’ things, but even a ‘detrimented’ Jupiter has ‘its’ things to offer.

But alas it wasn’t to be, and true to ‘soap operas’ characters, bad or complicated people are more watchable than those who are more self-contained and need less from others, so this baby will be born, but with less favourable ‘stars’, as they move away from the Saturn Venus aspect, and the other strong patterns.

Still, planets move in and out of dignity, [especially the Moon], so its still possible for the baby to have very ‘favourable’ stars, as Mercury and Mars are still strong for some time.

But as Tyrone said September the third was a good day to be born, and his senses were working overtime.

Pussy Riot v Putin’s Russia

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August 17th 2012 sees the verdict in the Pussy Riot [Punk band/collective] versus the actions taken by the Russian orthodox church/state for Pussy’s song against Putin [leader of state] in Moscow’s main Cathedral.

Now i am a punkrocker so this has gripped me a little, but i am also an astrologer, and so its from that perspective that i have a few words to say on the ‘astrology’ of today.

The original ‘offence’ took place on February 11th 2012.

It also came just after a Venus Uranus conjunction in Aries, quite an apt time for a Pussy [female vagina] to erupt and explode in a ‘riot’ of colour, and in this ‘case’ possible ‘offence’, as [these girls ‘really’ seemed tapped-in to the zeitgeist] of mid-february 2012.

Note: it looks like i had the date of the performance wrong, its reported as the 21st, so the above isn’t accurate as a ‘date’, but the ‘band’ still seem to
be a personification of Venus Uranus.

I wonder what these ‘girls’ horoscope’s are like?

But it seems ‘crimes’ really do ‘have’ to be ‘paid’ in Russia, and today they each got two years jail-time.

The Sun now in 24 degrees of Leo made a fairly favourable ‘sextile’ to Saturn today, and it must be said a fairly favourable verdict was given, but shouldn’t of it been just 15 days each for hooliganism? maybe, but would that of deterred Pussy Riot or other imitators, its doubtful.

But one things for sure, they garnered a lot of support, and they are well symbolised by Sun in Leo, [the Lion often being referred to as a ‘pussy-cat’], and in its own sign, [where its at home], so we get a lot of people on their side.

But the verdict came as it aspected Saturn the very symbol of ‘orthodoxy’, and as in many conflicts/court cases the ‘exalted’ planet, here Saturn won-out against a planet in its own sign.

But what else would you expect to see on a day when fun and expression, [however great] came-up against the very law-makers of state and church, so what chance did/do they have.

So the ‘explosion’ of a very ‘raw’ Venus Uranus conjunction, where everything goes, had to face a ‘square’ point [which was yesterday], and it was probably ‘exact’ as the decision to ‘clamp’ down fairly-hard was made.

Note: many libertine’s and people who have dreamt of a World where what you imagine, and what you consider as ‘possible’ should come true find the reality of their actions have an all too real consequence.

And where ‘those’ who dare ‘do it’ are perverse heroes of a sort, [most of the rest of us have just glimpsed at this World] and considered the World which it would go ‘into’ [this one] and said ‘no’ for whatever ‘justification’ they wished to find and use.

I personally have some ‘admiration’ for their rather foolish bravery, but something’s are best left to our imagination’s, or done in private, [sex in a Library] is funny, but not for everyone. But i still like ‘them’ for doing what is often only ‘what many have considered, but few have dared done’.

But maybe we’re gonna get more of ‘that’, as more free-thinking is undoubtedly being born, right as i speak too.

Final Note: i have an exact Venus Uranus semi-square, and can relate to these ‘girls’, and the free-expression of what they ‘feel’ [are].

Mars conjunct Saturn in Libra

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This conjunction affords me a great opportunity to explore the major planetary ‘conjunctions’, and especially to explore what i saw written in Ramesay’s ‘Astrology Restored’ book.

He has a section where he looks at ‘great conjunctions’ with Jupiter conjunct Saturn as the greatest, then they go down in a certain ‘order’, [of the planets involved], and the particular ‘signs’ they are in.

So Saturn and Jupiter in the first 10 degrees of Aries is the ‘first’ one, but why? maybe because its the first sign, but with Saturn in its ‘fall’ here, [in Aries] and Jupiter only in its ‘triplicity’ you ‘wonder’ why it is ‘given’, that is until you consider all the other signs these two planets could be in ‘together’ and realise ‘that’ only in Libra could you ‘get’ close to a similar dignified situation, but even ‘here’ Jupiter is not in its own triplicity.

And then, you must realise that in Cancer Jupiter may be exalted but Saturn is in its ‘detriment’, and then again in Capricorn Saturn rules but Jupiter hits rock-bottom so we perhaps see why Aries isn’t such a bad choice, when we see ‘all’ the other signs don’t get anywhere close.

And its worth noting the rarity value of this conjunction in Aries, being every 930 years.

Note: there may be more to it, as to why Aries is the sign of choice, but some knowledge is lost, and some can only be guessed at, as to why ‘it is so’, whilst other people may ‘state’ its ‘like this’ only for others to disagree, ‘that is’ until a consensus is reached, [be it an uneasy one or not], but that’s the way of things in the World isn’t it.

Moving on now, next is the same conjunction, but now found every 240 years in the first ‘term’ or ‘degree’ of each triplicity. I’ve nothing to say about this ‘one’, but ‘early’ in a sign seems to be important, as a ‘signpost’ or ‘marker’ i assume.

It is then worth noting that every twenty years there is a Saturn Jupiter conjunction ‘somewhere’ in the zodiac, and [of course] if it happens ‘conjunct’ any planet or angle in your natal chart you’ll be ‘affected’ in some way or other.

Next, they ‘rate’ the Saturn Mars conjunction, putting the one which happens in the first degree/term of Cancer as the ‘one’ which ‘tops’ all. Again it’s rather ‘odd’ because both planets are quite ‘malefic’ in this sign, but perhaps thats the ‘point’ here, their combined ‘force’ to do ‘harm’ makes it the most powerful force.

We are also told that a Saturn Mars conjunction in any other ‘sign’ except Cancer is a ‘mean’ conjunction, which seems ‘funny’ as in Capricorn Mars and Saturn are both very strong. But perhaps they are to well-behaved to deserve a mention.

Whereas this conjunction in Libra is a mix of an exalted Saturn and a detrimented Mars, [more on this later].

What we are seeing here [in all the major conjunctions] is Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, and their rule over three of the four cardinal signs, and the way these three planets are in ‘detriment’ ‘exaltation’ and ‘fall’ here, but Libra must also be added with its detriment of Mars and exaltation of Saturn.

Less important ‘now’ is the multiple conjunction of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, although you might’ve thought with all ‘three’ involved we’d get an ‘all-powerful’ time, [not always so, but a lot can go-on or be affected now], and hence people born ‘then’ can have ‘lives’ with a lot going-on ‘in’ them.

But perhaps ‘more’ can be ‘had’ from a two planet conjunction than with ‘three’ [with a weakened or dissolving third factor].

And again this three planet combination will have more dynamic[s] in the ‘cardinal’ signs then in the other signs, so will only wreck its greatest ‘power’ roughly a ‘third’ of the time. That is, if this triple conjunction happens equally in all the signs in rotation, which may not be the case, [i haven’t checked].

Note: Nostradamus had these three planets conjunct in Cancer, [looking as if Saturn was next to Mars, with Jupiter nearby], and his life was full of hardships, mixing-in what ‘good’ [Jupiter] he could ‘do’ for those suffering in the general population, many of who had ‘grave’ illnesses at the time.

Ramesay goes on to say that Jupiter conjunct Mars is next, [but causes less mischief than the previous conjunctions mentioned].

Then it comes-down to which ‘planet’ the Sun conjuncts after its entry into Aries each year. Ramesay explains ‘this’ in another ‘section’ of the book.

And the 7th main ‘conjunction’ is to consider the Sun Moon conjunction every month.

Ramesay then gives us a valuable piece of knowledge/information, he says, “when the ‘exact figure’ is known/cast for the conjunction, its the ‘fortitudes and debilities’ [of all the planets], but especially ‘those’ one’s in the main ‘conjunction’ that presage the good or evil”.

Meaning [in our case] Mars will cause evil of a Martian nature, and ‘of’ the ‘sign’ its in, [here Libra] an ‘air’ sign, so corruption to men and fruits of the earth. But ‘here’ it conjuncts the infortune Saturn who is currently behaving ‘well’ in Libra, making an interesting mix.

But ‘malevolents’ they both are, and [in a Masculine sign], so ‘any’ evil infirmities will go ‘mainly’ to men. But as Libra is a ‘moveable’ sign, the continuance of its influence is of little or no length.

Now Ramesay says this ‘conjunction’ denotes War and bloodshed, and in ‘humane’ Libra many infirmities to men, [with a Saturn-type injury].

But once again, to see the ‘actual scale’ of the/any War you must ‘once again’ see how strong all the planets are in the conjunction ‘chart’, and how they aspect [or not] the ‘conjunction’ itself.

Note: but which ‘location’ do you use?, and what if due to retrograde motion you get more than one conjunction, which one do we use then?

So, thus far without having giving ‘you’ an answer [all in one sentence] as to what this aspect could mean, i hope you’ve seen an ‘answer’ spread-out within the ‘text’.

But before i finish, a little more on its ‘use’ and meaning.

It may be a time of ‘hardship’, but with Saturn acting ‘well’ in Libra, ‘any’ real pain is going to be far less ‘than at other times/signs’, although Mars in Libra is still ‘malefic’ enough to kick ‘you’ [someone] in the teeth somehow.

Its almost like you meet two bullyboys [in the street] and whilst one may really want to hurt you, his ‘mate’ smiles on you kindly this time, why? because he’s had a good day, or some luck, and he persuades his mate to move-on and leave you alone, but as they pass Mars kicks-out at you, and they both chuckle, and you remember they are both naturally ‘infortunes’, only somehow now Saturn is having a good influence over Mars by feeling good himself.

Then we have life ‘applications’, this aspect could bring, [if its applicable to you], a time to get down and dirty, so if you are thinking of ‘mining’ or ‘engineering’ just ‘go for it’. But its worth noting this conjunction will act-out differently in each ‘house’, [for me] its in my 9th house, and its already getting harder to ‘publish’ posts for various reasons [known only to me].

Its also worth noting the less strong ‘of us’ must take care not to get involved in fights, where blows, cuts and stabs may happen. Its a time for real ‘tough’ men, who act ‘nasty’, and who may revel in some ‘low’ acts whilst also pretending to be good, at least that’s what the books say.

But for every unbalanced individual this combination in Libra can produce-in what is normally a rather unthinking rash person a more ‘sober’ temperament. And it can have a reverse effect too, making a rather sober person have a spring in his step.

But any ‘achievement’ is going to be hard-won, as we will ‘all have to’ contend with ‘driving-ahead’ and then encountering ‘hindrances’ in all that we do.

Finally, getting-back to the talk of ‘war’, if we don’t see any new ‘ones’ develop [as we head for the ‘conjunction’] August 15th, we should look at the one’s already in progress.

The Syrian war may ‘conclude’ at the time of the ‘conjunction’, but in the build-up to the ‘conjunction’ we may see an big escalation in ‘suffering’. But this is typical of many Wars.

So dig-in and ‘survive’ is what’s needed right now, and ‘tough’ it out.

Astrology: I’m leaving here

July 23, 2012 - 2 Responses

Actually we are all leaving here, but its more poignant for those of us [including me] who have the Sun in Cancer.

Destination Sun in Leo, a wholly different beast. [there now].

‘For me’ its a case of ‘loss and gains’ right now.

When the Sun was in Cancer…

… life and opportunities were layed-out before me, [even if i felt like i could look and not touch], but that’s just a personal issue for me. Life still felt good and natural.

The focus fell on me, and i felt it, [not so much] coming from the ‘outside’, but from something radiating as a ‘inner belief’, and indeed some Sunniness just ‘under my skin’.

But its quite amazing how fast you forget things when another ‘force’ takes-over, but there’s ‘no doubt’ that ‘calm and self-contained’ were the ‘main’ ways [for me] in the Cancer month, which [this year] i spent mainly lazing-around and not doing much.

But there is a ‘belief’ that you should live life to the full when its your sun sign month, and sure there’s some truth in that, and there is no doubt that i’ve known people who bring all the parts of their life together and connect with or disregard those bits which ain’t working ‘at this time’, and of course that isn’t such a bad thing to do. Its very much a ‘me’ time.

I personally think the low-key approach works just as well, because if you can ‘please yourself’, even if it means ‘not’ grabbing life by the throat, but still keeping yourself together then that’s fine.

Even if it means not really ‘pushing yourself’ ‘onwards’ and having those all important new experiences then that’s ok too.

After all the Sun sign month is just one open-field of ‘life’, and its often how you played the previous 11 months, and how you’ll be in the next 11 that is at risk/play here. So always act and be ‘at your best’ in ‘this’ your Solar month.

Now, with the Sun in Leo, that Sun for the Cancer native sees ‘that’ the sunniness has dropped down a step, it is no longer ‘angular’, [being in my first sign Cancer] but is now in a succeedant [2nd] sign, and i know that does make a difference to ‘how i feel’ about myself.

Now as ‘straight forward’ as the/my Sun sign month ‘appeared to be’, from now on every solar ‘month’ which follows will add a little more to the/my story, well, ‘potentially anyway’.

It really is 1st house equals ‘life’ and the 2nd month equals that which we can ‘add’ to it, with possessions and values, all the way round untill we start to want to dissolve it, when our solar 12th house comes around again.

But looking at it [this way] only gives us the ‘simple’ sun sign ‘answers’ that we get in magazines like ‘Horoscope’. And although these will suffice, [and somehow work] despite what is happening in your real-natal-chart, they are still ‘truly’ way-off what’s really happening, and they always will be.

So, two ‘what should be’ contradictory factors, and also ‘ones’ which should never work with ‘each other’ somehow provide the ‘answers and predictions’. One by ‘simple monthly progression’ [sun signs], and one which is a ‘lot more precise’ the [natal].

So now its Leo time, and we ‘start to build’, us Sun sign Cancer natives, and it is going to be ‘something’ that ‘perhaps’ we are only starting to ‘grasp’ ourselves, and which ‘others’ who are with ‘us’ may only glimpse at in ourselves.

Part of the truth is, if i am to ‘know’ ‘what’ it is i should be doing ‘this month’ then i am half-way there when i know that there is little or no ‘real’ prediction available for the 2nd house, and its probably only at the end of Leo that i will see what i’ve achieved [if anything], but like i said that all depends on what values i have, and what i call a success.

Note: I prefer to see it as the Sun going through my natal 8th house, in Leo, and all that that may bring, and i’ve a feeling that if sun-sign column readers knew of this ‘difference’, [the ‘better’ more truer/accurate interpretation], as given by ‘natal charts’ they’d soon ditch sun signs.

But there’s ‘no doubt’ sun-signs fill-in a ‘gap’ for many of us, and they do provide some reasonable information, but until we can get to a stage where natal charts do all the ‘work’ we will be stuck with it, and even ‘then’ i’ve a feeling it will ‘survive’ in one form or another, even when we all know better, or will we kill it off for good?.

Have a nice ‘birth’ day

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Today is my 47th birthday, and everyone is saying ‘have a great day’, now i don’t want to be a ‘grump’, but exactly what is it that ‘you’ are meant to do today that makes it ‘anymore’ different or special to any other day.

Its not that i’m about to climb Mount Everest, or get married, or have the best ‘sex’ ever, but maybe i am missing-the-point. It is my special day and i do feel good, and the ‘solar’ energy is obviously there, so i should tap into it, but i ain’t a kid no more, and perhaps that’s why i haven’t the energy or lust for stuff that i once had.

This year the Sun sits on my Ascendant in my solar return, and i do feel more energised than usual, so perhaps more ‘outlets’ are needed than were needed in recent years.

But today i find myself just answering other people’s birthday wishes. But if any planet is a self-starter it has to be the Sun, so i should get off my backside and just do it, meaning ‘those things’ which if i don’t soon, i might have no energy ‘to do’ one-day all too soon.

But typically me, even last night when i was about to be get sung happy birthday to by 10 people i said please don’t as i’ll get all embarrassed, so its all too obvious, i have developed into a person who doesn’t do or say much, and without much of a solar personality, or with anything ‘much’ for people to ‘hang’ something onto me.

But i can’t really complain, as i am the person i wanted to become ‘many years ago’, although i will now admit to some self dissatisfaction.

But as life goes-on i’m not going to let one day’s happiness spoil what is going to be a rather boring and staid year to come.

I guess i’m just a little perverse, which could mean that i should ‘come out of myself’ a little more.

But at the end-of-the-day a whole lot is hidden ‘behind’ what comes-out of us as our solar selves, and mine is complex and ever-changing, so when i see what i’m really like i’m thinking seven-fold not just the rather unsunny person i know myself to be at times.

The Red, White and Blue

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With England [UK] being the focus of the forthcoming Olympic Games, and with us doing ok in the Football [European Championships] too, its a good time to look at our national colours.

Red, the colour of Mars, sees our association with the sign Aries, and this also goes-back to when countries were given ‘sign’ rulers. Note: France and Germany were also given Aries. Plus some of main Engish/UK charts have had planets/angles in the sign of Aries.

White is the colour associated with the Moon, and the UK has the Moon in Cancer in the 1801 chart. And we often play our football games in white, but the ‘blue’ shorts are right for a country with Saturn ruling the 5th cusp of ‘games’.

Blue [as said] is a Saturn colour, and the Sun is placed in Capricorn in the 1801 chart. Libra is also a sign associated with Saturn, and is the 1801’s charts ascending sign.

So, its quite obvious to see that we have an association with all the ‘cardinal’ signs, indeed our 25th December 1066 chart has the Ascendant in Aries, and Capricorn on the Midheaven.

But when it comes to football the 3 lions on a shirt has to come partly from the planets in Leo in the 1801 chart. Saturn is there in Leo, ruling the 5th cusp of ‘games’, in the ‘hopeful’ 11th house, and Jupiter is in Leo too, and adding-in the Leo 11th cusp, we have ‘as close to 3 lions’ as we’ll ever get.

Note: not every british national chart screams red, white and blue though, but most of the significant ones do. Take the 7th December 1922 chart, we see it has Moon in Cancer and Saturn in Libra.

But why all the national focus ‘now’? its surely just a coincidence that the jubilee’s celebration is here at the same time as the olympics, and a major football tournament will come around every 2 years, in Summer, so it has to be all [rather meaningless and unconnected astrologically] doesn’t it? well no, any ‘combinations’ no matter how they come about, probably will be shown-out by some relevant Astrology, even if its just us ‘biggin-ourselves-up’ because Saturn exalts itself in Libra, and is in the first house of the 1801 chart by transit now. Which is just positive for this country’s ‘persona’, which we are ‘riding’ to the full just now.

And transits can show temporary ‘times’; and along with other significant factors like Saturn going into ‘direct’ motion, we suddenly get to play football ‘game[s]’ where it may mean we ‘progress’ forward, [get better at the game as a nation], and beat many of our previous results, like getting into a major semi-final if we beat Italy at football tomorrow. But this ‘transiting’ help will need larger ‘progressions’ in play if we are to ‘win’.

And as i haven’t ‘checked’ any charts, [mainly because i don’t really know what i am looking for], i say ‘if we do win the football’, it may have been shown ‘all the time’, and i simply wasn’t proficient enough to know it, and let you ‘know’ what i knew.

But without knowing the ‘bigger’ picture it is easy to see our 1801 charts 5th ruler Saturn in exaltation makes us feel its ‘all’ possible, whether its ‘our’ time or not.

And because its unlikely we’re gonna win in the ‘football’, nor win [much] in the Olympics, it doesn’t stop the ‘pride’ occurring, [our big Leo factor].

So, its the knowledge of ‘winning’ combinations that are needed to predict correctly, and in-the-main these are only shown/found when we look at a charts ‘progressions’, so [its obvious] you would ‘need’ to be very confident to ‘predict’ some solid outcomes without them.

Final Note: I now wished i had tried to predict the football outcome for England, but somehow i feel all this Red White and Blue is ‘hype’ and it’ll die-down to our usual low-level once the Summer of Sport is over, but i could end up being surprised, and looking at our National charts to try and see why it was so different.

Astrology: Tale of two planets

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What are ‘unfortunate’ circumstances?

Well ‘ones’ that goes against one’s wishes perhaps. Or maybe one’s that just don’t allow for ‘life’, [in any of its positive forms] to flourish, or ‘at least’ to ‘happen’ [partly as we have come to expect them to be], ‘that is’ a part good, part bad mix, or slightly better or worse. Anyhow.

Now, in all my years of Astrological study there has been one ‘divide’ which is so starkly different to what you tend to feel as ‘normal’; and ‘for me’ that is the ‘time’ when a planet is in the 12th sign to where it is natally placed for you.

Its a ‘time’ when you know how you should feel [normally], but you just ‘fall’ short of it.

For example, Venus is currently in Gemini, and my natal Venus is in Cancer, so i am experiencing ‘the thoughts and feelings of ‘one’ trapped in a World behind where i’d naturally ‘live/be’, with all those 12th house ‘associations’, [feeling so different] ‘compared’ [to the 1st house].

But these ‘times’ come every year, and there’s no escaping it, it simply is how its ‘meant to be’, [the cycle coming to completion]. And a more natural ending-time, before life kicks-in again you’ll ‘not’ find in Astrology.

Now, for a ‘bit’ about how ‘life’ can feel under 12th, [be it by house or sign], and ‘believe me’ whether its by ‘sign’ or ‘house’ it can be a terribly lonely, and [isolating] place and time.

And [it must be said] that there is a ‘difference’ between the 12th sign and 12th house, [but without sitting and meditating on it for hours], i haven’t got a satisfactory answer to hand. [But i do know it is just a ‘part of’ that big question about giving the same meanings for signs and houses], and who know’s the answer to that ‘one’.

But moving-on, amongst the ‘answers’ within this post i mustn’t forget about the ‘length of time’ a planet is in this condition, [your 12th], which isn’t always just a ‘small time’, and then combined with other planetary transits it can amount to some considerable time like this, and depending on your like or need for this ‘condition’ it can be heaven or hell.

Then, we must remember any interpretation also depends on your natal chart, as to whether it ‘gets at you’ or not, as a person with 12th house planets may have a ‘life’ where some ‘isolation’ etc is part of their life already, so this kind-of ‘living’ may not seem that unusual to them. But as many people will not be born with 12th house planets, it may not be as welcome, as i just said.

For me, it always hits me rather hard-ish, as i have a fair amount of alone-time already, [although i have no natal 12th planets], and more of this ‘kind-of’ enforced-time doesn’t always go down too well, as it suddenly becomes too-much. Note: my natural aloneness comes from ‘unused’ 7th house energy.

Now, [what prompted this post], and why i suppose i’m feeling a bit ‘cheated’ is because Venus is retrograde presently, [and why i am feeling a bit sorry for myself], is because what is already quite a long-time in Gemini is to ‘get’ much longer, so i wait for it to be in my sign and for Venusian life to spring again in me.

Because at nearly 47 years i have come to know what to expect, be ‘that’ feelings of love and beauty coursing through me when Venus is in Cancer, and almost a non-version of ‘this’ just 1 sign beforehand, as ‘if’ its not so much run-out, but is hibernating, or so ‘deeply-down’ as to be ‘hard to access’.

Now, you may say, you’ve waited almost a ‘whole’ cycle, so what’s the problem? but its ‘where’ i am, [in the 12th], that’s not good, especially when i know what is ‘to come’, that is the ‘thing’ [that gets you]. It seems to get me every year, a certain ‘dullness of feeling’, but that is how its meant to be ‘once again’, one ‘time’ each year.

Now, [i hear you ask] surely there must be advantages even stuck in the 12th, and yes there are…

… if you want a ‘rest’ then its probably the best time. If you want to tie-up loose ends then again its good, and if psychologically you want to get it ‘together’ then this period of reflection will help. But perhaps you’re out of control, and its ‘here’ that a chaotic life can lead to a crisis, which certainly can happen here.

Basically, there’s many manifestation’s possible here, but they will usually follow [a ‘hidden’ from others] route, and possibly [what is hidden from you too]. All before the ‘dawn’ of the 1st house.

Remember, some things are best kept hidden, and now is ‘when’ you can really notice it. And you’ll not see such a contrast between ‘houses’ than the 12th and 1st. Because its like ‘self’ and being ‘off-self’

But back in ‘reality’…

… its all been a little bit ‘too-long’, [this reflective time], because combined with the Mars retrograde period that has just finished i feel i have been in the ‘place’ few would choose to be in [of their own choosing], although i must say that ‘at least’ the Mars retrograde was in Virgo, where it sits ‘natally’ for me, [so had a 1st house association], so it wasn’t all that bad, as it has got me ‘back in touch with myself’ in a Martian way, [and was far better than when in Leo some time back], when i was far more exhausted.

And so we conclude this ‘tale’ of two planets ‘Venus and Mars’, and we find a ‘story’ which can only come from ‘experience’, and not from any ‘text-book’.

Astrology: ‘Not meant to be’?

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God made the heavens, and he made them ‘work’ in a certain way.

He therefore made ‘times’ when [what is the natural way of things] were ‘not’ made to work-out. Meaning ‘most times’ aspects will ‘perfect’ and life will continue on, but at other times ‘retrogradation’ of one planet or another could ‘stop’ an aspect from occurring, and its ‘promise’ is lost, or at least not ‘granted’. Something which is ‘bad’ in many cases, but equally can ‘deny’ what was to be a bad outcome too, so then turns-out to be ‘good’.

So ‘it is’ that we live in such a time ‘now’, because on May 15th Venus goes retrograde, and just misses making a trine aspect to an already retrograde Saturn by just 1 minute, simply by retrograding at a faster speed than Saturn.

And this very ‘fact’ [already known and treated by the ‘authorities’ of old] say it is enough to ‘deny’ any ‘promise’ the aspect would’ve given.

Only that isn’t the end of it, as Bonatus says “Yet may a thing possibly be brought to pass, not without extraordinary labour and trouble”, [to bridge that 1 minute ‘gap’ the planets ‘never made’ presumedly].

Obviously God made such an ‘non-event’, [as part of the greater scheme of things] so that such things as ‘worthy winners’ were ‘made’, whilst others must ‘fade-away’, amongst a myriad of different outcomes/life experiences.

Now, i have drawn-up a Horary chart for tomorrow’s final Premier League day and asked will Manchester City win the Premiership title? of which they are favourites to do so. It is 23:16 -1hr for BST on May 10th 2012 at Cromer, Norfolk, England.

And the chart sees ‘City’ under the non-existent Venus Saturn aspect to ‘win’, so will they do it?, well one things for sure if they do it will be seen as a huge effort to overtake the champions, as recently they were so far behind in the points table.

So their story somehow ‘fits’ with the ‘possible’ outcome of an ‘aspect’ so close to perfecting, as Bonatus gave it.

So, how do ‘predict’ the ‘outcome’ in advance? go by the ‘rules’ or discretion? either way ‘this’ chart gives a strong yes or no answer, so i must defer judgement, as i don’t truly know which way it will turn.

But by looking at what else happens in the chart we may have that ‘further clue’ needed. Now, if you believe it could come true for City to win, the separating square to Saturn, lord 1, and applying to no other planet could do it, along with the Moon in applying square the 10th cusp.

But if you believe that [that] ‘minute’s’ distance away from ‘perfection’ will stop City winning, then the lord 7 trine lord 4 aspect [of the only other team in it] ‘Manchester United’ will give it to them instead.

So, i get to the unenviable position of never having such a chart with such possible chances and denials in it, so the only answer is to listen to the ‘matches’, [played at the same times] and see who comes-out on top, [its as clear/easy as that].

Then having seen how it played-out i will be in the position of never had giving a ‘definite’ answer, and simply using the ‘answer’ to further my knowledge.

Although on my Twitter feed i’ve already committed myself to City not being Champions, but we’ll see.

I will continue working with the Horary in more detail after the ‘result’ is known, but on my other blog. Astrology and the Astrological World, see link at bottom of this page.

I do hope from a personal angle that City win, and United lose, but in a way the Astrological answer is more important to me.

Laughing, i tell myself that working on this Horary/Post has been ‘as hard as’ winning a ‘match’, and that’s no real exaggeration.

Astrology: A bit of ‘Weather’

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So, here in North Norfolk, and in much of the UK we are currently having some Cold and Wet weather, which admittedly for late April isn’t that ‘odd’. Its just that it has put ‘pay’ to any Sun and ‘warmth’ which we may have got/expected around now.

And this ‘weather’ feels so entrenched ‘just now’, that it may never break/change. But with a major planetary opposition ‘to come’ i know it will.

So, let’s explore the current ‘sky’, especially the applying Mercury Saturn aspect in 5 days time.

As a virtual ‘beginner’ when it comes to Astrology and the Weather, i will have to rely on some ‘simple’ astro-observation, until i become more skilled, at a later stage.

So why is it so ‘cold and chilly’? and what in Astrology are the ‘indications’ for it? well it has to be the cold and dryness of the planet Saturn, and the cold and dryness of the ‘earth signs.

And then to the cold and moistness given to Venus, [a cold/moist planet] which is slowing-down to go retrograde, and ‘this’ planetary condition always puts a ‘change’ to the weather [i have read]. And there’s no doubt ‘that we’ are getting plenty of cold and moist weather because of it.

Then, we must factor-in Jupiter and the Sun which are in the fixed sign of Taurus, which is a cold dry sign, and see the ‘continuance’ of the cold/dryness is also due to their forthcoming conjunction.

But for me the real ‘chilliiness’ is down to Mars just out of its retrograde period, and now moving slowly in the cold and dry sign of Virgo.

Then we must look further, Mercury is in Aries, [a sign often associated with Rain]. And then we can expand this by seeing that Mercury is in ‘sign’ reception to Mars, and could be having the effect of continuing the ‘rain’ over a longer period of time, within this ‘cold period’.

Now that’s from my simple knowledge, but most of what follows ‘next’ comes from a section of a book on Astrology and the Weather.

I’ve read that when planets ‘which’ naturally oppose each other come into aspect ‘rain’ can come, and we have had ‘rain’ since the recent Sun opposition Saturn aspect, so that kind of worked-out as they said.

But i still feel i haven’t got an ‘answer’ that fully satisfies me, so…

… back to Saturn, the planet you should associate with the ‘Cold’.

Saturn is involved in a forthcoming opposition to Mercury, in rainy ‘Aries’, on May 6th.

Mercury is trying very hard to convert and vary Saturn’s Coldness, but it is very ‘difficult’ to do, especially when in an ‘opposition’ aspect. Its better [in this case] to let things ‘be’, as any effort will be ‘wasted’ to a large extent, due to Saturn’s exalted status just now, so the cold conditions continue and vary but little.

You see Mercury is always coloured by the planet who he is in ‘aspect’ with, and Saturn is a cold and dry planet and as Mercury always increases or decreases the good or bad [he encounters], here he is ‘increasing’ the ‘cold’ [chilly] ‘dry’ aspect of Saturn, and at this time of year we think of it as ‘bad’ because there is too ‘much’ of it, in what are the ‘usual’ warm spring months.

So, what of the future?

I expect that when the Mercury/Saturn aspect is over, and Mercury reaches Taurus and goes into ‘sign reception’ to Venus in Gemini a great improvement will be achieved, and Spring like conditions will return.

Final Note: as i am slowly learning, there is a lot more to ‘weather forecasting’ by Astrology then is generally understood, as you cannot rely on Astrology’s simple and basic knowledge for the most part, so i am teaching myself to look at the ‘local’ charts for New and Full Moon’s, [even the Moon Sun square’s for a week’s weather].

And then ‘of course’ to check how ‘close’ they ‘are’ to the ‘reality’.

Astrology: Sisterly love

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Its my Sister’s Birthday tomorrow, April 21st.

We are ‘close’ on a almost psychic level, her Venus is conjunct my Moon and Jupiter, and her Sun sits on my 4th house, and she’s always been there for me, if only in the background, and she’s the only family member that i have ever confided my ‘real’ personal stuff to.

I have another half-sister [who i’ve never met], and have no idea of her Astrology chart, but its sure to tie-in a little to mine.

Anyhow Julie, born on the same day as our Queen has Elizabeth as her ‘middle’ name, and has her Moon on the ‘royal’ star Regulus, and does have some ‘bearing’ about her.

There is a lot of planetary conjunctions in my close family, all showing how we interact with each other, and even without ‘exact’ charts i suggest you do a little research of your own, it can be fun trying to work-out what you ‘do’ and ‘mean’ to each other.

Astrology: ‘In an idle moment’

March 28, 2012 - One Response

One day some aliens come to our solar system, and for some unknown reason ‘having an aversion’ to the colour ‘grey’ they take a dislike to our ‘Moon’ and ‘zap’ it away.

After all its only ‘rock’, and they have the ‘guns’ to do it, and being a bit miffed-off, ‘with something else’ and up for a fight they say ‘what the hell’.

Then they move-on, thinking earth too primitive to even visit.

Sure, our Governments are ‘concerned’, but a strange-looking man is even more worried, as he’s spent his whole life studying and believing in Astrology. And as he starts to weep uncontrollably, others laugh and say cheer-up ‘its only the Moon’, only he can’t as he knows inside that the physical presence of ‘all’ the planets was part of what kept his belief in tact, so away he went to a cave for many years to console himself and see if his belief would stay in tact, and what would return in his now shattered mind.

Poor him, but let’s leave him ‘be’ a while.

Question: ‘Does or Will’ Astrology ‘fall apart’ under such circumstances?

I know this: the ephemeris i have with the Moon’s position to 2050 will still be in use whether the Moon is actually there or not, [well kind of], you know what I am getting at, and the calculations ‘do’ go on for more years than that, so we’re ok, right?.

Now the only ‘real’ physical loss we would have is eclipses, so Astrology would lose ‘that’ i suppose. But would ‘all’ Astrology ‘fail’ without one of its component parts, and become ‘invalid’?

Astrology: Happy New Year

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Forget January the 1st, no, the Sun’s entry into Aries is the ‘real’ New Year, and it happens Tuesday Morning, the 20th of March here in England.

Don’t you feel the primordial power today, as the switch is about to be made, it’ll be like turning the lights-on.

Only the ‘World’ is a funny place, and the ‘opposite’ occurs in the southern hemisphere.

Anyhow that ‘power’ is ‘rising’, [as if] the lame and weak and poor now can walk, talk and just ‘be’ stronger in expression once more.

And our ‘vision’, which we were keeping to ourselves, and only saw dimly is now about to come into being, and we can almost touch, and certainly can ‘feel it’.

We are ‘like’ that bouncing baby lamb once again.

And as we allow ourselves to get excited, we must somehow keep it ‘together’ in that typical self-controlled Arien way, and not over do it.

So, to be ‘young’ again, and believe Winter was the ‘blip’ and Sun and Air and Joy and Movement were, and always will be our ‘true’ state of being.

So here’s to the next six months, when we really start and continue to live life to the full.

Sun Sign Astrology: Part 2

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I am not a Sun sign columnist, but if you know some astrology you can pretty much read between the lines and see what it is they are ‘basing’ their predictions on, but there are many techniques and secrets, and i can only see what i see.

The first and most obvious one to start with is, some Sun sign Astrologers equate the Sun sign with being the first house of a/the circle of events.

So, say you were born on July 15th and your Sun sign is Cancer, they make their predictions based on the monthly Sun sign changes, so come around July 23rd when the Sun moves into Leo, ‘they now calculate’ that the Cancer native is now one sign on, or in his 2nd sign, [although what they are really using/saying] is a standard ‘2nd house’ meaning, and as each month ‘roles-on’ the Cancer native gets told 3rd and 4th house meanings. And so it is the same ‘pattern’ with ‘all’ the signs, so in any ‘one’ month, [say the] Cancer ‘month’ June/July, the Gemini column is given 2nd house meanings, the Cancer column will be given a 1st house interpretation, Leo a twelfth house one, and a Virgo an 11th house one, and that’s the basic way it is done, moving-on one house each solar month. It is so standard, with no variation, month after month, year after year. I hope that is clear.

This will always be part, [and ‘the’ major part], in certain types of Sun-sign columns.

The ‘rights and wrongs’ of this method are such to ‘spin your head’ around, but in general it is probably the ‘closest’ to getting near to ‘something’ that works, [at least in the Sun sign field].

Now let’s concentrate on what else is ‘used’.

Every month we have some ‘major aspects’ between the planets, and the Sun sign columnist will incorporate these into their ‘predictions’. But arguments can be made that the way they are used are ‘too wide’ in their scope. But the basic application is this…

… [giving an example], Jupiter trine Pluto, it happens in the signs Taurus to Capricorn. Rightly, [in a way] they write/put it in the Sun signs columns for Taurus and Capricorn, and give a standard interpretation of this aspect. [on or around] these days, because [in which other signs could they place them]? next, they will often extend this to give an interpretation to other ‘signs’ in major aspects to Taurus or Capricorn; you will see [that] on that ‘day’ Scorpio also gets a prediction based on the ‘aspect’, but ‘all’ it will say is ‘based’ on Scorpio being the opposite ‘sign’ to Taurus, so a ‘mixture’ of the main ‘aspect’s’ thrust, plus you get ‘relationships’ ‘deepen’ and ‘renewed’, because of the 1st to 7th sign connection of Taurus and Scorpio. But why bring in ‘Scorpio’ at all?, as the aspect doesn’t happen in that ‘sign’. Then you’ll get a ‘similar’ interpretation in Cancer’s column, all because it’s the opposite sign to Capricorn.

But is this ‘really’ [that] bad a way to do it?

Next, we have all the changes that ‘occur’ when a planet changes sign. Sadly, you can get the following, especially with the ‘inner planets’, So say you are a Sun sign Gemini, and Mercury enters Aries, on the day [of entry] you’ll find the prediction is based-on Aries being the 11th sign behind in the zodiac to Gemini, so it is all about Friends, and hopes etc.

The factor which isn’t used in the column, [as far as i can see], is that being any specific words for Gemini and Virgo, because Mercury their ruling planet, is not considered in any sign change for Mercury, but then again to be fair how could it be incorporated into Sun sign work/column.

But on [this entry day] all is rendered rather meaningless, as ‘the days’ words [that are used], are ‘as if’ this [entry day] will bring ‘everything’ they say the ‘entry’ into that sign will bring. Let me explain. Because if what they ‘say’ may happen, [at all], ‘then it would be spread over the whole ‘period’ of Mercury in Aries’, but the layman/reader reads it as happening on that specific day.

But you have to have some sympathy for the writers, as when ‘other’ than that day of entry, is an/the appropriate ‘time’ to write about its influence. Ideally it would be better to give a note saying today’s forecast lasts the whole period of Mercury in Aries, but perhaps the readers are more ‘savvy’ then i realise, and there is [no problem]. Still, i find it rather misleading.

And perhaps they have the right ‘idea’, as to incorporate Mercury’s entry to Aries into Gemini’s and Virgo’s forecast, [for the month], might/or might not be easy enough, but spare a thought for Capricorn and Aquarius as their ruler Saturn changes signs less frequently, so there’d be less to write about. But this is probably partly why they don’t use it, [at least in] the main column, [but you often get to see it ‘elsewhere’ in a separate column along with the other planets, to be fair.

So moving on, let’s not forget that they have many days to fill each month, and with all 12 signs there’s a lot of work, so here’s some more on how it’s done.

They will use the New and Full Moon’s giving a slightly different forecast for each sign, and again, if its in [say] Aries, then it gets the 1st house interpretation and Taurus will get the/a 12th house and so on, with each one a mixture of the Aries position and the ‘said’ house.

And then its no real ‘mystery’ of what fuels the written ‘copy’ on the other days, [usually when something i’ve already mentioned isn’t there], its mainly all-down-to where the ‘Moon’ is placed [by sign], and what [major aspects] the Moon is having on any one day.

Now let’s just say the Moon and its ‘ major’ aspects ‘take-up’ such a large part of the ‘whole’ system in many of the ‘monthly’ forecasts, that i’d need another 500 words to explain, and ‘perhaps’ just knowing this is saying enough. I may add that if you get say Moon trine Saturn in the morning, then the Moon changes sign midday, and then the Moon square Jupiter in the evening, you’ll get something forecasted ‘like’ [dealings with old people and things goes well, and things slow down or change, then in the evening social events are sluggish and difficult]. Something like this anyway, [although it is usually better written]. But it most of the interpretations will all depend on what ‘sign’ the Moon is in, and for which sign you are writing for.

Now, [as i said] this is not a ‘bad’ way of doing justice to Sun sign Astrology, [in fact] it’s rather good, considering. But it will never really ever really tell the story ‘of a’ personally timed birth chart, because ‘it is on’ reading Sun sign columns that you get an ‘idea’ of what is possible without accurate data.

But the ‘real stuff’ is quite different, [that which is always happening in your life right now], and is ‘ever’ true, and overrides anything Sun signs can say about you, and remains so, whether you are in touch with it or not. This is because, and it has to be said, that Sun sign Astrology is like a Donkey Derby, compared to the Grand National of ‘timed’ Astrological work.

Because whilst the Sun and other planets go through your ‘natal’ signs and houses, Sun signs can only give you a rather small ‘and somewhat inaccurate’ picture, whereas ‘real timed astrology’ has to place your Sun in ‘one’ of the twelve houses of your birth chart. And it is here where it really comes into major ‘conflict’, because [say] you are a Cancerian Sun native and its now early December, Sun signs columns will now base your forecast on ‘sixth house’ matters [and that is fine, as far as it goes], as for ‘you’, in this system the Sun is 6 signs ahead, but in ‘reality’ your Sun’s ‘true’ position, [in your natal chart] ‘come early December’ may be transiting your natal 12th house, and that is ‘why’ Sun signs will always make a mockery of what is really happening, as [whether you know your natal chart or not], it is still ‘happening’, and that Sun in the 12th is the ‘real’ placement, and ‘never’ this imagined 6 signs on. But ‘why’?, because, the Sun sign column is ‘simply’ progressing the ‘whole’ sign of , [using my example] Cancer, and this discrepancy is always there, and there is no other way of seeing it.

Now, that’s [a big chunk] of ‘why’ sun signs just can’t be that ‘precise’, and that’s why many Astrologers denigrate it, to the only position it can hold, [that of being rather inaccurate] in many area’s.

If you do ‘have your natal chart’ you can go ‘further’ by seeing which house in the birth chart the Sun rules, that ‘being’ the one with Leo on the cusp [or within a house], because it is there that the Sun’s movement and aspects really shows its affects, and for more ‘real’ workings, [and outcomes] look to ‘when’ the Sun reaches the house cusps, especially the Angles, to help yourself do a personal forecast.

But not everyone knows their timed natal chart, and has these advantages, [even then most would still need an Astrologer]. So that is ‘why’ Sun sign Astrology can be a semi-help substitute. But, [in my opinion, some of it is still ‘misleading’]. But what else could it be? based on general and not personal movements.

But don’t be too hard on Sun Signs, and those who write them, because when you know what ‘challenges’ they face, and what cannot be ‘attained’, [to do] ‘much better’ would be a near impossibility under that ‘framework’, and remember that they only have a small space ‘assigned’ to what they can write in newspapers and magazines.

A final note: there’s probably a little bit more to it than i know, and the writer’s of these columns certainly have ‘much’ work to do, so whatever they produce, ‘within its limitations’ should be appreciated, as its not that far ‘off the mark’ usually.

But i haven’t said ‘all’, as i simply ‘don’t know’ it. I know not all ‘columns’ are the same: Adrian Ross Duncan gave an example in the September 1998 Issue of Astrolore magazine, [which is worth finding if you can], as it shows a simple way of forecasting for each sign for each month, which isn’t that widely known.

Sun Sign Astrology: Part 1

January 19, 2012 - Leave a Response

In an much earlier blog entry i said that Sun sign Astrology was not worthy of the paper it was written on, now that is plainly unfair; because as an Astrologer i know [better than many] that it has its part to play in the [everyday] astrological world, getting a message, [however weak] out-there.

And because people do enjoy reading this ‘stuff’, [and why wouldn’t you] as a five-minute diversion from the everyday World, so even if you do believe its nonsense, some people do have faith in it, either knowing it comes down from a much more extensive ‘canon’, or its ‘leads’ may lead to untapped thoughts in your head that you ‘want’ to put together. Because ‘surely’ everyone nowadays sees it for what it is, a Supra-personal World ‘masquerading’ as something just for ‘you’, with everyone knowing, [or should know], to get a ‘personal’ perspective on your ‘life’ you need to go further into Astrology’s depths, [simple as…].

Personally i believe its a pretty good introduction to the bigger astrological picture; and people do look into astrology further because of it, but only to see ‘it’ and say that proper astrology looks far too complicated; sadly they don’t ‘get’ to see that it gets easier for you, the more you know, and they miss-out on ‘so much’ by leaving it there.

But even when ‘people’ say there is more to Astrology, Sun signs keep Astrology a joke.

Q: Why is it so complicated? A: Its looking into your whole life. But you can really start to ‘piece’ your life together through it.

But on saying all this, ‘people’ still want an Astrology which they can digest easily on a ‘daily level’, and which comes in a ‘form’ not dissimilar to the Sun sign Astrology columns.

A question: could we convey the complexities of personal Astrology, in just the ‘few words’ that are available in a newspaper column? i doubt it, and so it becomes ‘one’ reason why Sun signs exist, and a better form doesn’t.

Giving the Sun sign Astrologers their due, some do try hard to do good Astrology, i remember the Jonathon Cainer column in the now long defunkt ‘Today’ newspaper as a great example, especially his extra additions at the top, where he would add ‘tidbits’ of extra information which were ‘really’ worth knowing. Its the ‘best’ example i’ve ever seen, but this still comes nowhere close to real ‘personal astrology’ in a newspaper or magazine.

But we need certain new ‘additions’ to become the ‘basis’ of a new type of column, taking-us ‘away’ from just the month we were born in.

We could try and broaden it out somehow, and magazines like ‘Horoscope’ and the others have started do that, but it usually ends up with more of the ‘same’, like ‘which’ is in the main sun sign columns, and of course ‘we know’ that ‘that’ isn’t up-to-much.

I also suggest to you, ‘what is the point’ of adding-in the finer points of ‘our’ art [if you cannot do justice to them] on a daily level.

So as you see, there are ‘reasons’ why Sun sign Astrology is like it is.

In Part 2 i’ll give you an insight into how Sun signs are ‘done’ in more detail. I am not a Sun sign Astrologer but the main ‘workings’ of their work are pretty easy to see, although i don’t profess to know all.