A good day to be born?

Coronation Street ‘the nation’s favourite television show’, [and rightly so], as there’s nothing better than seeing ‘real life’ which you can get involved with but still remain detached, gave me a little ‘gem’ of an idea last night.

Tyrone and Kirsty are having a baby and its due date was yesterday September 3rd 2012, and Tyrone said it sounded like a good day to be born, so let’s see if it was?

Well, in this year of Jupiter in Gemini, the ‘times’ when other planets are ‘strong’, becomes the ‘best’ times on this rather ‘weak’ Jupiterian background. And perhaps the ‘Street’ does have an Astrologer/Astrological advice, as we have a Strong Venus Saturn square aspect, [although it is past exact] come the time of transmission, although later the Moon will bring it back into ‘play’ when it opposes Saturn and squares Venus, so perhaps its power isn’t totally lost.

This aspect is of a strong Saturn, and although Venus isn’t so strong, she gets received into Libra, so we see she has more ‘power’ than is ‘obvious’, so Tyrone seems quite ‘right’ in sensing something about the day.

Then we must look at Mercury which is strong in Virgo and Mars also strong in Scorpio, and ‘with’ this much essential dignity someone born ‘this day’ would be well provided for, and could look after themselves, but it gets better as these two planets are about to come into sextile aspect, forever joining these two positive forces.

Then we see the Sun and Moon which are in Virgo and Aries, ok signs for them to be in, but as the tv programme went out they were in ‘antiscion’ conjunction, making them a special combination.

So we see all the planets except Jupiter are doing ‘good’ things, but even a ‘detrimented’ Jupiter has ‘its’ things to offer.

But alas it wasn’t to be, and true to ‘soap operas’ characters, bad or complicated people are more watchable than those who are more self-contained and need less from others, so this baby will be born, but with less favourable ‘stars’, as they move away from the Saturn Venus aspect, and the other strong patterns.

Still, planets move in and out of dignity, [especially the Moon], so its still possible for the baby to have very ‘favourable’ stars, as Mercury and Mars are still strong for some time.

But as Tyrone said September the third was a good day to be born, and his senses were working overtime.


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