Have a nice ‘birth’ day

Today is my 47th birthday, and everyone is saying ‘have a great day’, now i don’t want to be a ‘grump’, but exactly what is it that ‘you’ are meant to do today that makes it ‘anymore’ different or special to any other day.

Its not that i’m about to climb Mount Everest, or get married, or have the best ‘sex’ ever, but maybe i am missing-the-point. It is my special day and i do feel good, and the ‘solar’ energy is obviously there, so i should tap into it, but i ain’t a kid no more, and perhaps that’s why i haven’t the energy or lust for stuff that i once had.

This year the Sun sits on my Ascendant in my solar return, and i do feel more energised than usual, so perhaps more ‘outlets’ are needed than were needed in recent years.

But today i find myself just answering other people’s birthday wishes. But if any planet is a self-starter it has to be the Sun, so i should get off my backside and just do it, meaning ‘those things’ which if i don’t soon, i might have no energy ‘to do’ one-day all too soon.

But typically me, even last night when i was about to be get sung happy birthday to by 10 people i said please don’t as i’ll get all embarrassed, so its all too obvious, i have developed into a person who doesn’t do or say much, and without much of a solar personality, or with anything ‘much’ for people to ‘hang’ something onto me.

But i can’t really complain, as i am the person i wanted to become ‘many years ago’, although i will now admit to some self dissatisfaction.

But as life goes-on i’m not going to let one day’s happiness spoil what is going to be a rather boring and staid year to come.

I guess i’m just a little perverse, which could mean that i should ‘come out of myself’ a little more.

But at the end-of-the-day a whole lot is hidden ‘behind’ what comes-out of us as our solar selves, and mine is complex and ever-changing, so when i see what i’m really like i’m thinking seven-fold not just the rather unsunny person i know myself to be at times.


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