Finding the ‘right’ moment
December 15, 2012

Now here is a question to think about…

…does the ‘soul’ seek to be born at a [moment] which is ‘right’ or ‘best’ for its self?

I dare say that some ‘souls’ do seek to do just that, but if i asked you, is that ever achieved? then the sensible answer [has to be] ‘we just don’t know’, as aren’t we just born when we are and that’s all there is to it.

But when we ‘look-at’ the people who have made a ‘success’ of their life, [aren’t they] shining examples of people who have made it ‘good’, [so surely they incarnated at the/their right time]. Well yes, maybe so, or perhaps it was just a successful meeting of the right person with the right horoscope [for him or her], or even then maybe this ‘soul’ was just going to do well and succeed despite the Astrology chart they got born with.

But we have to consider what success is, don’t we, and how we measure it, because [to start with] its got-to-be some kind of ‘worldly’ success, [as who can truly count our ‘spiritual’ successes].

Because the ‘things’, [and especially the one’s you get over] in life, could be said to be [for some of us] major successes, even without any other [notable] life events. And then all of us must realise [see] that we have a ‘limit’ or ‘ceiling’ [if you like] to the world of opportunities as is ‘specifically’ shown in our natal chart, [and be it ‘high’ or ‘low’], to reach the end-of-your-life and then say i did what i could and as much of ‘what’ was asked of me is probably the nearest ‘measure’ many of us can have. But that is a very simple philosophy, and you’ll have your own idea’s on this.

But even worldly success could be put down to something of a ‘given’ [if the person ‘born’ is born into a wealthy or celebrity family], but isn’t this partly ‘what’ having planets in dignity and planets conjunct certain major fixed stars all about. But again [for those born at these ‘times’] they still have to be able to carry-it-off. Note: there are cases where ‘dignity’ doesn’t necessarily mean you are ‘somebody’ [who is manifesting a great soul purpose], see the Queen’s sister, she had plenty of planets in dignity, and its fair to say [for her] it just indicated a privileged life and not much else.

But getting-back to everyday ‘births’ now, [and that means the majority of us], who of us can ‘say’ or even ‘know’ if they we’re born [when they should have been]. Note: and if the ‘time’ of conception does add another ‘dimension’ to us, but we can’t pinpoint when that ‘was’ or even [in a wider context] what it did/does, then we may truly never-know what has made ‘us’ who we are, [that is] from a wider perspective than just the birth-time that astrologer’s use now.

But moving-on from this, and for a bit of fun, [as these deep philosophical questions ‘quite frankly’ get on-my-tits ‘nerves’ after a while], and because i want to do something a bit different, here’s a slightly quirky take on birth times.

So your mother is about to go into hospital as she has been told to expect your arrival any day soon, and it just happens she goes-in, in the early hours of the day she was given for your birth but she has to wait until mid afternoon for your actual birth, and many years later [when you ask her about the circumstances of your birth], and maybe even your birth-time from her she tells you this… …we were waiting for you for many hours, so your birth could’ve been many hours beforehand [as i was seriously waiting that long] but then again it could’ve also gone-on for much longer].

So ha, [you think], i could’ve had the ‘scope’ to have a lot of other different birth-times, and that gets you thinking, and [that is] if i just adjust my birth-chart backwards and forwards [a few hours] by the rectification tool on my computer programme [and see what ‘chart’ i could’ve got] it will make for an interesting little experiment. Note: it can be done by hand too, by using a ‘table of houses’.

But more on this later …

… maybe the bigger question still nags at you, [but ‘you’ put it to one side] as you like to believe, [like most do] that you arrived when you did, and it was ‘correct’ for yourself and [your soul], believing you needed that ‘horoscope’ to allow yourself to flourish, and for you to be yourself, but you still ‘wonder’ how much-of-it was maybe down-to-me being ‘born’ [when i was] so i made sure i had just ‘one’ factor in the chart, [that i may have been specifically born for/to have], but then again you think, was i really born so ‘every attribute’ i have [like the shyness in social situations and the ‘exacting’ manner] were already ‘there’ just ready to come-out [along with the more obvious and easy expressions] of my Moon Jupiter conjunction, probably.

Because if [as i partly believe] my Moon Jupiter conjunction is my strongest ‘hand’, and with it being in the 6th house, it accidentally puts the ‘other planets’ where they are, [or perhaps this conjunction isn’t ‘my biggest purpose’], and some other position is, like my Mars on the 9th cusp, [which then ‘put’ Jupiter and the Moon in the sixth house], but even then you still have to consider that perhaps some ‘positions’ are just accidentally wrong for me, and i’ve had to learn-to-live with them.

Note: but as our souls have to partake in ‘all’ the planetary energies which affect life here on earth i suspect we could ‘all’ probably ‘incarnate’ quite easily under any conditions, but to make the most of it, [that’s another question], as you may not be able to live up to ‘much’ of what is in your chart.

Still taking it on one step further its makes me wonder if my birthday has brought me anywhere ‘close’ to what my soul could achieve, [but maybe i would have had to wait another 100 or 200 years for something better to come along, who knows]. But seeing that i incarnated [at the time i did] and with some ‘bad-ish’ [tough] placements, i am all-too-aware that none of us are perfect, and we’ve all got to do the ‘best’ with what we have.

So with that in mind i am now going to shift my chart around by a few hours [either way] and see what i could’ve ‘got’ if i’d been born just a few hours earlier or later; and specifically where my Moon Jupiter conjunction would’ve been ‘placed’, and the other subsequent ‘changes’. Now, i was born at 20:25:13 -1hr [summertime] on 27 06 1965 in North Walsham, Norfolk, England, giving me a 24 degree Sagittarian Ascendant.

Being born on the cusp of night-time means i have many hours of the morning and day on the 27th which could’ve seen me ‘born’, and just a few hours after 8 30 at night, so lets look at the earlie’s first. Note: all times used are Summer time, so -1hr for GMT times.

At 11:10 am on the 27th my Sun would be in the 10th, [still angular] and my worries may of changed from that of relationships to how i was perceived, [my image] in the world, but would i still be the same person? [working-it-out, in the World]. Then with the Moon and Jupiter around the Midheaven there’s very little scope for dealing with my problems ‘alone’ and in some ‘isolation’ [like i do it now], with them in my sixth house. And with Mars in my 1st house ‘now’ i may have taken a more vital role for my ‘exacting’ qualities. And with Saturn on the 7th cusp i probably would’ve taken my troubles and isolation in relationships a lot more seriously than i do as of now.

At 12:28 Mars has come to be exactly on the Ascendant, and its pushed-back the Moon Jupiter conjunction into the 9th, and with Mars now ruling over the 3rd and 8th house i probably would’ve developed a more cutting wit, whilst probably not holding-back, especially when i wanted to see some change. And with the Moon now ruling the 10th house my inner self would probably be a lot more [the topic of discussion], though i may not like ‘it’ all that much, and with Jupiter as lord 4 and 6 it might’ve seen me confiding much more in my parents [i guess], and maybe me being more careful not to overdo things, [as that is partly what i do that anyway].

By 14:00 the Moon Jupiter conjunction has moved exactly to the 9th cusp giving it that ‘little’ bit more power than just being [in the house alone], and Mercury and Venus now sit on the 10th cusp, and my whole approach to ‘what and how’ i put things out into the world would surely be looked-at and scrutinised more [with me] than they are now. But the main reason i chose this ‘time’ as an example is both Saturn and Mars now sit in the 6th and 12th houses respectively, and that wouldn’t be all that good. [So, i believe i wouldn’t have consciously chosen this ‘time’], to be born.

16:52 puts Mercury and Venus on the 9th cusp, with them ruling in the 10th, 11th and 7th houses, so that bodes well, but i’d have to accept the Sun in the 8th house and my Moon Jupiter there too, which isn’t so good, but with my Mars in the 10th house that would help matters.

At 19:40 just 45 minutes before i was born the only major change is Moon Jupiter to the 7th cusp, [which is good], but is it more preferable than what i have at present, [with the slight changes to everything else, ‘its hard to know’, [and could i have pulled-off a Libran Midheaven], i suppose i just would have had to.

And that just leaves 00:11 on the 28th, as the one i may have chosen for after birth, and this one has Saturn on the Ascendant, and ruling-over the 11th, 12th and some of the 10th house, so almost one ‘quadrant’ of the chart, [so that’s some heavy shit] right there, for that individual born then. And now with the Moon and Jupiter in the 3rd house, it has to be a case of ‘have you got something to say to me Punk’ aimed right at me. But the idea of having some fun to alleviate the ‘harshness’ of the Saturn placement with both Mercury and Venus in the 5th house is very attractive. But an already argumentative Mars ‘now’ in the 7th doesn’t ‘fill me with thoughts of joy’, and the Sun in the 4th house could really see me retreating into my shell, with the occasional verbal ‘outburst’ i guess.

But this is essentially a futile exercise [as my chart will never be any different], but it’s still a bit of ‘fun’ [to see what might have been]. Note: there’s probably lots more reasons why we could be ‘different’, [or slightly changed people with our focuses on other things in our lives], and i am still not fully ‘convinced’ what i’ve done ‘above’ has any ‘real’ value, still its done now.


Sun Sign Astrology: Part 2
March 9, 2012

I am not a Sun sign columnist, but if you know some astrology you can pretty much read between the lines and see what it is they are ‘basing’ their predictions on, but there are many techniques and secrets, and i can only see what i see.

The first and most obvious one to start with is, some Sun sign Astrologers equate the Sun sign with being the first house of a/the circle of events.

So, say you were born on July 15th and your Sun sign is Cancer, they make their predictions based on the monthly Sun sign changes, so come around July 23rd when the Sun moves into Leo, ‘they now calculate’ that the Cancer native is now one sign on, or in his 2nd sign, [although what they are really using/saying] is a standard ‘2nd house’ meaning, and as each month ‘roles-on’ the Cancer native gets told 3rd and 4th house meanings. And so it is the same ‘pattern’ with ‘all’ the signs, so in any ‘one’ month, [say the] Cancer ‘month’ June/July, the Gemini column is given 2nd house meanings, the Cancer column will be given a 1st house interpretation, Leo a twelfth house one, and a Virgo an 11th house one, and that’s the basic way it is done, moving-on one house each solar month. It is so standard, with no variation, month after month, year after year. I hope that is clear.

This will always be part, [and ‘the’ major part], in certain types of Sun-sign columns.

The ‘rights and wrongs’ of this method are such to ‘spin your head’ around, but in general it is probably the ‘closest’ to getting near to ‘something’ that works, [at least in the Sun sign field].

Now let’s concentrate on what else is ‘used’.

Every month we have some ‘major aspects’ between the planets, and the Sun sign columnist will incorporate these into their ‘predictions’. But arguments can be made that the way they are used are ‘too wide’ in their scope. But the basic application is this…

… [giving an example], Jupiter trine Pluto, it happens in the signs Taurus to Capricorn. Rightly, [in a way] they write/put it in the Sun signs columns for Taurus and Capricorn, and give a standard interpretation of this aspect. [on or around] these days, because [in which other signs could they place them]? next, they will often extend this to give an interpretation to other ‘signs’ in major aspects to Taurus or Capricorn; you will see [that] on that ‘day’ Scorpio also gets a prediction based on the ‘aspect’, but ‘all’ it will say is ‘based’ on Scorpio being the opposite ‘sign’ to Taurus, so a ‘mixture’ of the main ‘aspect’s’ thrust, plus you get ‘relationships’ ‘deepen’ and ‘renewed’, because of the 1st to 7th sign connection of Taurus and Scorpio. But why bring in ‘Scorpio’ at all?, as the aspect doesn’t happen in that ‘sign’. Then you’ll get a ‘similar’ interpretation in Cancer’s column, all because it’s the opposite sign to Capricorn.

But is this ‘really’ [that] bad a way to do it?

Next, we have all the changes that ‘occur’ when a planet changes sign. Sadly, you can get the following, especially with the ‘inner planets’, So say you are a Sun sign Gemini, and Mercury enters Aries, on the day [of entry] you’ll find the prediction is based-on Aries being the 11th sign behind in the zodiac to Gemini, so it is all about Friends, and hopes etc.

The factor which isn’t used in the column, [as far as i can see], is that being any specific words for Gemini and Virgo, because Mercury their ruling planet, is not considered in any sign change for Mercury, but then again to be fair how could it be incorporated into Sun sign work/column.

But on [this entry day] all is rendered rather meaningless, as ‘the days’ words [that are used], are ‘as if’ this [entry day] will bring ‘everything’ they say the ‘entry’ into that sign will bring. Let me explain. Because if what they ‘say’ may happen, [at all], ‘then it would be spread over the whole ‘period’ of Mercury in Aries’, but the layman/reader reads it as happening on that specific day.

But you have to have some sympathy for the writers, as when ‘other’ than that day of entry, is an/the appropriate ‘time’ to write about its influence. Ideally it would be better to give a note saying today’s forecast lasts the whole period of Mercury in Aries, but perhaps the readers are more ‘savvy’ then i realise, and there is [no problem]. Still, i find it rather misleading.

And perhaps they have the right ‘idea’, as to incorporate Mercury’s entry to Aries into Gemini’s and Virgo’s forecast, [for the month], might/or might not be easy enough, but spare a thought for Capricorn and Aquarius as their ruler Saturn changes signs less frequently, so there’d be less to write about. But this is probably partly why they don’t use it, [at least in] the main column, [but you often get to see it ‘elsewhere’ in a separate column along with the other planets, to be fair.

So moving on, let’s not forget that they have many days to fill each month, and with all 12 signs there’s a lot of work, so here’s some more on how it’s done.

They will use the New and Full Moon’s giving a slightly different forecast for each sign, and again, if its in [say] Aries, then it gets the 1st house interpretation and Taurus will get the/a 12th house and so on, with each one a mixture of the Aries position and the ‘said’ house.

And then its no real ‘mystery’ of what fuels the written ‘copy’ on the other days, [usually when something i’ve already mentioned isn’t there], its mainly all-down-to where the ‘Moon’ is placed [by sign], and what [major aspects] the Moon is having on any one day.

Now let’s just say the Moon and its ‘ major’ aspects ‘take-up’ such a large part of the ‘whole’ system in many of the ‘monthly’ forecasts, that i’d need another 500 words to explain, and ‘perhaps’ just knowing this is saying enough. I may add that if you get say Moon trine Saturn in the morning, then the Moon changes sign midday, and then the Moon square Jupiter in the evening, you’ll get something forecasted ‘like’ [dealings with old people and things goes well, and things slow down or change, then in the evening social events are sluggish and difficult]. Something like this anyway, [although it is usually better written]. But it most of the interpretations will all depend on what ‘sign’ the Moon is in, and for which sign you are writing for.

Now, [as i said] this is not a ‘bad’ way of doing justice to Sun sign Astrology, [in fact] it’s rather good, considering. But it will never really ever really tell the story ‘of a’ personally timed birth chart, because ‘it is on’ reading Sun sign columns that you get an ‘idea’ of what is possible without accurate data.

But the ‘real stuff’ is quite different, [that which is always happening in your life right now], and is ‘ever’ true, and overrides anything Sun signs can say about you, and remains so, whether you are in touch with it or not. This is because, and it has to be said, that Sun sign Astrology is like a Donkey Derby, compared to the Grand National of ‘timed’ Astrological work.

Because whilst the Sun and other planets go through your ‘natal’ signs and houses, Sun signs can only give you a rather small ‘and somewhat inaccurate’ picture, whereas ‘real timed astrology’ has to place your Sun in ‘one’ of the twelve houses of your birth chart. And it is here where it really comes into major ‘conflict’, because [say] you are a Cancerian Sun native and its now early December, Sun signs columns will now base your forecast on ‘sixth house’ matters [and that is fine, as far as it goes], as for ‘you’, in this system the Sun is 6 signs ahead, but in ‘reality’ your Sun’s ‘true’ position, [in your natal chart] ‘come early December’ may be transiting your natal 12th house, and that is ‘why’ Sun signs will always make a mockery of what is really happening, as [whether you know your natal chart or not], it is still ‘happening’, and that Sun in the 12th is the ‘real’ placement, and ‘never’ this imagined 6 signs on. But ‘why’?, because, the Sun sign column is ‘simply’ progressing the ‘whole’ sign of , [using my example] Cancer, and this discrepancy is always there, and there is no other way of seeing it.

Now, that’s [a big chunk] of ‘why’ sun signs just can’t be that ‘precise’, and that’s why many Astrologers denigrate it, to the only position it can hold, [that of being rather inaccurate] in many area’s.

If you do ‘have your natal chart’ you can go ‘further’ by seeing which house in the birth chart the Sun rules, that ‘being’ the one with Leo on the cusp [or within a house], because it is there that the Sun’s movement and aspects really shows its affects, and for more ‘real’ workings, [and outcomes] look to ‘when’ the Sun reaches the house cusps, especially the Angles, to help yourself do a personal forecast.

But not everyone knows their timed natal chart, and has these advantages, [even then most would still need an Astrologer]. So that is ‘why’ Sun sign Astrology can be a semi-help substitute. But, [in my opinion, some of it is still ‘misleading’]. But what else could it be? based on general and not personal movements.

But don’t be too hard on Sun Signs, and those who write them, because when you know what ‘challenges’ they face, and what cannot be ‘attained’, [to do] ‘much better’ would be a near impossibility under that ‘framework’, and remember that they only have a small space ‘assigned’ to what they can write in newspapers and magazines.

A final note: there’s probably a little bit more to it than i know, and the writer’s of these columns certainly have ‘much’ work to do, so whatever they produce, ‘within its limitations’ should be appreciated, as its not that far ‘off the mark’ usually.

But i haven’t said ‘all’, as i simply ‘don’t know’ it. I know not all ‘columns’ are the same: Adrian Ross Duncan gave an example in the September 1998 Issue of Astrolore magazine, [which is worth finding if you can], as it shows a simple way of forecasting for each sign for each month, which isn’t that widely known.

Sun Sign Astrology: Part 1
January 19, 2012

In an much earlier blog entry i said that Sun sign Astrology was not worthy of the paper it was written on, now that is plainly unfair; because as an Astrologer i know [better than many] that it has its part to play in the [everyday] astrological world, getting a message, [however weak] out-there.

And because people do enjoy reading this ‘stuff’, [and why wouldn’t you] as a five-minute diversion from the everyday World, so even if you do believe its nonsense, some people do have faith in it, either knowing it comes down from a much more extensive ‘canon’, or its ‘leads’ may lead to untapped thoughts in your head that you ‘want’ to put together. Because ‘surely’ everyone nowadays sees it for what it is, a Supra-personal World ‘masquerading’ as something just for ‘you’, with everyone knowing, [or should know], to get a ‘personal’ perspective on your ‘life’ you need to go further into Astrology’s depths, [simple as…].

Personally i believe its a pretty good introduction to the bigger astrological picture; and people do look into astrology further because of it, but only to see ‘it’ and say that proper astrology looks far too complicated; sadly they don’t ‘get’ to see that it gets easier for you, the more you know, and they miss-out on ‘so much’ by leaving it there.

But even when ‘people’ say there is more to Astrology, Sun signs keep Astrology a joke.

Q: Why is it so complicated? A: Its looking into your whole life. But you can really start to ‘piece’ your life together through it.

But on saying all this, ‘people’ still want an Astrology which they can digest easily on a ‘daily level’, and which comes in a ‘form’ not dissimilar to the Sun sign Astrology columns.

A question: could we convey the complexities of personal Astrology, in just the ‘few words’ that are available in a newspaper column? i doubt it, and so it becomes ‘one’ reason why Sun signs exist, and a better form doesn’t.

Giving the Sun sign Astrologers their due, some do try hard to do good Astrology, i remember the Jonathon Cainer column in the now long defunkt ‘Today’ newspaper as a great example, especially his extra additions at the top, where he would add ‘tidbits’ of extra information which were ‘really’ worth knowing. Its the ‘best’ example i’ve ever seen, but this still comes nowhere close to real ‘personal astrology’ in a newspaper or magazine.

But we need certain new ‘additions’ to become the ‘basis’ of a new type of column, taking-us ‘away’ from just the month we were born in.

We could try and broaden it out somehow, and magazines like ‘Horoscope’ and the others have started do that, but it usually ends up with more of the ‘same’, like ‘which’ is in the main sun sign columns, and of course ‘we know’ that ‘that’ isn’t up-to-much.

I also suggest to you, ‘what is the point’ of adding-in the finer points of ‘our’ art [if you cannot do justice to them] on a daily level.

So as you see, there are ‘reasons’ why Sun sign Astrology is like it is.

In Part 2 i’ll give you an insight into how Sun signs are ‘done’ in more detail. I am not a Sun sign Astrologer but the main ‘workings’ of their work are pretty easy to see, although i don’t profess to know all.

Planning for ‘life’ ahead
April 19, 2011

Mercury still has a few days of retrograde motion left, ‘crawling’ back through Aries.

So here is another flipping post about Mercury Rx.

I often find Mercury Rx a pain-in-the-butt, ever trying to find some meaning in it. Has ‘anyone’ ever really worked-out, just ‘what’ it is all about?
I may just be finding it rather ‘meaningless’ just now, with it floating about in my third house, touching no planet [by conjunction], and a good distance from the ‘angles’.

Although i certainly haven’t been totally untouched, as my neighbours have ‘played-up’ lately, but i put it down to the Sun, Mars and Jupiter being in that sector too. Perhaps you’ve had a ‘glut’ or belly-full of a [particular] astro-house too?

Now Aries is the first sign of Spring, in direct motion it is life ‘springing-forth’, this Rx period, [where i live] has seen little rain, and that will have retarded nature ‘a little’.

But the Sunny weather certainly hasn’t ‘stopped’ people from living ‘life’ to the full, as much as they can, still there are ‘signs’ of scrambled thinking, and things not going that straight-forward unsurprisingly.

So, i have been planning and dreaming, making attempts to put things in ‘order’, and Mercury’s direct motion will see how ‘well’ i have done.
I soon saw, during this time that there was to be no ‘golden-future’ ahead, just business as usual. Still, however annoying it was to have the Arien impulse thwarted at the beginning of the Rx period, i now see that it did little ‘harm’ in the end.

Just like those born with an Arien Sun, for example, these few days of retrogration have seen a me build-up a head of steam and formulate a plan for a ‘fuller expression’, as life develops later. Life isn’t full of possibilities, but many can be ‘realised’.

Aries is the ‘seed’ and it’s [maturing] can take longer than it might in other ‘signs’. Things do lay ‘dormant’ until ‘triggered’, and if you’ve got it right, then possible greatness can await, but the Aries energy has a ‘roughness’ about it, so this particular Rx period may have been harder ‘to take’ than you or me really wanted it to be.

So the ‘theme’ seems to have been, get yourself ‘sorted’ and become as happy or as contented as you can, despite the ‘odds’.

It probably meant some ‘revaluation’ too, by looking-inside of yourself. This inner searching is definitely one of the bonuses of the Rx time. I suppose it is slightly different in all the other ‘signs’, especially as the Aries energy is very personal and ‘close’.

So to repeat myself from before, ‘often’ any Rx period will bring its meaning [with it] at the time of retrogradation, and can really only really be ‘known’ by the actual experiences that happen at the time. I suppose this is more so with Mercury, as it has the shortest Rx time, and is the planet most frequently in retrograde motion. I find that if it is not affecting you too badly at the time, then you can joy and delight in the ‘strangeness’ it often throws-up.

If the ‘Gods’ want to [give us] anything, then at the end of the Rx time, i’d imagine they would want us to of changed ‘a little’, and gained some ‘extra’ perspective on our lives.

This is probably through the natal house the planet is placed-in, or from ‘somewhere’ else it touches, or something else? and it doesn’t have to be completely life-changing, maybe just a ‘spur’ to a new-way-of-life.

So, as this Rx period comes to a close, try spotting where the ‘difference’ is?, it’s a free ‘insight’ that you gained by living through another bloody Rx Mercury ‘time’.

Now its coming to the time of ‘directness’, and its a time to ‘busy’ ourselves once more.

But what was held-back for a while, will in its natural ‘forward’ course be a bit hard to stomach for a short-while, as the change it direction happens, and Aries [it has to be said] is ‘anything’ from dull to an outright bully-boy, so watch and wait for a time and see how the ‘wind blows’ for a few more days, as things are turned-around, but back to ‘normal’.

Astrology: Jupiter in Aries
March 16, 2011

Traditionally Jupiter in Aries isn’t anything to write-home-about, although there’s no doubt its better placed here than when in many of the other signs, due to Jupiter being in its night triplicity in Aries, that being so for all the fire signs. So it has a fair amount of strength here by ‘night’ charts, making me go so far as to say, that ‘our’ nights [in general] are just that bit ‘cosier’ whilst Jupiter are in this sign[s].

Now the Aries energy is ‘pure’ and it is roughened by having the planets Mars and Saturn within, and smoothed by having planets like Venus and Jupiter therein. There’s also ‘got’ to be a visible ‘boost’ given at this ‘time’, one which really gets you to ‘max-out’ on something. It is therefore likely that we will all feel a ‘beneficial’ impulse hitting at us, and our world. Jupiter here isn’t classically ‘benefic’, i think that Aries just gives it something ‘good’ to work-on.

Now, its almost Spring and the time of Aries, but i’ve already seen many Aries-like things/behaviour around for a while now, surprisingly popping-up-into-life in the midst of Winter, usually softening the expectant ‘hard’ thrust which is associated with Aries, and always seeking to mellow the usual Aries-like behaviour, i know i have noticed that ‘those’ who normally ‘flare-up’ are not doing it so much lately, have you noticed this?

There also seems to be an early ‘budding’ of ‘nature’ in action, not even the snow could stop the full onslaught of a benevolent ‘nature’, which is being shown by the ‘push’ Jupiter in Aries has gave the land and trees which i look-at from my ‘home’ on this planet, i now see the hot and moist planet Jupiter, in the hot and dry sign Aries working according to the ‘formbook’.

Now as for me personally, Jupiter is transiting my 3rd house and the usual things are happening, more ‘active’ participation in daily affairs, and more short journeys are happening with relative ease, i even ‘communicate’ in the everyday realm with more relish. This is sure to be temporary, although it may lead to ‘somewhat’ of a change for me in the long-term, as ‘some’ of what is happening now will stick. But as life moves-on, i.e. Jupiter into my 4th house, i will no longer have my ruling planet Jupiter in that ‘realm’ of the 3rd house, so things of this kind will ‘naturally’ drop-off and i will move-on. It’s like that with all ‘transits’, [your motivation changes].

My 3rd house is ‘somewhat’ like [what] we see in the current film ‘The King’s speech’, i haven’t a stammer, but with lord 3 in detriment and cadent, and Mercury in the ‘mute’ sign of Cancer and the cusp of the 3rd also in ‘mute’ Pisces plus an opposition aspect to the 3rd cusp from Mars, i have my fair-share of ‘natural’ [to me] effects ‘of not being able to talk’ at times, but the opposition aspect of Mars on the 9th cusp gives me an ‘outlet’ through publishing, which i’m thankful for.

I suppose my Gemini and Pisces double-signed influence often sees my ‘inner and outer’ realities trying to combine into something coherent, but if any ‘louder’ voices than mine appear i find i can shrink-back into myself. I also need a certain kind of ‘atmosphere’ and people to help me bring myself out of myself, this is due to having Jupiter conjunct the Moon, which with its square to Saturn, usually turns me inwards and rather quiet at times, [plus i do like keeping myself to myself too].

So its no surprise i enjoy ‘writing’ rather than ‘speaking’, as the latter is more ‘testing’, still whenever Jupiter allows, i can express myself somewhat better than before, but as always we must all fall-back on our ‘natal’ pattern, and if that ‘pattern’ ain’t too good, you can feel ‘stuffed’ sometimes.

The ‘planets’ know where they are
February 10, 2011

To bastardize a quote, “would the stars [astrology] still be there if there was no-one to [hear] ‘read’ them”?

Of course they would, [you see], man has noted the ‘stars’ movements for thousands of years, so that’s rather irrelevant. But have we done enough with this knowledge, i believe we have a long way to go still.

What started this post [in my mind] was, are people totally unconscious of their effects on us, [by those who don’t look at an ephemeris daily], compared to those who try to ‘see’ what is being [caused] by their positions. I think just because i see the ‘world’ and ‘people’ slowing-down because there are a couple of hours of voidness before the Moon changes signs, doesn’t make me much more than just ‘aware’, in comparison to those who also slow down ‘naturally’, and who don’t know its due to the ‘stars’ movement, and just because i can ‘put’ a name to what is happening only gives me a slight advantage, because ‘all’ we are doing ‘together’, is basically the ‘same thing’ at the same time.

So whilst i and others know where the ‘planets’ are, and many others do not, i say choice is ‘key’ [in the end] when it comes to offering-up something to be accepted or rejected, and that is all that can really be done.

The ‘real’ choice however is… will people take-it-up, and do they actually want ‘astrology’? as it’ll never be forced onto the ‘people’ i hope.

The ‘natural’ World is the default setting, and i know one thing [for sure], if the electricity went off and your computers went offline etc, we’d see people looking and living by the ‘stars’ once again. But an over-reliance on anything is ‘dangerous’.

Goodbye Jupiter in Pisces
January 20, 2011

It’ll be 11 years until we next see Jupiter in Pisces, and i for one will miss its influence, but life goes on.

Generally it has been a happy time for me, i put this ‘down’ in part to Jupiter being my 1st house ruler, and being very strong in Pisces, and the subsequent effect it has had on me.

I cannot say ‘exactly’ what it has [done for me]? feeling good about myself and with life in general and taking a few of the opportunities [afforded me] seems to have been the main thrust.

I have moved house in the past year, and on the day when it almost exactly trined my 4th house ruler Venus; and yes it has been a beneficial move.

There has been so much ‘space’ to just do ‘just what i like’, that seems to have been the main theme, and i have been mostly untouched by ‘that’ which could’ve upset or diverted me.

It hasn’t been perfect by any means, as whilst [doing my own thing] i have missed-out on close relationships and general social interaction this year, but its vibe has given me a valuable lesson, and that is… [if you are not in the ‘game of life’, don’t expect it to ‘just happen’ [for you], because suddenly you are feeling like taking part].

So as the planets move-on, what do i expect of Jupiter in Aries? well less of the Jupiter influence in my life [thats for sure]. Jupiter will be in Mars’s sign and so i would imagine i will be finding that 3rd, 10th and 11th house matters become important again, especially the 3rd as that is where Jupiter now is in my chart.

Jupiter’s ‘vibe’ won’t be as pleasant now, but it is just another ‘set’ of changed ‘dignities’ to get used to, and then learn to live with.

At any ‘one’ time, are we…
December 31, 2010

… living more like ‘our’ transiting planets [positions], rather than our natal placements?

Or should we see ‘our’ transits [places] as simply ‘extensions’ of the natal, [of course we should]. They roll around our circle of life and its easy to feel that we are no more than that, simply new experiences and new ways of expressing ourselves, but they must have a ‘source’, [a place to go from and come back to]. Some ‘meaning’ which is always ‘us’, never mind what we pile-on-top. THOUGHT: Can we, or are we able to do ‘things’ [other than] that which we were born into? can we breakout of ‘ourselves’? or even experience ‘that’ which isn’t truly ourselves?

Are we ‘no more’ than we ever were? Obviously not, the ball started rolling at birth and won’t finish ’til death. The point being? like [as in] the song, to every season turn turn turn. A time to… etc etc.

You can miss the ‘big picture’, but ‘astrology’ helps divides life into many [manageable parts]. It is comparable in one way to our 24 hour clock that divides our ‘time’ up. And what is so different from getting-up in the morning and doing your ‘routine’ than thinking on, how the Sun goes through its 12 stages [houses] in a ‘day’. It is all divisible, thats all i’m saying.

The most interesting and [for me] ‘recurring thoughts’ of how transits [work-on-you] is where the Sun, Mercury and Venus are placed ‘at any one time’.

Seldom in the same ‘signs’, [but of course it does happen], sees a three-pronged attack which can give [great variety], but usually it is an annoyance, [as now, for example], the Sun is pushing-on in my first house whilst Venus lags behind on my eleventh cusp and Mercury is mixing-up ‘things’ on my Asc. These ‘patterns’ can work against you, or in your favour, i suppose it depends on how you view things?

I’ve often ‘wanted’ all three to be going through my first house ‘together’, [think of that power] is what i say to myself. But its not really [that], no, its simply the fact that when your feeling quite ‘strong’ in one department i.e. Sun in your first house, you often don’t appreciate feeling messed-up, due to Venus ‘falling’ behind [the game], but you can’t change the Astrology. So work with it and try to understand, to the best of your abilities, why it is happening like ‘that’ [if you can].

So, back to the ‘point’, are we slaves to our horoscope? No, i think not, but we can’t escape them either. Sure, we can choose to ‘ignore’ them, [or just not get in contact with them], life will go-on anyway, but [awareness] is the key. I suppose its just [how much] spice we want in ‘our’ lives.

My keenness for Astrology is apparent, i watch and am ‘tuned-in’ all the time, i have got to the stage when i don’t even have to think what ‘happens’ when the Moon transits through every ‘house’ in my horoscope, [as i’m regularly thinking about it], and that knowledge [never lets me down], it just gets added to. The Moon is a great ‘regulator’ for how you’ll be and the ‘actions’ you will perform.

And if i were to give any advice to people on Astrology, i’d say doing this one ‘act’ is one of the most valuable tools you’ll ever have in your Astro toolkit, i should know as it has served me well for 30 years. I now get that writer’s feeling that i should ‘post’ on exactly how i do this. The next post maybe, or just sometime, when the juices are flowing again.

The ‘difference’ a day makes
December 18, 2010

Yesterday the Sun sat on my Ascendant by transit, and as the ‘old texts’ say i had its power for just one day.

Invited to a Christmas party, i was the only one really having fun, it was a cold and grey day, but inside i was very warm and somewhat ‘content’, and during my time there i was constantly reminded by someone that life is all about having a ‘laugh’, and whilst talking he suggested ‘love’ was in the air for me, by saying this ‘lady’ who was there fancied me, which may have been true, but there was a lot of ‘jest’ in it too, i took it in good ‘heart’ and played along, but didn’t make anything of it, but did feel flattered.

I was up for ‘much’, and didn’t follow my usual path of quietness and stand-off-ish-ness. I was on show and ‘it showed’. You see i’m just not built that way, but if i reflect on the day, [this transit] essentially worked-out my Sun’s natal pattern, [as its suppose to do], because there was i in a deep one-to-one quite personal conversation, and [of course] it was about linking-up with ‘another’ in a close relationship, which is ‘ever’ what a person with the Sun in the 7th house is here to deal with.

Still i let it go, perhaps the emotional tie a Cancer Sun native needs, wasn’t even partly developed and i knew it, i think another ‘type’ of individual would’ve been straight in there, but not me.

I was basking-in another type of glory; that of being liked for just being ‘around’ in the ‘day centre’ by having made lots of nice little contacts with many of the disabled people who go there. I must admit i like that kind of personal/impersonal contact, it sure is easier than a full-blown ‘love’ relationship.

So as i sat firmly in my right-minded consciousness ‘all day’ [which for a person] who has a ‘glut’ of left-minded ways, i felt thankful for a different kind of day. Usually i would of shirked the thought of ‘making a day’ of things, but i relished yesterday, knowing i probably wouldn’t feel/be/or act ‘that’ way until i go under the Sun’s rays again. Still the Sun is now in my 1st house and that means a ‘continuation’ of sorts, and so the attitude must be; to part-use another’s quote; “when in the first house, do as the first house does”.

Astrology: bloody Mercury Rx
December 15, 2010

Once again, i’m putting my astrological life [on show] with this tale of woe…

… this post should hopefully provide you with an insight into how astrology works, and why its not always in your favour.

Some years ago i gave up smoking, but recently because i have had some ‘tobacco’ around for ‘other purposes’ and i’ve started picking up the fags and smoking again, and i just can’t seem to stop, and its annoying the hell out-of-me.

Now, this is how i see things. I was a heavy smoker for years and truly thought i’d hit it on the head. Now i put ‘down’ such health-undermining behavior to having Jupiter in Gemini, ruling over my 12th house, the house of undoing, and also the fact that i have [a very large, but negative capacity] to fill up my lungs with smoke [dirty] ‘air’, and with this placement being a very ‘negative’ one anyway, its placement in my 6th house of ill health really doesn’t help, so in a way its not that surprising that i smoke [have smoked before], anyway [at present] it is hard to keep away from them.

Now Mercury is connected to ‘breathing’ and there’s no doubt that i smoke when nervous or just when filling-up breathing time when i’m not busy, like most smokers do; so with Mercury ruling over my 6th house, its [retrograde periods] are dangerous times when i could ‘relapse’ into ways of ill-health, but why have i succumbed now?

I think that’s quite easy to see. Mercury is being pulled back from its first station at 5 degrees of Capricorn [importantly in my first house of ‘health’] back to 19 degrees of Sagittarius [back into my twelfth house of undoing], exactly mirroring what i’m now doing/going through, that of ‘undoing’ all the good work of ‘stopping’ for all these years. Any other ‘place’ in my horoscope wouldn’t of caused this ‘lapse’, i think.

So will i beat it again? because, if i don’t ‘knock it on the head’ again soon, i seriously think that i will find myself a regular smoker again, and i don’t even like them that much. But ‘today’ it seems that all self-control is being lost, so a ‘plan’ is needed if i am not to lose this battle once more. [he lights-up again].

As usual its always a combination of factors that bring events, and with the Sun just coming to the end of my 12th house, its position is perhaps [not helping me] right now, but when it crosses my Ascendant i hope to regain some of that former control? because, as i said it’s a battle i don’t want to lose.

How will you spend your day?
October 28, 2010

A Facebook post got me thinking. Sometimes people say things which are instantly ‘convertable’ into astro-speak, and as it is something i have seen, so can you.

The ‘thing’ is, i’ve trained my mind to think ‘astrologically’ and i’m a lot further ‘down the line’ than most people, perhaps [so much so] that i probably don’t fully ‘see’ anymore just how easy or difficult it would be [to do] the ‘things’ that i suggest ‘you’ do.

I know i am a ‘natural’ at this ‘astrology’ lark, and i also know that many people aren’t. But like anything ‘in life’ once you get into the ‘swing’ of things, many things come easily and develop.

So when a Sun sign Libran says they ‘are going to spend the whole day in bed’ and [say this] when the Sun is in Virgo it gets ‘my’ astro-wheels moving, because ‘at this time’ the ‘Libran’ has the ‘Sun’ in [what could be considered] his 12th house, [or sign], and as such ‘bed’ is an appropriate place for them to be; and most importantly is their phrase to be there ‘all day’, which is ‘key’, as that ties ‘into’ the Sun nicely, [the Sun simply is the ‘day’], so listen-carefully to those ‘clues’ that people give-out.

When someone prefixes their words with ‘I’m going to spend the day’ in this way or that, they are [knowingly or unknowingly] expressing one-part of ‘astrology’ at its most basic level.

So a day with…

Friends – 11th
Work – 10th
Study – 9th
Dealings with others – 8th
Socialising – 7th
Bad health – 6th
Children – 5th
At home – 4th
Letter writing – 3rd
Spending money – 2nd
Me time – 1st

Of course nothing is ever as clear cut as this, as other individual factors always come-in, but then that’s part of the delight of astrology, ‘in that’ everyone is different, [and experiencing their ‘astrology’ bits at different times], with no [one person] having two days that are the same.

But the natal pattern does over-ride, and it may be that this ‘particular’ ‘Libran’ has the Sun natally in his 12th house, [or this Virgo Sun is in his 12th house], and so [more than others] he’s ‘more’ able to say and do the, i’m going to ‘bed thing’ easier and more naturally.

After all, we all live our lives and try to be like ‘ourselves’, and whether we [consciously] use astrology or not as ‘our’ guide, our thoughts and actions, provide a ‘truth’ which often ‘comes out’ regardless.

‘Transiting the cusps’
September 21, 2010

I once laughed as I’m sure we all did, those [who] read anyway of the astrologer who ‘predicted’ his bad stars and ‘stayed-in bed’ to avoid his ‘fate’.

Now I’ve been feeling ‘poorly’ so [had to stay in bed lately], it just happened to be that way. But why? I couldn’t see it ‘for looking’, trying to pin it on a ‘transit’, but then I saw that the Sun was opposing Jupiter and it was ‘pulling me apart’. I then wondered about it no more, it was obvious it was happening on my 3rd/9th cusp.

Although ill, I had the urge to go for a ‘short’ trip, Jupiters pull was too strong, and with it being Lord 1 it was giving my general health a good ‘pasting’, still I went out, and everything was going well, I was buying-up those items I’d promised myself; you see as my Lord 12, Jupiter was also buying those things which I’d left un-done today.

So as the time of the exact opposition approached, I had my ill-fortune, my ‘wallet’ fell from my pocket as I walked out of… guess where?, a shop selling ‘newspapers’ and ‘magazines’, [quite apt], right by the entrance [unnoticed], but even before I had gone 20 yards i suddenly noticed it had gone, I found it knowing it could have so easily fell into anothers hands; and hence it [dawned on me] it was ‘complete’, I had lived-out an ‘astrological scenario’, almost to the letter.

You see ‘cusps’ are perfect symbols for ‘entrances’ and if my money had fell into ‘anothers’ hands then it would’ve been shown as an 8th house matter, and it is the Sun which rules that house for me. And of course it had my ‘identity’ in there too, so it was possible to lose more than money.

So this rather ‘trying’ day, with this being no ‘ordinary’ [transit] for me, [as I suppose it had an exact place to happen] as much as anything else.

And thanks to it being on [2 cusps] which’ can only happen at the ‘opposition’ aspect, and thus helps to give a negative affect. It came close to being an almost ‘complete loss’ for me, which could’ve seen my life in anothers hands, God forbid.

I ended-up having a feeling, that just like many days, this one was [just waiting round the corner] for me to walk into and play-out.

PS, I just thought that with the Moon still to conjuct Jupiter it may of been enough to make sure my ‘wallet’ did come back to me, and of course just like ‘horary’ teaches you, a ‘major aspect’ accompanied by an aspect of the Moon to the same planet brings an event into ‘being’ and ‘conclusion’. Its all there, you just need to open your eyes to it.

Mercury: forward thinking
September 12, 2010

With Mercury just hours away from turning to ‘direct’ motion a noticeable ability to ‘think’ and not have it in some way ‘played with’, is becoming clear to me, and it is only now with this imminent ‘change’ upon me, do i see ‘what’ has been happening.

That may sound odd but thats as ‘true an experience’ as i can write ‘about’ [just now].

So, never is the world ‘seen’ in such a ‘way’ as when Mercury is retrograde and the ‘need’ to look-into ‘things’ isn’t [looked-for] anymore, no, what comes, will ‘simply’ come to you, and is now the mental reality…

… because with Mercury direct you do what you do, because you are ‘driven’ to express yourself, from ‘within’, [with very few complications]. Its now the ‘time’ to see how odd ‘the retrograde period was’, as these two ‘motions’ give ‘varying’ qualities to your ‘perceived’ thought processes, and in direct motion you should now be starting to ‘think a lot more clearly’. I believe that ‘statement’ about Rx periods is ‘true’, but [again] in some signs more than others.

Now, for that ‘Indian summer’, which nearly always [well it has the potential of happening] when Mercury has been in Virgo Rx and turns direct, and now has a few days left in this ‘last’ Summer sign, if enough ‘degrees’ are [there], and stationed at 5 degrees Virgo, there’s probably still a ’bout’ of [fine days] to come, but we’ll see.

Note: Once again Astrology wins with me, and rarely a ‘time’ goes by without me ‘noticing’ something, [if i want to] and i’m happy about that.

Making the most of Venus & Mars
August 20, 2010

Tonight at exactly 19:49 BST Venus conjuncts Mars and two hours before that, the Moon squares first Venus then Mars.

Now this kind of astrology if found in a ‘horary’ chart with these planets ruling over ‘matters’ as ‘significators [could] give enough ‘testimony’ to bring ‘said’ matter to perfection.

But most of us won’t be asking a ‘horary’ this afternoon or even in the last 24 hours, but just living our daily lives, but if [i suggest] you have had the ‘promise’ of something ‘big’ in the last day i suggest you act quickly and grab or develop them, because just as with any ‘aspect’ and [horary] shows us that once the aspect has come [to be] ‘exact’ the [promise] is then over, even though the aspect remains in ‘orb’ for some time still.

So [personally slanted now] if you know your horoscope and which houses they rule you can already have a fair idea of what can be brought together by this ‘conjunction’. This is a very much a ‘strike while the iron is hot’ situation. But for most of us ‘nothing much will occur’ as if it does it’s probably been building for weeks or months already and as such is probably in an advanced stage and will either see it’s self to a conclusion, or just find its natural end be it now or later.

You now have my views on this subject, in my ’roundabout’ way.

Mercury in Virgo, a short post
August 10, 2010

How could i pass-up this chance to blog about astrology’s ruling planet when it is in its strongest sign.

Mercury seems to rule over so many things but i suppose it only rules over as ‘many’ things as the other planets do.

Its strength is what it’s all about, and in its own sign theres ‘lots of it about’.

But don’t go hunting for it when its in its own sign as its ‘all around’, so you’ll never see it, unless you can take ‘whole chunks’ of life and see them for what they are.

Positive steps for positive people is whats its all about just now.

Then when it retrogrades in a few days time, you will start to wonder if you did the ‘right thing’ and are on the ‘right track’, you probably were. And when it goes direct you will find out ‘if you were’ or not. But with ‘its influence’ being so big in its own sign you may [just  not] notice.

So hold in there, and like the perfect dance take a backward step and regroup your soul and mind and step-forth triumphfantly and be ‘exalted’ at least for the time which Mercury gives you, and that [is short] in most ‘signs’ but whilst it is in Virgo it is ‘sweet’.

Astrology: Mars return’s and all is well in my world
July 30, 2010

I write this on the day when Mars returns to its natal position. I’ve been waiting months for this day, there was many a dark day, especially when Mars was retrograding through Leo when i felt ‘awful’ and not like myself, ‘in a foreign’ land in fact.

Even when Mars entered Virgo i knew that it had 29 degrees to go, but i still felt a whole lot better.

So what is it about? the time when a planet return[s], that seems to make it ‘right’ for yourself? I think that is simple, we find we encounter ‘life’ as if it was ‘made’ like ‘ourselves’, [in our image], so we find we can easily move around in the ‘world’ because the landscape is like an externalized part of the ‘inner’ us, and nearly everything we encounter is ‘smooth’ as it is based-on what we have internalized due to the date and time of our birth, [our birth pattern].

So Mars returns and all is well in my world, well its influence is so strong at the time of the return i find it can often ‘blot-out’ or ‘cover-over’ so much else. Jupiter and Saturn’s return periods are spread over so many days that its hard to pick-out some specifics whilst Venus and Mercury’s returns are soon here-and-gone thats its hard to pick-out that-much of what they are showing you.

In terms of the length of Mars’s orbit i think it is just the right size to make the planet ‘action orientated’ and give it the ‘fight’ associated with it, [but can’t explain exactly why]. It mustn’t be underestimated that ‘what’ a planet represents has much to do with its distance from the Sun, something which is very easy to overlook or even not notice at all. A similar mental leap is needed to see why Saturn rules in the ‘winter’ and the Sun in ‘summer’. It is these ‘casual mental connections’ that should get you ‘thinking astrologically’ which [as you should know] i am a great advocate of.

So now to do justice to the modern way of astrology i should give an exhaustive list of the ‘connections’ this piece of astrology has to ‘life’ in general, and although that’s a good idea, i feel a ‘return’ is not like an aspect and ‘transit’. I feel its more like a time when we ‘begin the cycle’ again, and by getting in touch with ‘the’ feeling of what it is like to be ‘you’ in its purest form, we can experience much before that planet moves-off round its cycle again.

If i were to say anything about where to look for those ‘pure expressions’ , i’d say, look to the [houses] ‘that’ the planet rules over and make the most of those matters even if its just some ‘plans’ as your ‘clearest thinking’ and ‘seeing’ is now, so take advantage !!

So it is just something that ‘happens’ and as you will always be somewhere on the ‘circle’ you might as well recognise where you are, and today i am simply on day one [if you like].

Astrology: My solar return of 2010
July 1, 2010

This post is not to go through the chart in length, no, i just want to use the chart to explain some reasoning, that way we can all hopefully get something out-of -it.

I think that if we are ‘living’ anywhere near to our ‘true’ selves we should literally see our ‘solar return’ coming or developing, i find that i see its meaning pretty clearly just prior to my birthday, and you may be able to too.

In any ‘continuation’ we should be able to see what has been the main topics/focus of the ‘past year’ and it should follow [if we are any judge of our future] that we are able to look at the next chart and see ‘what’ it is showing us with the recent history in mind. So just like life it’s self we should read these ‘return charts’ as a kind of ‘never-ending’ story [a kind of roll-over] in which one year moulds into another.

On June 27th i was 45 years old, and in my 44th year i had Saturn on the Asc in the ‘return’ chart and as with it being my lord 2, it was a year in which i moved me and all my possessions from one town to another. Now this new ‘chart’ is already starting to show the ‘promise’ of what is possible; and what musn’t be overlooked is that the chart is full of ‘choices’ to be made and is laden with lots of ‘potential’ ready to be developed.

The lord of the 9th the Moon shows my writing/studying/blogging will happen on an almost daily basis now if i choose, and that was something that was unthinkable when in my last ‘home’ but the Moon is ‘weak’ [in detriment] so i’ll probably find that i will do a little less than before. The Moon is sitting in the third house, so making a plan and ‘formulating’ my idea’s for these activities wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Concentrating on the 9th house theme, lord 1 Mars is conjunct the Midheaven and with Mars natally on my ninth cusp plus Venus in the 9th of this chart and Mercury conjunct the [Sun] ruling the [intercepted] sign Leo in the 9th plus both Mercury and Venus rul[ing] in my natal 9th house we have many ‘indications’ that publishing will continue [strongly] but in a slightly different way to before, and that’s not a bad thing.

In this chart we have something quite significant the lord[s] of the 9th Sun and Moon are conjunct the south node and north node respectively, it is an ‘eclipse’ chart [just], and this ‘full’ moon chart shows that this year could be quite a ‘significant’ in 9th house matters [at the very least]. I don’t know what a eclipse in a solar return ‘means’ but i can look-that-up later.

Finally with Jupiter slap-bang on the 5th cusp i should [all-being-well] be able to continue working on the backlog of ‘posts’ i have in ‘rough’ form and continue to get some ‘creative’ inspiration.

Note: that is the kind of positive thinking and ‘shaping’ of my future which i need to tell myself in order to do work like this.

Now i hope you have got something out of this post, as my intention is not [for you] to write as i do, but sense your ‘own strength’, and inspire you to do something similar, and get you “thinking astrologically”, [and to make those mental links].

As for me i know that this ‘analysis’ is only a near representation of what is ‘going to happen’ to me in this coming year but i am happy leaving that way, because i must always remember that life is in development.

Mercury in my sign again
June 28, 2010

When i’m young again anything is possible, well almost; as you soon run out of youthful enthuasium even by the time [i’ve just turned] 45. Still Mercury’s return into Cancer always seems to get my ‘youthful’ side going.

The only other time i feel the Mercurial boost is when its just past my Ascendant and strangely more so in Capricorn than Sagittarius, which ascends.

Surprisingly theres never much of a hit/feeling when it touches the MC.

So now is my time to ‘yabble’ on and get hip with the kids, and show people a side of myself which they probably didn’t know existed, or even thought i might possess, Mercury certainly ‘juggles’ your ‘internal’ treasure, to mine and others delight; i say enjoy it while you’ve got it; the mind is a ‘internal’ feeling/compulsion which you can now show to the world, and you’d be a fool not to, as the urge to gets a little weaker as you grow older.

Astrology: Take note of those ‘antiscion’ aspects especially when its…
June 15, 2010

Today i give you a short post, something like an ‘astrological eye’ for the ‘unusual guy’. On June 21st 2010 between 07:34 and 09:00 BST with Jupiter at 01 46 Aries and Saturn at 28 14 Virgo, there will be a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, who said they only happen every 20 years [joke], only this one is by ‘antiscion’ aspect. It is the only time ‘at present’ it will happen in these ‘signs’.

Now a cop-out; what will it mean? I have no idea, except to say ‘use’ the usual interpretation that we use for this aspect, and then wait some time and use ‘hindsight’ often ‘our’ [best companion].

I am being lazy because to be honest its Summertime and i can’t be ar*ed to get all ‘lofty’ and high-minded about it. So there we are i know it deserves more and i know it will bring-up some interesting ‘points’ for those of you who look for them. So now is the time to ‘keep an eye-out’ and [astrospot], because who knows what you may find?

Planets: Two worlds collide
May 22, 2010

Two forces collide, Jupiter and Saturn are coming into opposition, now these are heavyweight planets, but further to their personal influence they would be better associated with matters of ‘mundane’ astrology.

So today i consider this… here in England we’ve just got a new Government and its a co-olition and it makes me wonder if its destined to break-up when it encounters this aspect, no not on the exact transit but as the formation chart for the Government progresses, probably equal to months.

What could be a tense start and differing views and policies could end-up as a split and wishing they were apart, as is part of an ‘opposition’s’ aspect’s nature.

Are these two political parties just too different from each other and the ‘personalities’ will want it known, we shall see?

Again my astrological knowledge is letting me down, but we all must try to learn from real-life events, and i must study more.