Daily observations

I really want to talk about things that have happened, which i then relate to any ‘aspects’ which have occurred in our ‘skies’ [lives].

These ‘aspects’ happen in our world all the time and to all of us, but we all have our personal experiences of them. To avoid any confusion, and to give an example, i am not talking about personal birthcharts here, but lets say Mercury is in square aspect to Saturn today; i will then tell you in astrological language just how i relate the experience to what is in the sky.

Time restraints on me means less will be reported to you dear reader than is noticed. But of course you can think about your own real-life events and relate them to the planets and aspects meanings. If you start thinking astrologically then you’ll know why they happened at this time?

All said… it will remain an occasional column.

P.S. I have a large archive of how ‘personal’ transits have played out in my life, but that remains.

Here’s how a transit played out recently

As all astrologers are no doubt aware we have just had a conjunction of Mercury and Saturn. How was it for you? for me it was mixed, i was at home with my mind busy and little human contact, Mercury rules my ninth and as Saturn rules over my 2nd so thoughts of what i have and don’t were prominent. I was altruistic i gave some possessions away to a good cause, just stuff that i couldn’t use myself anymore. Mercury also rules my 6th house and i did meet another person who aptly as Saturn is lord 2 thought they could come to me for something but i had to tell them the harsh realities. And as any person who has Lord 1 in detriment in the 6th house of their chart can tell you such hassles from others with issues can be a lifetime matter and you have your problems too to deal with, [two sides perhaps]. Remember the 6th house is the 12th house of those ‘other people’ you meet in life.


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