Finding the ‘right’ moment

Now here is a question to think about…

…does the ‘soul’ seek to be born at a [moment] which is ‘right’ or ‘best’ for its self?

I dare say that some ‘souls’ do seek to do just that, but if i asked you, is that ever achieved? then the sensible answer [has to be] ‘we just don’t know’, as aren’t we just born when we are and that’s all there is to it.

But when we ‘look-at’ the people who have made a ‘success’ of their life, [aren’t they] shining examples of people who have made it ‘good’, [so surely they incarnated at the/their right time]. Well yes, maybe so, or perhaps it was just a successful meeting of the right person with the right horoscope [for him or her], or even then maybe this ‘soul’ was just going to do well and succeed despite the Astrology chart they got born with.

But we have to consider what success is, don’t we, and how we measure it, because [to start with] its got-to-be some kind of ‘worldly’ success, [as who can truly count our ‘spiritual’ successes].

Because the ‘things’, [and especially the one’s you get over] in life, could be said to be [for some of us] major successes, even without any other [notable] life events. And then all of us must realise [see] that we have a ‘limit’ or ‘ceiling’ [if you like] to the world of opportunities as is ‘specifically’ shown in our natal chart, [and be it ‘high’ or ‘low’], to reach the end-of-your-life and then say i did what i could and as much of ‘what’ was asked of me is probably the nearest ‘measure’ many of us can have. But that is a very simple philosophy, and you’ll have your own idea’s on this.

But even worldly success could be put down to something of a ‘given’ [if the person ‘born’ is born into a wealthy or celebrity family], but isn’t this partly ‘what’ having planets in dignity and planets conjunct certain major fixed stars all about. But again [for those born at these ‘times’] they still have to be able to carry-it-off. Note: there are cases where ‘dignity’ doesn’t necessarily mean you are ‘somebody’ [who is manifesting a great soul purpose], see the Queen’s sister, she had plenty of planets in dignity, and its fair to say [for her] it just indicated a privileged life and not much else.

But getting-back to everyday ‘births’ now, [and that means the majority of us], who of us can ‘say’ or even ‘know’ if they we’re born [when they should have been]. Note: and if the ‘time’ of conception does add another ‘dimension’ to us, but we can’t pinpoint when that ‘was’ or even [in a wider context] what it did/does, then we may truly never-know what has made ‘us’ who we are, [that is] from a wider perspective than just the birth-time that astrologer’s use now.

But moving-on from this, and for a bit of fun, [as these deep philosophical questions ‘quite frankly’ get on-my-tits ‘nerves’ after a while], and because i want to do something a bit different, here’s a slightly quirky take on birth times.

So your mother is about to go into hospital as she has been told to expect your arrival any day soon, and it just happens she goes-in, in the early hours of the day she was given for your birth but she has to wait until mid afternoon for your actual birth, and many years later [when you ask her about the circumstances of your birth], and maybe even your birth-time from her she tells you this… …we were waiting for you for many hours, so your birth could’ve been many hours beforehand [as i was seriously waiting that long] but then again it could’ve also gone-on for much longer].

So ha, [you think], i could’ve had the ‘scope’ to have a lot of other different birth-times, and that gets you thinking, and [that is] if i just adjust my birth-chart backwards and forwards [a few hours] by the rectification tool on my computer programme [and see what ‘chart’ i could’ve got] it will make for an interesting little experiment. Note: it can be done by hand too, by using a ‘table of houses’.

But more on this later …

… maybe the bigger question still nags at you, [but ‘you’ put it to one side] as you like to believe, [like most do] that you arrived when you did, and it was ‘correct’ for yourself and [your soul], believing you needed that ‘horoscope’ to allow yourself to flourish, and for you to be yourself, but you still ‘wonder’ how much-of-it was maybe down-to-me being ‘born’ [when i was] so i made sure i had just ‘one’ factor in the chart, [that i may have been specifically born for/to have], but then again you think, was i really born so ‘every attribute’ i have [like the shyness in social situations and the ‘exacting’ manner] were already ‘there’ just ready to come-out [along with the more obvious and easy expressions] of my Moon Jupiter conjunction, probably.

Because if [as i partly believe] my Moon Jupiter conjunction is my strongest ‘hand’, and with it being in the 6th house, it accidentally puts the ‘other planets’ where they are, [or perhaps this conjunction isn’t ‘my biggest purpose’], and some other position is, like my Mars on the 9th cusp, [which then ‘put’ Jupiter and the Moon in the sixth house], but even then you still have to consider that perhaps some ‘positions’ are just accidentally wrong for me, and i’ve had to learn-to-live with them.

Note: but as our souls have to partake in ‘all’ the planetary energies which affect life here on earth i suspect we could ‘all’ probably ‘incarnate’ quite easily under any conditions, but to make the most of it, [that’s another question], as you may not be able to live up to ‘much’ of what is in your chart.

Still taking it on one step further its makes me wonder if my birthday has brought me anywhere ‘close’ to what my soul could achieve, [but maybe i would have had to wait another 100 or 200 years for something better to come along, who knows]. But seeing that i incarnated [at the time i did] and with some ‘bad-ish’ [tough] placements, i am all-too-aware that none of us are perfect, and we’ve all got to do the ‘best’ with what we have.

So with that in mind i am now going to shift my chart around by a few hours [either way] and see what i could’ve ‘got’ if i’d been born just a few hours earlier or later; and specifically where my Moon Jupiter conjunction would’ve been ‘placed’, and the other subsequent ‘changes’. Now, i was born at 20:25:13 -1hr [summertime] on 27 06 1965 in North Walsham, Norfolk, England, giving me a 24 degree Sagittarian Ascendant.

Being born on the cusp of night-time means i have many hours of the morning and day on the 27th which could’ve seen me ‘born’, and just a few hours after 8 30 at night, so lets look at the earlie’s first. Note: all times used are Summer time, so -1hr for GMT times.

At 11:10 am on the 27th my Sun would be in the 10th, [still angular] and my worries may of changed from that of relationships to how i was perceived, [my image] in the world, but would i still be the same person? [working-it-out, in the World]. Then with the Moon and Jupiter around the Midheaven there’s very little scope for dealing with my problems ‘alone’ and in some ‘isolation’ [like i do it now], with them in my sixth house. And with Mars in my 1st house ‘now’ i may have taken a more vital role for my ‘exacting’ qualities. And with Saturn on the 7th cusp i probably would’ve taken my troubles and isolation in relationships a lot more seriously than i do as of now.

At 12:28 Mars has come to be exactly on the Ascendant, and its pushed-back the Moon Jupiter conjunction into the 9th, and with Mars now ruling over the 3rd and 8th house i probably would’ve developed a more cutting wit, whilst probably not holding-back, especially when i wanted to see some change. And with the Moon now ruling the 10th house my inner self would probably be a lot more [the topic of discussion], though i may not like ‘it’ all that much, and with Jupiter as lord 4 and 6 it might’ve seen me confiding much more in my parents [i guess], and maybe me being more careful not to overdo things, [as that is partly what i do that anyway].

By 14:00 the Moon Jupiter conjunction has moved exactly to the 9th cusp giving it that ‘little’ bit more power than just being [in the house alone], and Mercury and Venus now sit on the 10th cusp, and my whole approach to ‘what and how’ i put things out into the world would surely be looked-at and scrutinised more [with me] than they are now. But the main reason i chose this ‘time’ as an example is both Saturn and Mars now sit in the 6th and 12th houses respectively, and that wouldn’t be all that good. [So, i believe i wouldn’t have consciously chosen this ‘time’], to be born.

16:52 puts Mercury and Venus on the 9th cusp, with them ruling in the 10th, 11th and 7th houses, so that bodes well, but i’d have to accept the Sun in the 8th house and my Moon Jupiter there too, which isn’t so good, but with my Mars in the 10th house that would help matters.

At 19:40 just 45 minutes before i was born the only major change is Moon Jupiter to the 7th cusp, [which is good], but is it more preferable than what i have at present, [with the slight changes to everything else, ‘its hard to know’, [and could i have pulled-off a Libran Midheaven], i suppose i just would have had to.

And that just leaves 00:11 on the 28th, as the one i may have chosen for after birth, and this one has Saturn on the Ascendant, and ruling-over the 11th, 12th and some of the 10th house, so almost one ‘quadrant’ of the chart, [so that’s some heavy shit] right there, for that individual born then. And now with the Moon and Jupiter in the 3rd house, it has to be a case of ‘have you got something to say to me Punk’ aimed right at me. But the idea of having some fun to alleviate the ‘harshness’ of the Saturn placement with both Mercury and Venus in the 5th house is very attractive. But an already argumentative Mars ‘now’ in the 7th doesn’t ‘fill me with thoughts of joy’, and the Sun in the 4th house could really see me retreating into my shell, with the occasional verbal ‘outburst’ i guess.

But this is essentially a futile exercise [as my chart will never be any different], but it’s still a bit of ‘fun’ [to see what might have been]. Note: there’s probably lots more reasons why we could be ‘different’, [or slightly changed people with our focuses on other things in our lives], and i am still not fully ‘convinced’ what i’ve done ‘above’ has any ‘real’ value, still its done now.


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