Its time for Saturn in Scorpio

So, ‘expecting’ a whole treatise on what Saturn in Scorpio means, well you’ll be disappointed, but strangely enough you may well end-up with just ‘that’ if all goes well.

But this is a ‘building-job’, [which with the fixity of Scorpio and the steadiness of Saturn] may not be an all-too-real starting ‘phrase’ for what i have in mind.

You see, as we sit on the cusp of Saturn entering Scorpio [today] i have no ‘words’ to describe it, [although of course] i could use other people’s findings, but i don’t want to do this.

Instead i will start with a blank canvas, and add my ‘findings’ as-i-go, building-up some real-life ‘findings’ over the next two and a half years.

I am not even going to give you ‘one’ to kick-off with, except to say there is always a lot going-on underneath any calm exterior [Scorpio], but ‘that’ may be a lot less now Saturn is here. Or does the ‘calm’ only ‘occur’ after a lot has been done and achieved. Or perhaps we can only keep ‘calm’ by not trying to do anything, and hence never achieving anything.

Keeping-it-together, [in control of ourselves] may or may not be an ‘issue’ for you over the next two and a half years. The emotions welling-up inside of you may make it hard to keep on top of things.

Then i’ve this to share with you, even though we’ll all ‘share-in’ the universal properties and experiences of Saturn in Scorpio, its its transits which’ll define most of what we experience, i will have it trine my Sun, Saturn Venus and Mercury, and sextile my Mars whilst in Scorpio, and will ‘feel’ its influence as my 1st or 2nd house ruler aspecting the ruler of certain ‘houses’.

It’ll trine my Sun first at 5 degrees of Cancer, bringing it in contact with my 8th house. With that in mind i know what i’m to look-out for.

You will have something playing-out like this too. And when looked-into carefully [it can] really ‘inform’ one of 7 paths [planets] that ‘will’ be working-out-for-you.

Next i just want to tell you this, its quite funny that just as Mars leaves Scorpio Saturn enters it. The hot planet Mars is leaving what can be a very cold sign, and now a very cold, [but dry] planet is there. The only real similarity being [they are both] malefic forces, but whereas Mars flourishes here Saturn is likely to clam-up, and any victories hard won. Although just like any planet in sign combination there’s always ‘things’ which are just-right for it, and i’m sure they will become quite obvious, and very soon.

But after saying all this, i mainly just want to say, do come-back from time to time, for the-post-may-of-grown, well that’s the intention anyway.

1. Mars the planet of War rules Scorpio and Saturn is the best representative of Cold, so if ‘tensions’ mount between you and others it may simply turn ‘frosty’ and become a kind of Cold War.

2. ‘Digging hard to find my sexuality’ or ‘Where did my sexual feelings go’?, has Saturn robbed-me,or put a barrier around my ‘sex’? no, its unlikely, but you may need to stir-it-up like you never had to before, so we’re talking finding some stimuli here.

3. ‘Depth’; Saturn has a certain depth, as does Scorpio, so watch-out for, and feel something ‘deeply’, it’ll find you, [if you don’t sense it], and it’ll try to make you ‘live it’ in yourself. There will be ‘opportunities’ but you gotta take them.

4. If you are going to dig into someone’s emotional past, see how they feel about it first. And then do it with responsibility and ‘true’ knowledge of ‘the’ situation.

5. We know Scorpio is the sign associated with sexuality, but with Saturn here it can be a ‘slow-burner’, but ‘wow’ when its built-up it comes-on/out strong.

6. Passion is inbuilt, but trying ‘harder’ to not ‘care’ suits a lot of people [just now], and especially ‘those’ who have made it their ‘modus operandi’ in life.

7. Building-up something if-built-on what seems like ‘shifting-sands’, or if your ‘life’ seems like sand slipping-through-your-fingers its probably because despite your good-intentions you still aren’t making those solid connections ‘where they would really count’.


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