Astrology: ‘Nothing Doing’

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I’ve rushed to get this post out, so if it doesn’t make that much sense please excuse me a little.

The times are a ‘changin’; a ‘constant’ in the World of Astrology.

But always within the ‘bounds’ of the known planets, signs, houses and aspects etc. Seeing ‘never’ any repeatable ‘pattern’ but coming close to what has gone on before, [at least in terms of/with] the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus coming-back each year to near [sign] ‘similarities’ on corresponding dates each year.

But even these reoccurences are ‘not’ every two or three years, but usually a lot more ‘i think’, [although i’ve never checked for any one ‘years’ pattern returning], so i can’t really say for sure what is ‘what’ in the field of similar patterns reoccurring.

But as i don’t think anyone else has done this type of research either, it kind of makes it ok, as we ‘all’ seem to prefer to just know ‘they’ will return to something like they were at some ‘time’ in the future.

Still, its all a bit muddled [when, or if] we use the ‘yearly’ calender against the astrological dates.

But having the ‘two’ calenders at least gives us the ‘option’ of comparison; and to simply have/use the ‘other’, to say here’s a ‘difference’ to what ‘us’ astrologer’s are ‘usually on about’ has got to be good.

Anyhow, that’s not really the ‘point’ of this post.

Someday’s, even with this ever-changing planetary background it can seem like ‘nothing’ much is happening in the World, but of course it is. And strangely these ‘days’ often occur when two or three ‘major’ aspects are happening, so why is this? is there simply too-much going-on, in such an ‘perfect’ way that no-one can see the ‘cracks’, or there’s no ‘room’ for them, meaning ‘no distance’ left inbetween what are 60 degrees in multiple. I mean, when the aspects are exact we see little but feel all, and only when off exact do we get an idea of how ‘things’ look through the offset.

Afterall, any aspect coming together is said to ‘perfect’. So ‘where’ is the ‘space’ ‘then’ to see ‘other’ than the ‘face’ of perfection, when everything fits together so nice and neatly, and in turn giving the secondary illusion of nothing much happening other than this out-there, as time and space [at least for these planets in exact aspect] has ‘come’ together.

So my post title says ‘Nothing Doing’, but the story doesn’t end there, no, with so much ‘going-on’ [perfecting aspectually] life is vibrating at such a pace, we can hardly keep-up with ourselves, and find ‘all is rather new’ and thrilling, so that we can’t see ourselves in the [part of] ‘making history’ just living it, if you know what i mean.

Finally: in this instance the Venus trine Saturn aspect at 29 degrees of the signs has under 1 degree ‘to go’ before the sign cusp border, and so ‘here’, [more than any other place], it should not be stated as ‘Nothing Doing’ but ‘Doing Nothing’, all because we have no other ‘choice’, when two planets are at the end of a sign.

Its a real mixture just now, pity i couldn’t get my thoughts across better, but that’s what you get when these new ‘thoughts’ [come all of a sudden to me], and then onto you..


Direct ‘Joy’ at Christmas time

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Oh what a ‘drag’ Jupiter being retrograde can be, it goes against its very ‘nature’. That expansive quality, which Jupiter is known for gets squeezed further and further inwards, and those moments of unbridled ‘joy’ are less and less.

We need a ‘party’ or something to lighten-our-load, but the very thing we need is particularly hard to muster-up, at least right now.

So thank goodness, this Christmas, late in the evening of December the 25th Jupiter goes direct, just in ‘time’ for some much needed jollity.

Its been retrograde since August the 30th and that is way too-long in my book, but we can’t change the planets behaviour, so there’s no point in complaining.

I imagine that many people are ‘banking-on’ a good Christmas, and many kids the World over may just get what they want due to Jupiter’s motions; leading me to wonder that if it didn’t occur then, just how many would of been disappointed.

The day itself shouldn’t be a wash-out as the Moon is in Capricorn and it makes a New Moon on Christmas Eve evening, [good for hiding the presents], or for us older kids keeping ‘others’ in the dark as to what they may or may not have coming their way.

Christmas Day itself is dominated by a trine to Mars, plenty of positive energy there, and toy guns for little boys.

So i leave you with this message. if things seem a little bleak just now, count on making the day ‘a good one’, but you’ll be working hard up until the time, to be able to have it good.

Note: If you want to know more about what happens around Jupiter’s station-direct time, you’d do well to look at Erin Sullivan’s book called Retrograde Planets, it doesn’t disappoint.

The ‘other side’ of Christmas

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As we know Christmas is celebrated on December the 25th every year, with the Sun at roughly 4 degrees of Capricorn, this is ‘in my opinion’ just far enough past the Winter Solstice to make it feel like life is on the ‘rise’ again, after the many ‘declining’ days of Autumn.

Now, with the use of Antiscion aspects 4 degrees of Capricorn has its ‘antiscion’ at 26 leading to 25 degrees of Sagittarius, corresponding roughly to the 16/17th of December, which in itself is just when most of are getting the Christmas feeling.

But what a difference those 8/9 days make, because i cannot imagine Christmas being held on the 16th or 17th, although by this astrological technique these days should be ‘similar’ to the 25th. But the meaning of antiscions are hard to fathom, let’s explore anyway.

‘Antiscions’, which are also called ‘shadow’ points, gives a rather different but kind of similar type of day, as they are calculated from the 0 degree Cancer/Capricorn axis.

But we must remember that ‘shadows’ are pale imitations/lesser renditions of the ‘real’ thing, but as its a pairing they have to have similarities too, making any differences hard to call.

And as you usually have one planet to another as the method of calculation, thinking of using a ‘day’ and casting its antiscion is rather ‘different’.

But let’s take a look at what we celebrate as Christmas Time; that of ‘renewed’ hope, having made it past the ‘solstice’. And this is [what makes all the difference] i feel, to why we celebrate then.

Still, Capricorn Time for a ‘party’ is a bit ‘odd’ don’t you think. But maybe it is for this very reason ‘that it is’ Capricorn time, that we ‘party’, as it is just what is needed.

But we all know that Christmas has a very Capricorn feel to it, as it is a very ‘formal’ occasion for many, and a dutiful drag for others.

You may think Sagittarius would be a more appropriate ‘sign’ for a celebration, but in ‘this’ case it is when the Sun has reached its lowest southern declination and rises-up in the sky again, and this gives Christmas Time the upper-hand as a time for Celebration.

Now we must remember that the ‘pagans’ who are [in a way] celebrating the ‘renewal’ of the Sun are closer to the astrological truth than the Christians who have taken-over Saturnalia. Remembering that the Christians are only covering-up/over this natural cosmic ‘rebirth’ with Jesus’s birthday, which is in itself a very debatable point as to whether it is true or not.

So the ‘other side’ of Christmas takes-on a different form, and let’s not forget the other religions who won’t be celebrating on the 25th. But of which i know ‘little’, so i cannot comment.

But i know one thing for sure, i certainly didn’t feel like celebrating on the 16th or 17th of December, but i usually do feel more in the mood by the 25th.

So does all this help ‘indicate’ anything about the inherent nature of Antiscion aspects? no, not much i guess, but of the seasonal cycle of the Sun, yes maybe. As all this Christmas Time may be only/wholly be ‘due’ to the Sun’s rising again.

And anyhow, how can we compare antiscion ‘times/dates’ [in this instance] when what we have on one side of the ‘dates’ is the biggest day, [for many] of the year.

Still, much is yet to be known of antiscion degrees, and their/any possible similarities. Lily says the signs connected by Antiscions are of the same ‘virtue’.

But if i was to suggest we swap Christmas to December the 17th we might ‘just’ get to see ‘how’ people thought of the ‘other side’ of Christmas Day.

And i’m sure it would be ‘not quite in the same way’.

Merry Christmas to all my readers, there will be more in 2012.

Astrology: Have i ever?

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What !!

Have i ever… … decided to do something or avoided doing something due to what i’ve seen happening in the/my stars?

I have heard of ‘cases’ of Astrologer’s not going-outside ‘the house’ due to having what they consider a badly-starred day, but these ‘cases’ seem to been ‘hundred’s’ of years ago. And fate seems to have found a ‘way’ through in many known ‘cases’ anyhow.

Thankfully i have never considered Astrology in ‘that’ way, preferring to think that ‘if’ its going to happen, you may still be able to [do something] in the ‘days’ around when its supposed to happen to avoid or stop it, or even transfer the energy. But somethings are meant ‘to be’ due to past actions, so if you’ve handled ‘life/them’ well enough, a big load may not come your way.

But of course you may just be a ‘victim’ of someone else’s ‘working-outs, if you’re closely involved with them. But i have my doubts on ‘how’ much this could ‘really’ affect you.

Still in all ‘honesty’ i wouldn’t know what to look-for and ‘find’ anyway, as i’ve never ‘read’ or ‘understood’ enough, to understand just what they were trying to avoid, ‘bad directions/progressions, or transits’, i assume.

Making me think ‘what’ in Astrology could really bring/signify ‘such’ events/catastrophes? but like all things, a bit of research Is all that is needed.

And as it ‘seemed’ to have ‘preoccupied’ those Astrologer’s from century’s past, more than ‘those’ of today; i wonder [that if you do do] ‘something’ [like this], then please let me know, and also the ‘reasons’ why you do it.

As for ‘doing’ something due to ‘what’ i see in my ‘stars’ the answer is an overwhelming ‘yes’ [in a general sense], [as you might expect].

Because if Astrologer’s agree on ‘one-thing’, then its the ‘use’ of reading a ‘pattern’ i.e. a single aspect by transit or progression, and working-on ‘seeing’ something in their life which is representative of this, then using their ‘astrological/artistical license’ to come up with some conclusion, between sky and their earth-life. But sadly hardly ever in advance, meaning ‘predictively’.

The ‘trick’ is to always have an open mind, because the ‘minute’ you start to ‘believe’ you ‘know’ [what is happening in/to your ‘life’] is usually ‘when’ the ‘doors’ really start to close.

Although the ‘moments’ and ‘processes’ between thinking and knowing have to be ‘gone through’, just like ‘anything in life’.

Prediction often ends in failure, and it is ‘usually’ only when ‘in the midst’ of a developing ‘pattern’ [that I] start to catch the ‘thread’ of what’s going-on.

Rarely have i predicted anything more than two weeks in advance, and then it was vague, meaning it was ‘one’ of many possibilities. Seeing a ‘theme’ developing is ‘more like it’, looking more like a combination of influences.

But this isn’t a weakness of Astrology, no, its just ‘one’ of its limitations, which can be ‘overcome’ if you see what the previous patterns were leading-up to, making-it/events almost inevitable.

Or perhaps you see a developing situation ‘outside-of-yourself’ that you can ‘pin’ on some one-thing in your chart, like a relative dying and leaving you their ‘estate’. But something ‘big’ like this usually comes with 2 or 3 indications together in your chart.

But after saying all ‘this’, ‘prediction’ isn’t impossible, i just think that we haven’t quite got to the ‘right’ thinking-stage of being able to do it with any ‘great’ confidence, or feel/know ‘as yet’ just what we are looking for/at.

I would like to give examples, but the ‘truth’ is [as said] we all think we’re ‘wise’ to what is happening to us and when, but its ‘never’ any ‘great’ time ahead of ‘when’ it becomes quite startling obvious to us.

For example i never foresaw that Saturn in my ninth house would ‘see me’ writing all these ‘posts’, and i am not even looking at ‘what’ may happen when it reaches my 10th house, and ‘that is’ always part of the problem, we are simply unaccustomed to thinking ahead like this, only feeling ‘smart’ and pleased with ourselves when we start to get an ‘inkling’ of what may happen, but that’s not that great, is it?

Because when i’m in the ‘now’, and Saturn’s passage through the 9th is gone, and the 10th house is ‘where’ [Saturn] is, i will look-back and realise that no real ‘forward-thinking’ had previously occurred and no opportunity had been taken, and simply because i was too scared to see myself in this ‘future’ place, preferring to wait until i got there. A ‘trap’ many a astrologically-minded person finds themselves in.

Begging the question, can we ‘ever’ lift ourselves out of the ‘now’? as to put ourselves into a future time without having, [and feeling the need to have our] instant get-go mentality working, and the idea ‘of’ i must see this thinking and doing manifest itself right now, is always a ‘feeling’ we battle with.

So the ‘future’ as an ‘entity’ cannot be based on what you are doing right ‘now’, only on possibilities, and that’s just ‘right’ for Astrology.

And if we can ‘see’ quite clearly ‘when’ we are ‘in’ a situation i.e. Saturn in the ninth, it really shouldn’t be such a leap to see what may happen in the next house, so long as we are not ‘trying’ to predict the extra-ordinary.

But if i were put on-the-spot right now and asked what i thought would happen when Saturn reaches my 10th house i’d be hard-pressed to say something, but surely it can’t be that hard, can it?

Saturn is ‘hard graft’ so i may encounter that on any work front. i may encounter some recognition for my work, but its unlikely. I may have more contact with my Mother, or she ‘takes-on’ more importance to me, as Saturn is my 2nd house ruler. I may get a sense of value and identity through Work, as Saturn is lord 2 and part 1st house ruler. Or it may be just as valuable to me to have no work, it all depends on your point-of-view. And with Saturn in Mars’s sign perhaps my Mars on my 9th house cusp will see my Work being ‘studies’, [continuing a natal theme].

So keeping it ‘simple’ has to be the ‘mantra’, and if you do do something, or something extra special happens to you, and you can pin-it onto something ‘astrological’ happening to ‘you’ then do so, but don’t expect something similar to happen under the same stars again, as your life and circumstances will have moved-on.

I can do some simple prediction though, and do. Past experience has taught me ‘that’ [any] planet to a house cusp by ‘transit’ will show-up ‘something’ of the ‘nature’ of that house, [for example] i regularly find that when the ‘inferior’ planets come to conjunct my 6th house it will bring ‘small’ times of ‘illness’ of one-kind-or-another, but ‘only’ for a matter of days during the ‘transit’, so knowing ‘this’ forearms/warns me, and ‘that’ then just becomes ‘one’ piece of the ‘puzzle’ found-out.

And so the ‘have i ever’ question turns into a ‘yes’ of sorts, as i’ve found somethings-out, plus its helped-me to stop ‘asking again’, and perhaps that’s the ‘best’ i can hope for at this stage in my astrological development.

But ‘denying’ my Astrology working-out? that is something i’d not consciously do, but ‘who’ including me is ‘ever’ fully-aware of Astrology in their lives. And just like ‘everything’ in life, if it were to ‘turn-bad’ we’d need a re-think.

Scorpio, more than Sex and Death

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There’s always more to life than we take for our existence and the Sun moving out of Libra, where life was lived on and off the edge, now gives way to a natural kind of gravitas in Scorpio.

But there’s a big ‘gap’ between cup and lip. Meaning how you ‘feel’ and wish to express yourself may fall short of the ‘ideal’.

So the/your World, opens inward and you become the ‘loser’ easily, or easier than you would like. But being ‘discovered’ is what you fear and relish in unequal measure, whilst in longer or shorter periods of inner awareness.

‘Be not a fool, neither show your true genius’, be it a shorter or longer lasting feeling.

To commit to something, first comes by ‘owning’ up to it and knowing if ‘something’ is ‘you’ or not so much who you believe you are.

In Scorpio time beware of giving too much away.

So, with the Sun cloaked in Scorpio’s guise, don’t suddenly expect yourself to get more/some Sex, or for people around you to start dying, but if you do encounter one or the other, you may make a better ‘fist’ of it this ‘time’ around, because that’s the World the Scorpion is meant to be able to ‘live’ with.

Finally Scorpio is meant to be a ‘deep’ sign, although i think Sagittarius is ‘more so’, but some things really do well-up from the deep in Scorpio, and keeping ‘on-the-surface’ is a more worthwhile Scorpionic goal, by simply not getting too overwhelmed.

Welcome to Scorpio’s World, or at least a ‘insight’ into it for the other 11 signs, ‘enjoy’ [ha ha].

Astrology: ‘Contested’ matters

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You could of almost have predicted it, the ‘time’ of it happening.

In such a high-profile event, the ‘eviction’ of Gypsies at Dale Farm in Essex, by the bailiffs, and the police, astrological rules [or let’s say the ‘connections’ which mirror the strength of events, which are now happening], come ‘as if’ on cue.

In contested matters we can see anything ‘astrological’ from poorly placed significators, which may make you wonder why it [say] came to court, or another example of [say] a football match between the top two teams, where one team is signified by a exalted planet and the other by a planet in its own sign.

So back to Dale farm, today 19th October 2011 at around 7:05 a.m. the fight kicked-off, the court already favoured the ‘council’ over the Gypsies, but they were not moving, even after they lost their last appeal just as Mercury opposed Jupiter a few days ago.

But its the ‘why’ the ‘the bailiff’s’ went in today at this time?, that i’m pinpointing on.

Well, today we have a Moon ‘strong’ in Cancer and it is square to a ‘exalted’ Saturn in Libra. This is about as strong an aspect to ‘represent’ this action and event, as you’re likely to get, after all the court action, and with the eviction ready to go.

So the thing to do now, is to look at the 7:05 am chart, as that would show how/who wins, but ‘its’ a bit of a false friend as the court has already judged, so really this ‘post’ can only be about how the planets rule ‘daily events’, and can ‘mirror’ the traditional ‘contest’ rules.

Its hard then to say which ‘side’ is the ‘exalted’ party and which ‘one’ is ruled by planet in its ‘sign’, but in contest charts its usually the ‘exalted’ party which wins, so it has to be the ‘council’,with the law on-its-side, that is the ‘exalted’ party, and those losing their homes nicely shown by Moon in Cancer, because too there are those who will be evicted, and some families who can stay put, ‘strong’ with the law now having decided ‘they’ can stay.

Looking at the 7:00 to 7:05 a.m. chart Saturn Lord 4 sits just inside the Ascendant, and contest rules, [using John Frawley’s Sports Astrology book] shows it will control that ‘house’, [in this case the land], and ultimately it shows the bailiffs coming-back for the ‘land’ from those that sit-on-it illegally, so Saturn has literally invaded their land, [where they are situated], classically an Ascendant ‘thing’, with the Police coming-in first, and all this is ‘classic’ Astrological symbolism, always ramped-up and spot-on when it relates to a major life-story.

So, finally, as John also says in his book, a planet exalted has the ‘confidence’ and with the law on their side, and with they feeling/being, and enforcing the law why wouldn’t they, [the ‘council’].

P.S. This kind of ‘working-out’ due-to Astrology, and [at moments like this]when you are ‘able’ to clearly ‘see’ things for what they are, is why i love Astrology like i do.

Astrology: Ending of ‘one’ cycle

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Mars usually takes nearly two years to complete the whole 12 signs, or one cycle.

I moved into my new home on May 13th 2010 with Mars at 17 degrees of Leo, and it completes that cycle on October the 19th.

That’s a very quick turnaround for Mars, in just over 17 months, the mitigating factor is that it just misses-out [or comes before] the coming Mars Rx period [soon to be with us] in Virgo, plus we must also consider that Mars was Rx just before May 13th last year in Leo, which all amounts to a slightly shorter cycle of 17 months.

Why am i mentioning this?

Well i started decorating the whole flat on moving-in and it is nearly finished, or will be around mid October, exactly under/within one cycle.

But its been a weight around my neck and a ‘pain’, and all this for ‘someone’ who really dislikes this whole ‘job’, but ‘finished’ it must be.

So not surprisingly we find Mars ruling my 3rd house [of the moving-in chart], symbolising that its been a on/off ‘kind of’ daily occupation, [the kind of ‘one’] which shouldn’t be on your mind all the time, but was.

And with Mars placed right on the 12th house cusp, to me its been an ‘undoing’, making me vary from what i’d rather be doing.

Another manifestation of Mars’s rulership of the 3rd has been ‘what has happened’ to my neighbour.

Suddenly he left home, [for a reason i know nothing about] on August the 19th and hasn’t been seen since, at one point i thought he may of died, but still unsure, he’s probably in hospital, this was when Mars was in Cancer the sign before Leo, so in keeping with this ‘houses/sign’ mysterious and hidden 12th sign before the natal ‘one’s’ ways.

With Mars’s return on this Wednesday i wouldn’t be that surprised to see him back, as Astrology ‘timing’ like this does ‘work-out’.

You may think such a ‘random’ thing like this is hard to predict when you know nothing of a ‘situation’ and that’s true, but Astrology is all about ‘possibles’, so i’ll update the post if in three days he miraculous reappears.

Astrology: A period of pleasantness

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Venus is no doubt the planet of pleasantness, and it comes no more pleasant then when in Libra. Put that planet conjunct Saturn, and a period of calm, warm and relative easiness exists.

In England we are having a few days of unexpected ‘fair’ weather at the beginning of Autumn. And although Saturn is a cold dry planet we are having warm/hot weather.

This conjunction is placed in the first house of our 1801 chart, and the whole British Isles is benefiting.

Astrology has given us one of the best aspects it can offer us in Venus conjunct Saturn in Libra in the next 2 days, so the good weather will provide a great backdrop for many of us to do ‘many a’ enjoyable thing, and feel we are liking-it-a-lot.

Libra as a ‘sign’ has a connection to the ‘direction’ of the ‘South’ and this aspect sees warm air coming directly-up from the South of Europe.

But no matter what ‘time of year’ this conjunction happens i think a ‘boost’ would’ve come. But of course this aspect happens in Libra, so could only have happened at ‘this’ time of year. Plus the Sun is still ‘not so cool’ after its Summer heat. But its the combined strength of both these planets in Libra that makes this mini-heatwave memorable. Still, the heat has a coolness of air ‘combined with it’ as you’d expect in Libra.

I think these few days of ‘nice’ weather are partly due to the astrological coincidence of the Moon being conjunct these planets ‘within this time-period’/’next two days’.

In the background, is a Sun sextile Mars aspect, and normally i wouldn’t pay any attention to it, only this time, the Sun is received into Leo by Mars and i’ve noticed ‘in the past’ that if any planet in Leo receives the Sun into that sign there seems to be a brief period of glorious sunny weather.

Also i think that this ‘reception’ is giving the planet[s] ‘involved’ some ‘time-out’ from being themselves whilst this aspect is approaching/applying, meaning in the Sun’s case, that the typical Sun in Libra of ‘not so bright’ and ‘warm’, is [being relieved of that condition] for a while, so we all get a mini reprieve.

So enjoy it, whilst the planets work-out in their own style; and while the effects seem somewhat unexpected at least to our modern minds which tend to cover-up and not recognise the natural astrological rhythms, some of us tear back the veil.

Astrology: Summer is nearly over

September 15, 2011 - Leave a Response

Although its been a rather disappointing Summer weather wise here in England, the ‘signs’ of Summer are what really make ‘Summer’ summer.

Cancer, Leo and Virgo ‘really’ are what does it, the natural warmth of being ‘close’ to all humanity in Cancer, the reaching-out of Leo from the point-of-view of feeling good about oneself from Leo, and the remainder of what good has ‘gone’ on before makes Virgo the ‘time’ and ‘person’ you are to wrap things up from a personal perspective before the togetherness of Libra kicks-in. Or the loneliness of being without partners or something meaningful to occupy you.

Everybody should love the time of Cancer, ruled by the Moon, as we get in ‘contact’ with what is deep within us, and ‘that’ which finds easy expression, Leo really helps us ‘be’ a force to be reckoned with, and find love of life, as you’d expect with the Sun ruling over us, then Virgo kicks-in with what seems like a party-type atmosphere which seems to offer endless opportunities, but bows-out with us usually feeling slightly older and wiser.

And remembering that depending-on when the Sun bends low in Libra, if Mercury or Venus is still-in Virgo we may have a extra-time of good times still within us, and that indian Summer feeling.

But how that changes once the Autumnal signs arrive, and one or two days of wind and chill makes Summer seem like it never happened.

So enjoy these last few days of Mercury in Virgo, because once its over there is no going back. Not this year as the Mercury in Virgo Rx ‘this year’ is already behind us.

PS. This year Mars is entering Leo just now, so this Summer sign may just keep the pleasant weather going a while longer, but there’s no guarantee’s.

Remember: people are very much ‘into’ themselves when Summer is here, but that soon changes when the next Season arrives, and those people who play their Summer elsewhere may well end-up back at ‘your’ door, as i’ve seen happen time and again before. But for ‘some’ that’s not to be sniffed-at, if you are mostly alone.

Enjoy ‘what’ remains while it lasts.

Astrology: What ‘goes on’ when

August 31, 2011 - Leave a Response

It never ceases to amaze me just what people do when the planets are in ‘certain’ configurations.

The easiest one’s to spot are the Moon conjunctions to the other planets, i suppose its because ‘everything’ is moved when the Moon aspects it. More ‘obviously’ than when the major aspects happen between the other planets.

Today the Moon is conjunct Saturn, and the man across the road is in his garden, something he does occasionally, and usually when this aspect is happening i’ve noticed.

But is this due to Saturn having rulership over the land [in general], and he feels the urge, or perhaps something is activated in his chart? perhaps his natal Saturn is hit or the Moon, or perhaps his 4th house is involved. All these are possibilities.

Saturn is a very wide-ranging planet, so you get to see those it ‘motivates’, and it is often those people who you don’t see that [much of] at other times, rather strangely.

We are all prone to do things as the vibrations hit us, and we up or lower our game accordingly, i for instance concentrate on myself at this ‘time’, not all that surprisingly as Saturn is co-ruler of my first house. And as lord 2 i will be making the most of ‘what’ i have around me too, which means indoor activities usually.

Now, other Moon conjunctions act differently, with the Sun, people stride out with a purpose, or on a personal mission, or you just see less of people in general as they do ‘things’ only concerning themselves. The scope and scale opens-up as when its with Mercury people talk and confide, with Venus you find people will feel ok enough to include others in their life, but have their preferences of ‘who’ to be with, and conjunct Mars you’ll be lucky to be a ‘chosen’ fellow’ to be on the inside track, whereas with Jupiter the field is wide-open and you sense your limits and take your opportunities, if you want to, although you have a pretty good idea [what it is you actually want], then Saturn tells you exactly what it is you don’t want, either to do, or to be a part of, making careful choices.

But as said, where the planet that conjuncts the Moon rules in your natal chart always ‘colours’ matters.

Astrology: The London Riots

August 10, 2011 - Leave a Response

For that is what they primarily were, although they did spread.

Lawlessness, and Opportunist theft and having ‘fun’, [in some ways they were just ‘avin a laff’], seems to all ‘have’ played a part in it, coming-up against just about everything else in life/society, and especially those of social responsibility and community pressures, that acted as type of balance.

But the ‘motivations’ other than ‘that’ are vague [as said], but there is always more than just one-side to a story, like life being devalued for ‘all’ just now, with money pressures, still that’s [no excuse] ‘for most of us normal citizens’.

So what are the causes? and what led to it happening? those questions are being asked, and who are the people involved?

It could be said that the ‘law’, [police] were the initial target, and a minority of ‘young men’ and ‘older’ ones were against them, or were they? i think that the police were just a minor inconvenience in getting at the ‘goods’ that they wanted by looting, and the police were said to be somewhat ineffectual, with only the ‘threat’ of a crackdown by ‘higher numbers’ helping them to stop it.

So we saw the ‘looters’ using ‘personal inflammation/riot’, typical of a uncontrolled [Moon in Aries], as a means to an end, and making them grab ‘items’ of value, as i will show you in the following charts.

Because i think their ‘idea’ was to ‘have’ what their economic circumstance ‘should’ve’ denied them, with most of them [no doubt] coming-out-of a social and criminal underclass, who don’t follow the ‘rules’ or standards by which most of us would live.

Although criminals-minds and gangs ‘rarely’ live in the conditions [that they are sentenced to] by living on the dole etc. Often living-it-up in ways most poor people cannot recognise, but let’s be ‘honest’ here, [few] of the ‘poor’ are ‘innocent’ when it comes to getting a bit ‘extra’ [something], to get-by-on in this country, but this was on another scale.

No, dodgy people usually use-up their quickly gained resources, as a general principle, going in for, living for the ‘now’. But it all seems rather like a self-impulsion to me.

So to the Astrology…

… now, there are two main ‘charts’ to look at the UK 1801 and 1922 ones.

Plus we must acknowledge that Mars is closing in on 5 degrees 37 minutes of Cancer, reaching the ‘antiscion’ of the last eclipse degree, which occurred back on June 15th. And its seems to correspond to the ‘time’ when the Government stepped-in.

The 1801 chart has Venus as lord one and that planet can then be seen to represent ‘any’ mass of people [as a force] acting-out any ‘role’ at any particular time in the country, depending on where it ‘sits’ and takes-on the ‘hue’ of its current position by transit, or more so by progressed position, and at present its opposite the charts natal Venus by transit, so working against ‘itself’, and as it is on the 11th cusp it becomes strongly connected to ‘parliament’, [who were recalled], so they have come strongly into the equation of these events.

Also with Venus on the place of progressed Jupiter, [by transit], and this planet being lord 3 of the 1801 natal chart we see the local neighbourhoods getting ‘hit’, as you might expect, with a new slant ‘to it’, being that of people travelling from one-hood-to-another to cause damage and ‘gain’ what they could, and also using mobile technology to organise, and that is something not really seen before.

Venus also figures ‘highly’, in that she has progressed to 20 degrees Gemini, which is now being ‘hit’ by the south node, and so the rioters ‘out-pour’ what is in the ‘feelings’ of many more, albeit more actively. It also taps into the Country in hard ‘financial’ times, for all.

Alongside this transit is the fact that Jupiter is as near [almost] as it can be to Mars at 11 degrees of Taurus where the UK’s Mars sits, but as it doesn’t reach ‘it’ due to going retrograde, i feel that this is just enough to sit in the ‘background’ as an astrological ‘statement’ to this affair of increased Martial activity.

So we come back from the ‘brink’ of what might’ve been, which is quite typical of ‘many’ an English affair, in so many ways.

But its the 1801 secondary progressed chart which is more telling.

The 5th house is now at 1 degree of Virgo, so with Mercury starting rx there, [da yoof], is no doubt enjoying this Summer ‘jolly’, and with this planet close-enough to be conjunct Mars, in this chart it certainly added a inflamed element to the proceedings.

But what is ‘most telling’ is the Moon’s exact position on the charts 12th cusp, and as its in Aries, [as said] it seems to fit ‘those’ prone to rioting nicely, for its ‘when’ you feel ‘at a loss’ personally, or when you just feel like acting-up you do such things as these.

But here on the 12th, i think [what better way] for some personal ‘undoing’, [on the wider-scale of the ‘country’], and not ‘as’ just one individual then to be caught-up in this ‘riot’ free-for-all.

And as its threatened by the Government that those involved will be brought to justice, with no escape from their actions, its easy pickings all-round on both sides if you ask me, with Country and individuals being ‘undone’ by these actions.

But with this progressed Moon ruling the 2nd house of the 1801 progressed chart, it seems quite apt that these ‘individuals’ were indeed just helping themselves to ‘this country’s inhabitants’ personal wealth, through ‘stores’, intent of owning something perhaps denied to them in the everyday way of things, or just destroying those ‘buildings’ with who they don’t agree with their ways.

And just as the 1801 shows the backdrop, quite well, the 1922 chart shows Mercury Rx on the 5th, the young people are turning-against the country, just for a laugh [in many cases], and with Jupiter exactly on the 6th, general society feels the ‘greater force’ and dis-ease of the ‘whole’ thing, wondering why they got targeted? being just victims of ‘others’ screwed-up/sick ways.

The 1922 chart ‘progressed’ puts Mars on the Midheaven, a bad image of the Country, and with Mars in detriment here, they worry [will others] be put-off coming to Britain?

But finally what ‘tips-it’ over into a-kind-of ‘destined’ thing, is when you see that the 1922 progressed chart has the nodes at 20 degrees of Virgo/Pisces, that is exactly square the current Moon’s nodes at 20 degrees of Sagittarius and Gemini, and you start to see/think something ‘much bigger’ is being worked-out here, a Country ‘literally’ at cross-purposes, me thinks.

So as the anti-social, [anti-Libra] Aries ‘dynamic’ plays-out, you can’t help [but see/think] that ‘those’ [of us] who don’t have the ‘lifestyle’ [that they bombard us with] and is constantly thrown-down our necks by TV and the media, will [in-part] revolt against it; and then the ‘main’ authorities wonder why these people do it, not for one-minute seeing that their lives of ‘having/wanting it all’ has any bearing on those who simple are ‘without’.

Its ‘time’ to wake-up and realise we can’t have-it-all. And i mean ‘all’ of us.

But the biggest shock to all our complacency may still come and knock us all over, when ‘money’ [comes to] a level where good or bad, rich and poor we are all equally brought-down by it, then we’ll really see what ‘goes down’ and the value we ‘place’ on [business as usual].

Astrology: Events running fast

July 18, 2011 - Leave a Response

Over the past few days, July 7th to July 15th i’ve heard the phrase ‘events’ are running and coming ‘at us’ thick and fast. Also certain events are developing extremely quickly.

What i have in mind are the ‘events’ at ‘News International’, and the phone-hacking coming-to-light again.

But its really about the quite specific ‘heads-rolling’ and powerful people on show that i want to ‘focus-on’. The ‘people’ astrology shows as ‘solar’ types.

And it also seems to be tied-up with the Government and Police too. Perhaps Mercury’s ‘multiple’ ways in Leo, which is ruled by the Sun, brings-in all the ‘top’ people and organisations of ‘power’, as well as three top people at the newspaper involved.

Now, when looking for an astrological ‘marker’ to all of this, i quite ‘naturally’ looked at all the planets and their speed of ‘motions’, [for the quickness of unfolding events], and it was the ‘Sun’ which was the obvious choice.

But whilst thinking i would see the planet[s] moving fast, [to indicate, fast-moving events], what i actually saw was the opposite, as the Sun was at its slowest ‘motion’.

The Sun was moving at 57 minutes and 12 seconds, its slowest rate, for some months.

And as ‘this’ [period] did ‘mirror’ the exact ‘time period’ when it was ‘said’ that things were moving at an extraordinary pace, so i had to think why was that so?

Then it ‘dawned’ on me.

It seemed [to me] that a ‘planet’ at its slowest has the least amount-of-time to [put-in] the ‘usual’ amount of daily events, hence a lot can/does happen.

And so it seemed like ‘more’ was happening, or at least ‘quicker’ than usual, as the ‘events’ got crammed-into a ‘shorter’, [in motion] solar day.

A lot then would get put-into this small space-of-time, [just over a week] and things would turn-around quicker, if only ‘because’ before the 7th the Sun had 57 13 of motion, and after the 15th had 57 13 again. It was almost like a retrograde station for the Sun. Note: although these don’t actually exist.

Plus, we must consider in this case that there is no better ‘significator’ of ‘events’ developing ‘daily’ then the ‘Sun’, plus its also a great ‘revealer’ of the ‘truth’, bringing-out that which is ‘hidden’.

Whether this slow-in-motion ‘principle’, that i’ve outlined works in any other way, with the other speeds of [daily motions] of the planets’ would need to be discovered. Its unlikely to be exactly the same though, but something may come of it, so its worth delving a little deeper, i think.

As for this ‘huge’ media story, [its got its moment in time], and you could of course see the ‘full picture’ if you were to really ‘go-into-it’, but in truth you’d need to be a very good astrologer to do so, and perhaps there’s no real need to do or say anymore than ‘something like’ that which i have done here today, and its probably true of any future ‘stories’ i or you may write in the astrological field.

But on saying this, Astrologer’s do tend to pick-up on one theme or another and run with it, and thank God they do, as there is so many ‘angles’ in which [to go at] a ‘story’.

Anyhow, i once again have shown that this kind of ‘exploratory’ astrology i’ve produced here isn’t out-of-bounds to anyone who has a keen interest and knowledge of the ‘art’.

Also its [this kind] of ‘finding-out’ through astrology which is pushing it ‘headlong’ [into a] 21st Century art that many are/would be capable of.

Don’t think only a ‘certain few’ are capable of doing it, because if you do, then there is the possibility that ‘this’ is all there will ever be for you in Astrology, but only you ‘know’ what it is that you want from Astrology.

Personally i’d like to do lots more then i’m already doing, but maybe this is as far as i get? who knows.

Don’t think that all this is beyond you, because just admiring stuff like this isn’t enough, as we all must start to see the ‘connection’ between ourselves and the World we live in as a relationship which is as possible to do and as ‘real’ as making a drink or cooking ourselves some food.

So go for it.

Note: i hope i’ve made my point as ‘clearly’ as i can, but i fear some of what i ‘thought-up’ hasn’t made the jump from [mind to page] as ‘well’ as i envisioned it would, but that is always the writer’s dilemma, not to miss-out on ‘what is’ the [genius of thought] trying to be translated into words.

Remember too, that most of what i say is only a ‘formulated’ opinion and not to be taken as gospel, but if it seems ‘right’ to you, then it has probably come ‘close’ to something you believe in, or hold dear.

Astrology and the ‘shadow point’

July 11, 2011 - Leave a Response

This post shows we cannot escape the ‘times’ when the ‘planets’ combined with eclipses hit ‘us’, and more importantly some of the ‘other’ [bigger] ‘parts’, [of the fabric of our lives].

So, one of our british newspapers is ‘no more’.

The News of the World, a Sunday publication ceased to exist a few days ago, and i was struggling to see ‘why’?

But it was ‘obvious’ that the Moon conjunct Saturn aspect, as it was ‘pulled’ signalled the ‘end’, as an, [but don’t ask me why] somewhat ‘exalted’ paper in its readers eyes.

Personally i would never read it, as i never liked its intrusions and methods of practice to gain a story.

Then we see an exact Jupiter trine Pluto aspect signalling its destruction also. And as Jupiter was one of the rulers of the recent lunar eclipse we see its potency on display.

But its the forthcoming exact antiscion of Pluto to the eclipse degree on the 21st of July that will keep this ‘story’ in the full glare of the public for some time to come.

But as it was all ‘due’ to its shadowy dealings, and the ‘antiscion’ aspect is known as a shadow-point, it comes as no real surprise that Venus on the day ‘the newspaper itself became the story’ fell on the recent Mercury/Jupiter ruled eclipse by this aspect.

But the story rumbles-on and with Mars itself coming-soon to 24 Gemini, we are certain to see other developments then, and maybe more when its at 5 Cancer, again its antiscion point.

But with so many players, in this media ‘debacle’, i like everyone else wonders when it will all end?

Books on eclipses only give a few months for the period of influence after a lunar eclipse, so it should fizzle-out quite naturally ‘in time’, but not ‘without’ it having made a few changes first.

But with no other planets making hard aspects to the eclipse until Venus makes an aspect at 24 Virgo on the 10th of September, and Mercury also there on the 22nd, that should pretty much conclude/end this ‘media’ storm.

Note: i am starting to really appreciate eclipses more and more as time goes by, as their ‘power’ and ‘timings’ really impress me. But you need to ‘know’ what is being affected, but with TV etc it becomes a whole lot easier to spot.

Astrology: The Solar ‘hit’

June 23, 2011 - Leave a Response

It never ceases to amaze me, what a ‘boost’ the Sun returning to your natal sign gives ‘you’.

I suppose its like you are returning ‘home’, and feeling like one’s self again. Its like finding that lost ‘toy’ you’ve been unconsciously looking for, and [in my case, for many months previously], and somehow its just turned-up again and you start playing again, although ‘it’ isn’t really a ‘toy’, that you ‘have’ found, but the ability to ‘act’ again in your life, or at least to feel that ‘life’ within you stirs once more, and you are at the ‘helm’ once again.

In my humble opinion you never feel so ‘alive’ as ‘now’, as its your ‘time’ again, or that’s how it feels.

Sure, there are [those] ‘progressed’ times [in your life] when you are on the ‘up’, but i believe there is nothing that beats the Sun, and ‘that’ return to ‘form’, if you ask me.

Now as you get older, and life ‘fades’, you do need ‘reminding’ of ‘that’ vigour you once had, and at 46 i know i really do start to fade, [yearly] even as early as when the Sun enters Taurus, which i see as the 11th sign to when the Sun enters Cancer, and i almost write-off the month of Sun in Gemini, and see it as the ending of the Solar cycle for me, in which i ‘tend’ to do little, and wait for the Solar hit of the Sun in Cancer to rejuvenate me, as it invariably does each year, thank goodness.

But i always see the previous month as my ‘loss’; but because i have my natal Moon in Gemini, i feel i would be rather ‘perky’ if only my Sun wasn’t languishing [at this time] in its 12th sign, to its natal position, but such is my ‘fate’.

Still, all that is forgotten when the 21st of June arrives.

So ‘life’ is very much to be lived ‘right now’, but sadly i haven’t lived a full and varied life for some years now, and all i have is memories of how i did it as a young man, still, now is the ‘time’ to be as ‘solar’ as i can be, and grasp the opportunities which only a person of certain ‘years’ can.

The one thing i have learnt about this time of ‘solar power’, is its like having the Sun in the 1st house of ‘life’ and that means you are in the driving-seat and this is a very good time to make what you want to do just ‘happen’, and by living accordingly, you can do justice to your stars.

Sadly I’ve also learnt, that if you haven’t got the structure’s of ‘things’, like people to play ‘life’ out-on, and things to do, [in what can be your very best time to do them], then you lose little, but more importantly you don’t gain that much either, simply by ‘not living life to the full’…

… which after-all is the ‘promise’ of ‘your’ solar month ‘in the Sun’.

Lunar eclipse on my Asc/Desc

June 15, 2011 - 3 Responses

I don’t really know how many times a ‘lunation’ of the full Moon, which ‘this time’ happens to be an eclipse too, hits your own natal Ascendant/Descendant axis, [especially with the Moon on the Asc side], in an average lifetime? but i can’t imagine its that many times, [especially to within] 15 minutes of being exact, ‘as this one is’, for me.

But i am starting to be thankful that its not a ‘full’ eclipse, or visible in my region of the ‘earth’, as its power on my body is being felt strongly enough as it is, with my ‘heart’ and nerves taking the brunt.

And without being a drama-queen, i know eclipses have the ‘power to kill’, or should that be, to ‘kill the powerful’. Its probably a bit of both.

So i started to feel its ‘effects’ 2 weeks or more before it happens ‘today’ June 15th.

So, as any astrologer should, i’ve been reading-up on them, and ‘Sepharial’s’ book on eclipses is a good one, and although he talks mainly of countries and famous or important ‘individuals’ like kings etc, i did find ‘something’ which he said ‘hitting’ home.

He says that an lunar eclipse, with the Moon on the Ascendant gives a period of sickness, stress, misfortune and disfavour, which cannot fail to arrest the attention of the individual.

That is quite negative, but all standard fare for eclipses as they do ‘change’ things around. And the sickness has certainly arrived, but as its main focus is on the Ascendant i expect its main power to come in the ‘first period’ of time directly after today. So i am on ‘guard’ concerning my health etc.

And as ‘health’ is mentioned, he says of the Moon, it is purveyor of this vitality to the several parts of the organism, whereas the Sun stands for the vitality itself. So could i expect the ‘organs’ of the body to possible suffer most? maybe.

I have ‘body’ pains just now, especially in the stomach.

He continues to say that the Asc is… …”to ‘that’ which [you] give out”, “the things he does, and the output of energy”. And i have been doing less than which is normal for me, so i see a connection here.

Now, obviously my ‘body’ is affected, [as it is being hit with pains and cramps], but ‘that’ has a cause, and is brought-on by smoking too-much, and it could go, with me being in a slightly worse state of health, and being somewhat older, it may of killed me, but even now, i feel my life could easily be cut short, so i play an easier ‘game’.

But with both Mars and Saturn squaring my Asc at birth i must be aware of this ‘natal’ affliction coming into ‘play’ too, as any eclipse on the Asc/Desc axis will undoubtedly affect those area’s of my life ruled-over by these planets.

Its easy to see a ‘privation’ coming along to my Saturn ruled 2nd house. And Mars could be ‘part-cause’ of the stomach cramps placed [as he is] in Virgo.

But by ‘end’ of all this i will have hopefully come out-of-it-all-this having been careful, and [in-a-way] cheating against some ‘fates’ i could’ve walked-into. But i also know some ‘fates’ i can’t escape, whilst ‘being’ in life ‘positions’ [in which others with more power than me] can change things, and also being in those situations that i have little or no say in.

The times of expected ‘change’ are when planets come to the conjunction or square aspects of the 24 Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse area.

I know i’ll have to come-back and update this later, as i know some ‘things’ are possibly changing for me, especially in 2nd house matters, but that is all for now.

Remember: i and you can’t ‘ever’ escape the ‘knife’, as our lives gets sliced-up.

Astrology: extra ‘dignity’?

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One of the major parts of Astrology is essential dignity, but i recently read that apart from the ‘classical’ ones that we all tend to acknowledge and use, we should also be considering the planets which rule over signs in the same ‘trigon’ when in the signs also ruled by the 2nd and 3rd trigon rulers, giving those planets ‘there’ some kind of dignity too.

Let me explain.

The ‘rule’ goes, and here’s an example; taking the rulers of the ‘fire’ signs, the Sun, Mars and Jupiter, if any of these are in the signs of the ‘others’ and they are ‘not’ already considered as in a ‘essentially’ dignified position, then they must be seen as a planet/sign combo of ‘dignity’, but less then the traditional ones, i assume, as they could hardly stronger.

Note: i’m not entirely convinced [of this], as a way of putting these ‘combo’s’ into some-kind-of ‘power’ myself, but i’m still putting this idea out-there, for your consideration.

So, with Mars ruling over Aries, it then follows that Mars also has dignity in Leo, another of the ‘fire’ triplicities signs, although it is not normally considered as being ‘one’ of the accepted places of dignity for this planet.

Now, following-along in that ‘vein’, stating just the ‘additions’ only, [because most of the pairing already exist as places of dignity], we find…

… Mars in Sagittarius, another fiery placement. then from the earthly triplicity, Venus in Gemini, Mercury in Taurus, Saturn in Taurus and Virgo and Mercury in Capricorn and Aquarius.

The earthly and airy triplicities, share some similar positions due to those six signs being ruled-over by the same three planets, Mercury, Venus and Saturn, so we can only add Venus in Aquarius to that earth/air mix.

Now following-on, the water signs throws-up placements which could be ‘dignified’, [following our guiding idea], but ‘which’ as the traditional signs/places of these planets ‘fall’ wouldn’t be seen as such places of dignity, but then Venus is Virgo already falls-into that category, as does Mars in Cancer, so Mars and Venus ‘here’ isn’t so out-of-place as dual dignity and debility . But we also have the Moon in Aries, Scorpio and Pisces from these calculations, and finally Jupiter in Scorpio. Only Moon in Scorpio stands-out as ‘questionable’, but that’s the way this ‘idea’ goes.

There is also two other positions, Venus in Cancer and Moon in Libra, which come-about by using Ptolmey’s essential tripicity rulers for the earth signs, and so we could say Moon ruled Cancer works well with Venus, and the same can be said with the Moon in Venus’s sign, and remember that this is not so far removed from the ‘exalted’ Moon position in Venus’s other sign Taurus.

Now, I wouldn’t suggest for one second these ‘positions’ should be used to ‘form’ a list of lower ‘essential’ dignities. But if we were to ‘rate’ the planets places, and essential dignity already does this to some extent, then these ‘positions’ must be worthy of some consideration in the scheme of things.

But I know there are some astrological scholars who could blow this out of the water, so its meant as an interesting ‘aside’ to the self-assured Astrology we should all aspire to adhere to.

But as i end this post, i can’t help but look at this ‘rag-tag’ [set], and still see ‘nothing’ much in it. So maybe the initial thought which was ‘sparked’ by something i read means little, or perhaps i can’t see anything in it just at the moment, and there is something here.

But i hold-out little hope of taking it any further, as i think it has little relevance, you may disagree?

Planning for ‘life’ ahead

April 19, 2011 - Leave a Response

Mercury still has a few days of retrograde motion left, ‘crawling’ back through Aries.

So here is another flipping post about Mercury Rx.

I often find Mercury Rx a pain-in-the-butt, ever trying to find some meaning in it. Has ‘anyone’ ever really worked-out, just ‘what’ it is all about?
I may just be finding it rather ‘meaningless’ just now, with it floating about in my third house, touching no planet [by conjunction], and a good distance from the ‘angles’.

Although i certainly haven’t been totally untouched, as my neighbours have ‘played-up’ lately, but i put it down to the Sun, Mars and Jupiter being in that sector too. Perhaps you’ve had a ‘glut’ or belly-full of a [particular] astro-house too?

Now Aries is the first sign of Spring, in direct motion it is life ‘springing-forth’, this Rx period, [where i live] has seen little rain, and that will have retarded nature ‘a little’.

But the Sunny weather certainly hasn’t ‘stopped’ people from living ‘life’ to the full, as much as they can, still there are ‘signs’ of scrambled thinking, and things not going that straight-forward unsurprisingly.

So, i have been planning and dreaming, making attempts to put things in ‘order’, and Mercury’s direct motion will see how ‘well’ i have done.
I soon saw, during this time that there was to be no ‘golden-future’ ahead, just business as usual. Still, however annoying it was to have the Arien impulse thwarted at the beginning of the Rx period, i now see that it did little ‘harm’ in the end.

Just like those born with an Arien Sun, for example, these few days of retrogration have seen a me build-up a head of steam and formulate a plan for a ‘fuller expression’, as life develops later. Life isn’t full of possibilities, but many can be ‘realised’.

Aries is the ‘seed’ and it’s [maturing] can take longer than it might in other ‘signs’. Things do lay ‘dormant’ until ‘triggered’, and if you’ve got it right, then possible greatness can await, but the Aries energy has a ‘roughness’ about it, so this particular Rx period may have been harder ‘to take’ than you or me really wanted it to be.

So the ‘theme’ seems to have been, get yourself ‘sorted’ and become as happy or as contented as you can, despite the ‘odds’.

It probably meant some ‘revaluation’ too, by looking-inside of yourself. This inner searching is definitely one of the bonuses of the Rx time. I suppose it is slightly different in all the other ‘signs’, especially as the Aries energy is very personal and ‘close’.

So to repeat myself from before, ‘often’ any Rx period will bring its meaning [with it] at the time of retrogradation, and can really only really be ‘known’ by the actual experiences that happen at the time. I suppose this is more so with Mercury, as it has the shortest Rx time, and is the planet most frequently in retrograde motion. I find that if it is not affecting you too badly at the time, then you can joy and delight in the ‘strangeness’ it often throws-up.

If the ‘Gods’ want to [give us] anything, then at the end of the Rx time, i’d imagine they would want us to of changed ‘a little’, and gained some ‘extra’ perspective on our lives.

This is probably through the natal house the planet is placed-in, or from ‘somewhere’ else it touches, or something else? and it doesn’t have to be completely life-changing, maybe just a ‘spur’ to a new-way-of-life.

So, as this Rx period comes to a close, try spotting where the ‘difference’ is?, it’s a free ‘insight’ that you gained by living through another bloody Rx Mercury ‘time’.

Now its coming to the time of ‘directness’, and its a time to ‘busy’ ourselves once more.

But what was held-back for a while, will in its natural ‘forward’ course be a bit hard to stomach for a short-while, as the change it direction happens, and Aries [it has to be said] is ‘anything’ from dull to an outright bully-boy, so watch and wait for a time and see how the ‘wind blows’ for a few more days, as things are turned-around, but back to ‘normal’.

Astrology: Jupiter in Aries

March 16, 2011 - Leave a Response

Traditionally Jupiter in Aries isn’t anything to write-home-about, although there’s no doubt its better placed here than when in many of the other signs, due to Jupiter being in its night triplicity in Aries, that being so for all the fire signs. So it has a fair amount of strength here by ‘night’ charts, making me go so far as to say, that ‘our’ nights [in general] are just that bit ‘cosier’ whilst Jupiter are in this sign[s].

Now the Aries energy is ‘pure’ and it is roughened by having the planets Mars and Saturn within, and smoothed by having planets like Venus and Jupiter therein. There’s also ‘got’ to be a visible ‘boost’ given at this ‘time’, one which really gets you to ‘max-out’ on something. It is therefore likely that we will all feel a ‘beneficial’ impulse hitting at us, and our world. Jupiter here isn’t classically ‘benefic’, i think that Aries just gives it something ‘good’ to work-on.

Now, its almost Spring and the time of Aries, but i’ve already seen many Aries-like things/behaviour around for a while now, surprisingly popping-up-into-life in the midst of Winter, usually softening the expectant ‘hard’ thrust which is associated with Aries, and always seeking to mellow the usual Aries-like behaviour, i know i have noticed that ‘those’ who normally ‘flare-up’ are not doing it so much lately, have you noticed this?

There also seems to be an early ‘budding’ of ‘nature’ in action, not even the snow could stop the full onslaught of a benevolent ‘nature’, which is being shown by the ‘push’ Jupiter in Aries has gave the land and trees which i look-at from my ‘home’ on this planet, i now see the hot and moist planet Jupiter, in the hot and dry sign Aries working according to the ‘formbook’.

Now as for me personally, Jupiter is transiting my 3rd house and the usual things are happening, more ‘active’ participation in daily affairs, and more short journeys are happening with relative ease, i even ‘communicate’ in the everyday realm with more relish. This is sure to be temporary, although it may lead to ‘somewhat’ of a change for me in the long-term, as ‘some’ of what is happening now will stick. But as life moves-on, i.e. Jupiter into my 4th house, i will no longer have my ruling planet Jupiter in that ‘realm’ of the 3rd house, so things of this kind will ‘naturally’ drop-off and i will move-on. It’s like that with all ‘transits’, [your motivation changes].

My 3rd house is ‘somewhat’ like [what] we see in the current film ‘The King’s speech’, i haven’t a stammer, but with lord 3 in detriment and cadent, and Mercury in the ‘mute’ sign of Cancer and the cusp of the 3rd also in ‘mute’ Pisces plus an opposition aspect to the 3rd cusp from Mars, i have my fair-share of ‘natural’ [to me] effects ‘of not being able to talk’ at times, but the opposition aspect of Mars on the 9th cusp gives me an ‘outlet’ through publishing, which i’m thankful for.

I suppose my Gemini and Pisces double-signed influence often sees my ‘inner and outer’ realities trying to combine into something coherent, but if any ‘louder’ voices than mine appear i find i can shrink-back into myself. I also need a certain kind of ‘atmosphere’ and people to help me bring myself out of myself, this is due to having Jupiter conjunct the Moon, which with its square to Saturn, usually turns me inwards and rather quiet at times, [plus i do like keeping myself to myself too].

So its no surprise i enjoy ‘writing’ rather than ‘speaking’, as the latter is more ‘testing’, still whenever Jupiter allows, i can express myself somewhat better than before, but as always we must all fall-back on our ‘natal’ pattern, and if that ‘pattern’ ain’t too good, you can feel ‘stuffed’ sometimes.

The ‘planets’ know where they are

February 10, 2011 - Leave a Response

To bastardize a quote, “would the stars [astrology] still be there if there was no-one to [hear] ‘read’ them”?

Of course they would, [you see], man has noted the ‘stars’ movements for thousands of years, so that’s rather irrelevant. But have we done enough with this knowledge, i believe we have a long way to go still.

What started this post [in my mind] was, are people totally unconscious of their effects on us, [by those who don’t look at an ephemeris daily], compared to those who try to ‘see’ what is being [caused] by their positions. I think just because i see the ‘world’ and ‘people’ slowing-down because there are a couple of hours of voidness before the Moon changes signs, doesn’t make me much more than just ‘aware’, in comparison to those who also slow down ‘naturally’, and who don’t know its due to the ‘stars’ movement, and just because i can ‘put’ a name to what is happening only gives me a slight advantage, because ‘all’ we are doing ‘together’, is basically the ‘same thing’ at the same time.

So whilst i and others know where the ‘planets’ are, and many others do not, i say choice is ‘key’ [in the end] when it comes to offering-up something to be accepted or rejected, and that is all that can really be done.

The ‘real’ choice however is… will people take-it-up, and do they actually want ‘astrology’? as it’ll never be forced onto the ‘people’ i hope.

The ‘natural’ World is the default setting, and i know one thing [for sure], if the electricity went off and your computers went offline etc, we’d see people looking and living by the ‘stars’ once again. But an over-reliance on anything is ‘dangerous’.

Goodbye Jupiter in Pisces

January 20, 2011 - Leave a Response

It’ll be 11 years until we next see Jupiter in Pisces, and i for one will miss its influence, but life goes on.

Generally it has been a happy time for me, i put this ‘down’ in part to Jupiter being my 1st house ruler, and being very strong in Pisces, and the subsequent effect it has had on me.

I cannot say ‘exactly’ what it has [done for me]? feeling good about myself and with life in general and taking a few of the opportunities [afforded me] seems to have been the main thrust.

I have moved house in the past year, and on the day when it almost exactly trined my 4th house ruler Venus; and yes it has been a beneficial move.

There has been so much ‘space’ to just do ‘just what i like’, that seems to have been the main theme, and i have been mostly untouched by ‘that’ which could’ve upset or diverted me.

It hasn’t been perfect by any means, as whilst [doing my own thing] i have missed-out on close relationships and general social interaction this year, but its vibe has given me a valuable lesson, and that is… [if you are not in the ‘game of life’, don’t expect it to ‘just happen’ [for you], because suddenly you are feeling like taking part].

So as the planets move-on, what do i expect of Jupiter in Aries? well less of the Jupiter influence in my life [thats for sure]. Jupiter will be in Mars’s sign and so i would imagine i will be finding that 3rd, 10th and 11th house matters become important again, especially the 3rd as that is where Jupiter now is in my chart.

Jupiter’s ‘vibe’ won’t be as pleasant now, but it is just another ‘set’ of changed ‘dignities’ to get used to, and then learn to live with.