Mars conjunct Saturn in Libra

This conjunction affords me a great opportunity to explore the major planetary ‘conjunctions’, and especially to explore what i saw written in Ramesay’s ‘Astrology Restored’ book.

He has a section where he looks at ‘great conjunctions’ with Jupiter conjunct Saturn as the greatest, then they go down in a certain ‘order’, [of the planets involved], and the particular ‘signs’ they are in.

So Saturn and Jupiter in the first 10 degrees of Aries is the ‘first’ one, but why? maybe because its the first sign, but with Saturn in its ‘fall’ here, [in Aries] and Jupiter only in its ‘triplicity’ you ‘wonder’ why it is ‘given’, that is until you consider all the other signs these two planets could be in ‘together’ and realise ‘that’ only in Libra could you ‘get’ close to a similar dignified situation, but even ‘here’ Jupiter is not in its own triplicity.

And then, you must realise that in Cancer Jupiter may be exalted but Saturn is in its ‘detriment’, and then again in Capricorn Saturn rules but Jupiter hits rock-bottom so we perhaps see why Aries isn’t such a bad choice, when we see ‘all’ the other signs don’t get anywhere close.

And its worth noting the rarity value of this conjunction in Aries, being every 930 years.

Note: there may be more to it, as to why Aries is the sign of choice, but some knowledge is lost, and some can only be guessed at, as to why ‘it is so’, whilst other people may ‘state’ its ‘like this’ only for others to disagree, ‘that is’ until a consensus is reached, [be it an uneasy one or not], but that’s the way of things in the World isn’t it.

Moving on now, next is the same conjunction, but now found every 240 years in the first ‘term’ or ‘degree’ of each triplicity. I’ve nothing to say about this ‘one’, but ‘early’ in a sign seems to be important, as a ‘signpost’ or ‘marker’ i assume.

It is then worth noting that every twenty years there is a Saturn Jupiter conjunction ‘somewhere’ in the zodiac, and [of course] if it happens ‘conjunct’ any planet or angle in your natal chart you’ll be ‘affected’ in some way or other.

Next, they ‘rate’ the Saturn Mars conjunction, putting the one which happens in the first degree/term of Cancer as the ‘one’ which ‘tops’ all. Again it’s rather ‘odd’ because both planets are quite ‘malefic’ in this sign, but perhaps thats the ‘point’ here, their combined ‘force’ to do ‘harm’ makes it the most powerful force.

We are also told that a Saturn Mars conjunction in any other ‘sign’ except Cancer is a ‘mean’ conjunction, which seems ‘funny’ as in Capricorn Mars and Saturn are both very strong. But perhaps they are to well-behaved to deserve a mention.

Whereas this conjunction in Libra is a mix of an exalted Saturn and a detrimented Mars, [more on this later].

What we are seeing here [in all the major conjunctions] is Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, and their rule over three of the four cardinal signs, and the way these three planets are in ‘detriment’ ‘exaltation’ and ‘fall’ here, but Libra must also be added with its detriment of Mars and exaltation of Saturn.

Less important ‘now’ is the multiple conjunction of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, although you might’ve thought with all ‘three’ involved we’d get an ‘all-powerful’ time, [not always so, but a lot can go-on or be affected now], and hence people born ‘then’ can have ‘lives’ with a lot going-on ‘in’ them.

But perhaps ‘more’ can be ‘had’ from a two planet conjunction than with ‘three’ [with a weakened or dissolving third factor].

And again this three planet combination will have more dynamic[s] in the ‘cardinal’ signs then in the other signs, so will only wreck its greatest ‘power’ roughly a ‘third’ of the time. That is, if this triple conjunction happens equally in all the signs in rotation, which may not be the case, [i haven’t checked].

Note: Nostradamus had these three planets conjunct in Cancer, [looking as if Saturn was next to Mars, with Jupiter nearby], and his life was full of hardships, mixing-in what ‘good’ [Jupiter] he could ‘do’ for those suffering in the general population, many of who had ‘grave’ illnesses at the time.

Ramesay goes on to say that Jupiter conjunct Mars is next, [but causes less mischief than the previous conjunctions mentioned].

Then it comes-down to which ‘planet’ the Sun conjuncts after its entry into Aries each year. Ramesay explains ‘this’ in another ‘section’ of the book.

And the 7th main ‘conjunction’ is to consider the Sun Moon conjunction every month.

Ramesay then gives us a valuable piece of knowledge/information, he says, “when the ‘exact figure’ is known/cast for the conjunction, its the ‘fortitudes and debilities’ [of all the planets], but especially ‘those’ one’s in the main ‘conjunction’ that presage the good or evil”.

Meaning [in our case] Mars will cause evil of a Martian nature, and ‘of’ the ‘sign’ its in, [here Libra] an ‘air’ sign, so corruption to men and fruits of the earth. But ‘here’ it conjuncts the infortune Saturn who is currently behaving ‘well’ in Libra, making an interesting mix.

But ‘malevolents’ they both are, and [in a Masculine sign], so ‘any’ evil infirmities will go ‘mainly’ to men. But as Libra is a ‘moveable’ sign, the continuance of its influence is of little or no length.

Now Ramesay says this ‘conjunction’ denotes War and bloodshed, and in ‘humane’ Libra many infirmities to men, [with a Saturn-type injury].

But once again, to see the ‘actual scale’ of the/any War you must ‘once again’ see how strong all the planets are in the conjunction ‘chart’, and how they aspect [or not] the ‘conjunction’ itself.

Note: but which ‘location’ do you use?, and what if due to retrograde motion you get more than one conjunction, which one do we use then?

So, thus far without having giving ‘you’ an answer [all in one sentence] as to what this aspect could mean, i hope you’ve seen an ‘answer’ spread-out within the ‘text’.

But before i finish, a little more on its ‘use’ and meaning.

It may be a time of ‘hardship’, but with Saturn acting ‘well’ in Libra, ‘any’ real pain is going to be far less ‘than at other times/signs’, although Mars in Libra is still ‘malefic’ enough to kick ‘you’ [someone] in the teeth somehow.

Its almost like you meet two bullyboys [in the street] and whilst one may really want to hurt you, his ‘mate’ smiles on you kindly this time, why? because he’s had a good day, or some luck, and he persuades his mate to move-on and leave you alone, but as they pass Mars kicks-out at you, and they both chuckle, and you remember they are both naturally ‘infortunes’, only somehow now Saturn is having a good influence over Mars by feeling good himself.

Then we have life ‘applications’, this aspect could bring, [if its applicable to you], a time to get down and dirty, so if you are thinking of ‘mining’ or ‘engineering’ just ‘go for it’. But its worth noting this conjunction will act-out differently in each ‘house’, [for me] its in my 9th house, and its already getting harder to ‘publish’ posts for various reasons [known only to me].

Its also worth noting the less strong ‘of us’ must take care not to get involved in fights, where blows, cuts and stabs may happen. Its a time for real ‘tough’ men, who act ‘nasty’, and who may revel in some ‘low’ acts whilst also pretending to be good, at least that’s what the books say.

But for every unbalanced individual this combination in Libra can produce-in what is normally a rather unthinking rash person a more ‘sober’ temperament. And it can have a reverse effect too, making a rather sober person have a spring in his step.

But any ‘achievement’ is going to be hard-won, as we will ‘all have to’ contend with ‘driving-ahead’ and then encountering ‘hindrances’ in all that we do.

Finally, getting-back to the talk of ‘war’, if we don’t see any new ‘ones’ develop [as we head for the ‘conjunction’] August 15th, we should look at the one’s already in progress.

The Syrian war may ‘conclude’ at the time of the ‘conjunction’, but in the build-up to the ‘conjunction’ we may see an big escalation in ‘suffering’. But this is typical of many Wars.

So dig-in and ‘survive’ is what’s needed right now, and ‘tough’ it out.


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