Robert Nunn

I will give my birth details, i profess that ‘everyone’ should have access to their own ‘data’ and if i were king i’d make a law saying everyone would have them ‘logged’ at birth with the right at ‘an early age’ to have them, if the parents kept no record.

I was lucky, as in England they do keep them, even if they have to search the records for them. So i was born on June 27th 1965 in a place called North Walsham in the county of Norfolk at a recorded time of 20:25 pm, although i think its slightly earlier at 20:24:40 pm. Giving a 24 degree Sagittarian Ascendant and 0 degrees Scorpio, Midheaven.

If  i said i had lord one ‘jupiter’ in ‘detriment’ in ‘gemini’ and in the cadent 6th house, i hope you would understand; as that is the kind of language i’m going to use to speak to you.

More of my chart revealed now.

This planet is in close conjunction to another in gemini, it’s the ‘moon’

And these two bad boys are joined by the beneficent north node.

I’ve just had my birthday [late June] so the sun is in cancer.

Eventually i’ll show you my chart and details, let’s have fun and reveal it slowly.

New information 29 09 09

Saturn is nearing my Mars at 29 23 Virgo.

Here’s a bit of a bio, taken from an older post.

I started off blogging and still do at, i also have the same blog on now i have this blog where you can hear my thoughts and experiences on Astrology. Its called ‘The Astrological World’ so it is not strictly personal. The Astrological World is also on blogspot, but not in such a big way. Who is Robert Nunn and what’s his involvement in Astrology? i’m not a big name in Astrology; nor do i really want to be, i just follow it in my own way and have done for many years now, observing astrology for close on thirty years now, gaining a good astrological knowledge. I started it in high school, i had read an Astrology book by Russell Grant, and this prompted me into asking my classmates their sun signs. It was good seeing them acting, and having experiences, appropriate to their monthly sun signs. But jumping straight to the present day, i’ve moved on, so much so, that i don’t even regard today’s sun sign astrology as worth reading. And since that humble beginning my mind has thought in a astrological way. It has always felt right to me, to be involved in this subject. Astrology is something i want all humans to be aware of and to know about and its many uses, perhaps i can do my little bit here? this is only the beginning, please read on, as there will be more. For example read what my family thinks of astrology?, i have a pretty good idea of what that is; i know they think that it is ok if i follow it, but they aren’t really interested. To be honest we have never really said that much about it, but i think they hold the same negative ideas about it, that many do; which those of us who do astrology know only to well.


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