Astrology: A bit of ‘Weather’

So, here in North Norfolk, and in much of the UK we are currently having some Cold and Wet weather, which admittedly for late April isn’t that ‘odd’. Its just that it has put ‘pay’ to any Sun and ‘warmth’ which we may have got/expected around now.

And this ‘weather’ feels so entrenched ‘just now’, that it may never break/change. But with a major planetary opposition ‘to come’ i know it will.

So, let’s explore the current ‘sky’, especially the applying Mercury Saturn aspect in 5 days time.

As a virtual ‘beginner’ when it comes to Astrology and the Weather, i will have to rely on some ‘simple’ astro-observation, until i become more skilled, at a later stage.

So why is it so ‘cold and chilly’? and what in Astrology are the ‘indications’ for it? well it has to be the cold and dryness of the planet Saturn, and the cold and dryness of the ‘earth signs.

And then to the cold and moistness given to Venus, [a cold/moist planet] which is slowing-down to go retrograde, and ‘this’ planetary condition always puts a ‘change’ to the weather [i have read]. And there’s no doubt ‘that we’ are getting plenty of cold and moist weather because of it.

Then, we must factor-in Jupiter and the Sun which are in the fixed sign of Taurus, which is a cold dry sign, and see the ‘continuance’ of the cold/dryness is also due to their forthcoming conjunction.

But for me the real ‘chilliiness’ is down to Mars just out of its retrograde period, and now moving slowly in the cold and dry sign of Virgo.

Then we must look further, Mercury is in Aries, [a sign often associated with Rain]. And then we can expand this by seeing that Mercury is in ‘sign’ reception to Mars, and could be having the effect of continuing the ‘rain’ over a longer period of time, within this ‘cold period’.

Now that’s from my simple knowledge, but most of what follows ‘next’ comes from a section of a book on Astrology and the Weather.

I’ve read that when planets ‘which’ naturally oppose each other come into aspect ‘rain’ can come, and we have had ‘rain’ since the recent Sun opposition Saturn aspect, so that kind of worked-out as they said.

But i still feel i haven’t got an ‘answer’ that fully satisfies me, so…

… back to Saturn, the planet you should associate with the ‘Cold’.

Saturn is involved in a forthcoming opposition to Mercury, in rainy ‘Aries’, on May 6th.

Mercury is trying very hard to convert and vary Saturn’s Coldness, but it is very ‘difficult’ to do, especially when in an ‘opposition’ aspect. Its better [in this case] to let things ‘be’, as any effort will be ‘wasted’ to a large extent, due to Saturn’s exalted status just now, so the cold conditions continue and vary but little.

You see Mercury is always coloured by the planet who he is in ‘aspect’ with, and Saturn is a cold and dry planet and as Mercury always increases or decreases the good or bad [he encounters], here he is ‘increasing’ the ‘cold’ [chilly] ‘dry’ aspect of Saturn, and at this time of year we think of it as ‘bad’ because there is too ‘much’ of it, in what are the ‘usual’ warm spring months.

So, what of the future?

I expect that when the Mercury/Saturn aspect is over, and Mercury reaches Taurus and goes into ‘sign reception’ to Venus in Gemini a great improvement will be achieved, and Spring like conditions will return.

Final Note: as i am slowly learning, there is a lot more to ‘weather forecasting’ by Astrology then is generally understood, as you cannot rely on Astrology’s simple and basic knowledge for the most part, so i am teaching myself to look at the ‘local’ charts for New and Full Moon’s, [even the Moon Sun square’s for a week’s weather].

And then ‘of course’ to check how ‘close’ they ‘are’ to the ‘reality’.


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