Astrology: Tale of two planets

What are ‘unfortunate’ circumstances?

Well ‘ones’ that goes against one’s wishes perhaps. Or maybe one’s that just don’t allow for ‘life’, [in any of its positive forms] to flourish, or ‘at least’ to ‘happen’ [partly as we have come to expect them to be], ‘that is’ a part good, part bad mix, or slightly better or worse. Anyhow.

Now, in all my years of Astrological study there has been one ‘divide’ which is so starkly different to what you tend to feel as ‘normal’; and ‘for me’ that is the ‘time’ when a planet is in the 12th sign to where it is natally placed for you.

Its a ‘time’ when you know how you should feel [normally], but you just ‘fall’ short of it.

For example, Venus is currently in Gemini, and my natal Venus is in Cancer, so i am experiencing ‘the thoughts and feelings of ‘one’ trapped in a World behind where i’d naturally ‘live/be’, with all those 12th house ‘associations’, [feeling so different] ‘compared’ [to the 1st house].

But these ‘times’ come every year, and there’s no escaping it, it simply is how its ‘meant to be’, [the cycle coming to completion]. And a more natural ending-time, before life kicks-in again you’ll ‘not’ find in Astrology.

Now, for a ‘bit’ about how ‘life’ can feel under 12th, [be it by house or sign], and ‘believe me’ whether its by ‘sign’ or ‘house’ it can be a terribly lonely, and [isolating] place and time.

And [it must be said] that there is a ‘difference’ between the 12th sign and 12th house, [but without sitting and meditating on it for hours], i haven’t got a satisfactory answer to hand. [But i do know it is just a ‘part of’ that big question about giving the same meanings for signs and houses], and who know’s the answer to that ‘one’.

But moving-on, amongst the ‘answers’ within this post i mustn’t forget about the ‘length of time’ a planet is in this condition, [your 12th], which isn’t always just a ‘small time’, and then combined with other planetary transits it can amount to some considerable time like this, and depending on your like or need for this ‘condition’ it can be heaven or hell.

Then, we must remember any interpretation also depends on your natal chart, as to whether it ‘gets at you’ or not, as a person with 12th house planets may have a ‘life’ where some ‘isolation’ etc is part of their life already, so this kind-of ‘living’ may not seem that unusual to them. But as many people will not be born with 12th house planets, it may not be as welcome, as i just said.

For me, it always hits me rather hard-ish, as i have a fair amount of alone-time already, [although i have no natal 12th planets], and more of this ‘kind-of’ enforced-time doesn’t always go down too well, as it suddenly becomes too-much. Note: my natural aloneness comes from ‘unused’ 7th house energy.

Now, [what prompted this post], and why i suppose i’m feeling a bit ‘cheated’ is because Venus is retrograde presently, [and why i am feeling a bit sorry for myself], is because what is already quite a long-time in Gemini is to ‘get’ much longer, so i wait for it to be in my sign and for Venusian life to spring again in me.

Because at nearly 47 years i have come to know what to expect, be ‘that’ feelings of love and beauty coursing through me when Venus is in Cancer, and almost a non-version of ‘this’ just 1 sign beforehand, as ‘if’ its not so much run-out, but is hibernating, or so ‘deeply-down’ as to be ‘hard to access’.

Now, you may say, you’ve waited almost a ‘whole’ cycle, so what’s the problem? but its ‘where’ i am, [in the 12th], that’s not good, especially when i know what is ‘to come’, that is the ‘thing’ [that gets you]. It seems to get me every year, a certain ‘dullness of feeling’, but that is how its meant to be ‘once again’, one ‘time’ each year.

Now, [i hear you ask] surely there must be advantages even stuck in the 12th, and yes there are…

… if you want a ‘rest’ then its probably the best time. If you want to tie-up loose ends then again its good, and if psychologically you want to get it ‘together’ then this period of reflection will help. But perhaps you’re out of control, and its ‘here’ that a chaotic life can lead to a crisis, which certainly can happen here.

Basically, there’s many manifestation’s possible here, but they will usually follow [a ‘hidden’ from others] route, and possibly [what is hidden from you too]. All before the ‘dawn’ of the 1st house.

Remember, some things are best kept hidden, and now is ‘when’ you can really notice it. And you’ll not see such a contrast between ‘houses’ than the 12th and 1st. Because its like ‘self’ and being ‘off-self’

But back in ‘reality’…

… its all been a little bit ‘too-long’, [this reflective time], because combined with the Mars retrograde period that has just finished i feel i have been in the ‘place’ few would choose to be in [of their own choosing], although i must say that ‘at least’ the Mars retrograde was in Virgo, where it sits ‘natally’ for me, [so had a 1st house association], so it wasn’t all that bad, as it has got me ‘back in touch with myself’ in a Martian way, [and was far better than when in Leo some time back], when i was far more exhausted.

And so we conclude this ‘tale’ of two planets ‘Venus and Mars’, and we find a ‘story’ which can only come from ‘experience’, and not from any ‘text-book’.


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