Astrology for sale

There are those who will offer you ‘your’ World for a ‘price’, and they will tell ‘you’ everything about yourself, [but surely you know ‘most’ of your World already? don’t you? of course you do], it’ll be inside your head, [but it will not be ‘phrased’ like an Astrology report].

So when you send of for one, just ‘remember’ you blimm’in well should know quite a lot of ‘stuff’ about yourself, [at least by the age of 16/18], when you are old enough to buy such reports. But [truth is] it may be 30 or more years until you ‘realise’ much of the ‘knowledge’ given to you at 16/18 [or whenever] was always within you, and any ‘report’ you got never-ever matched what you ‘already’ knew about yourself.

And when considering buying a report [always ‘know’ this], if the people who send you this ‘report’ didn’t tell ‘you’ most of what ‘you’ already knew about yourself, then are ‘they’ really doing an accurate job?

So, is the ‘point’ [a written mirror for you to ‘match’ your soul with] of [what a report is] ‘sinking-in’ yet?

And have you asked yourself that all important question yet, what ‘need’ do i have of it?

And ‘of course’ you must ask yourself the question, why are ‘you’ buying such a ‘report’? are you so out-of-touch with yourself, or do you really believe there’s lots of fantastic new information available, [that the ‘writer’ can tell you about], or maybe you’ll get ‘something’ which ‘you’ had no idea existed [for you], or stuff you just hadn’t woken-up to, or you’ll get a load of idea’s for ‘new stuff’ you hadn’t done yet. Yes you probably are, but i hope i am slowly disillusioning you of that idea.

Although i must admit i felt very much like that, when many years ago i got ‘one’, and i suppose it did help in my overall journey, [and i’m sure many who have also got ‘theirs’ probably would ‘admit’ very much the same].

So we mustn’t forgot the ‘draw’ of these reports. Which has to be the ‘potential’ you possess, and lure of knowing something ‘different’ [new to you] which when given to you [in written form] is akin to the ‘buzz’ someone who does skydiving will get, and for many out-there the ‘new experience’ may offer you a thrill seeking ride, [of the mental kind] like no other, [at least until the shock of the ‘new’ dies down]. And hopefully you will have found it a pleasant ‘diversion’, and ‘one’ that you were happy to pay for, [but not again and again, as ‘charts’ don’t change, and remembering that other Astrologer’s should be reading the ‘same’ positions, and giving you virtually the same answers] so its not advisable to go around ‘hunting’ for a better reading or different answers.

And even receiving a badly-written-report is still for the most part always going to be a matter-of-opinion, especially when you see it like ‘this’ [the payee who sent for it, surely shouldn’t have the knowledge to argue-the-toss with the faceless person who sent-it-out], or why were they seeking the report [some ‘more’ knowledge] in the first place?

And anyway if you query it/them they’ll just say it is simply a matter-of-opinion, ‘as to’ whether what was sent out to you was good or not.

You see when sending-off for a ‘report’ and paying your money, [for all those wonderful and mysterious things they are going to tell ‘you’ about yourself], you are basically saying ‘i know very little and i want to know more’, albeit unspoken, and i’ll pay for ‘anything’ you have to say to me, [that ‘simply’ is the deal].

I said it like ‘this’ because i want to stress to you that ‘they’ are on to a ‘winner’, with virtually no-come-back from what they send you. Except, you can send it back, or ‘post’ a letter/email saying it was ‘crap’ of course, but that’s unlikely to do anything for you.

Because as the people who’ve been ‘there’ already know, under any heading, [for example] Moon square Saturn, you can get the good bad and ugly.

So if you do want to go ahead with one, do your ‘research’ [the best that you can], and keep your fingers crossed that you’ve picked ‘one’ of the better one’s,

And so you ‘pays your money’ and takes your chances.

But if you ‘believe’ you’d get a better ‘deal’ with a non-computer report, [a hand-written one] then think again, but that’s another story.


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