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Astrology: Once in a Lifetime
September 11, 2012

It seems/feels like only ‘once’, as it ‘happens’ every 12 years, but in fact this is my 3rd Jupiter return 15 15 Gemini, and if i live a few more years i could well see 2 or 3 more.

Strictly speaking i should draw-up a Jupiter return chart, and see what it predicts, but as i don’t know how to interpret one [well], i simply won’t bother.

So how do i feel? well much like ‘myself’ is the ‘true’ answer, [and why wouldn’t i], as Jupiter is my Ascendant ruler, and this planet matches its place of my birth, i.e. a ‘return’.

And its probably the only ‘real’ time i will, [every 12 years].

Its that Jupiter cycle, ruling my Ascendant, that ‘marks’ the experiences i have. I believe some personal transitions take quite a while to ‘mature’, much like ‘for’ a person with Saturn ruling their Asc.

But if you were to ask me what the difference is between how a Mercury or Moon ruled Ascendant person experiences ‘life’ to me or a Saturnine? i’d have to guess, or ask or observe those who have it.

As i’m on my ‘own’ [right now] my best guess is… … they would experience ‘change’ as quickly, and [to them] as naturally in their everyday affairs as i do in my 7th house Moon ruled life.

So whereas i am suited to long-winded pursuits, and move slow-ish, the Moon ruled Asc people can easily encounter a multitude of ‘minor’ events, and of course if the Moon is in Cancer or Taurus you’ll ‘face’ and do whatever you ‘do’ well.

So i had to wait a good few years to feel OK again, as being ‘myself’ is on a larger-scale, and every ‘year’ in the past 4 yrs has seen me ‘struggling’ to get back to the ‘person’ i knew myself to be.

Maybe you can relate to ‘that’ yourself?


Venus in Libra: Living artwork
November 7, 2009

I got tired of looking at my previous attempt of a header image for this blog so i’ve replaced it with this simple depiction of the Sun, Moon and our blue planet with the zodiac signs around it. It wasn’t exactly what i had in mind, but maybe that’ll come next time when its time for a change.

Astrology: I welcome Sun in Leo
July 22, 2009

As i write this the Sun has just ingressed into Leo, that is British Summer Time; in Australia it has been there for a few hours already. Time to Sun-bathe.

17: Astrological or Clock Part 2
June 25, 2009

I believe more people naturally follow the astrological or ‘natural rhythm’ than they may realise, the clock as we know plays it part in life, but lets not forget that the astrological is there working in the background of life. The two can and do work together. Expand your astrological knowledge by looking beyond the clock.

16: Astrological or Clock Part 1
June 25, 2009

With a knowledge of the stars and an ephemeris and one eye on the clock, it is interesting to watch events unfold as the Moon in particular [but also other major aspects] come and go. Knowing that the Moon is making no more aspects in its present sign and is soon to change signs, no matter the time of day, and seeing people and their actions slowing down, ready for the change can be quite satisfying if you know its the natural rhythm playing out.