Astrology: ‘In an idle moment’

One day some aliens come to our solar system, and for some unknown reason ‘having an aversion’ to the colour ‘grey’ they take a dislike to our ‘Moon’ and ‘zap’ it away.

After all its only ‘rock’, and they have the ‘guns’ to do it, and being a bit miffed-off, ‘with something else’ and up for a fight they say ‘what the hell’.

Then they move-on, thinking earth too primitive to even visit.

Sure, our Governments are ‘concerned’, but a strange-looking man is even more worried, as he’s spent his whole life studying and believing in Astrology. And as he starts to weep uncontrollably, others laugh and say cheer-up ‘its only the Moon’, only he can’t as he knows inside that the physical presence of ‘all’ the planets was part of what kept his belief in tact, so away he went to a cave for many years to console himself and see if his belief would stay in tact, and what would return in his now shattered mind.

Poor him, but let’s leave him ‘be’ a while.

Question: ‘Does or Will’ Astrology ‘fall apart’ under such circumstances?

I know this: the ephemeris i have with the Moon’s position to 2050 will still be in use whether the Moon is actually there or not, [well kind of], you know what I am getting at, and the calculations ‘do’ go on for more years than that, so we’re ok, right?.

Now the only ‘real’ physical loss we would have is eclipses, so Astrology would lose ‘that’ i suppose. But would ‘all’ Astrology ‘fail’ without one of its component parts, and become ‘invalid’?


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