Astrology: ‘Not meant to be’?

God made the heavens, and he made them ‘work’ in a certain way.

He therefore made ‘times’ when [what is the natural way of things] were ‘not’ made to work-out. Meaning ‘most times’ aspects will ‘perfect’ and life will continue on, but at other times ‘retrogradation’ of one planet or another could ‘stop’ an aspect from occurring, and its ‘promise’ is lost, or at least not ‘granted’. Something which is ‘bad’ in many cases, but equally can ‘deny’ what was to be a bad outcome too, so then turns-out to be ‘good’.

So ‘it is’ that we live in such a time ‘now’, because on May 15th Venus goes retrograde, and just misses making a trine aspect to an already retrograde Saturn by just 1 minute, simply by retrograding at a faster speed than Saturn.

And this very ‘fact’ [already known and treated by the ‘authorities’ of old] say it is enough to ‘deny’ any ‘promise’ the aspect would’ve given.

Only that isn’t the end of it, as Bonatus says “Yet may a thing possibly be brought to pass, not without extraordinary labour and trouble”, [to bridge that 1 minute ‘gap’ the planets ‘never made’ presumedly].

Obviously God made such an ‘non-event’, [as part of the greater scheme of things] so that such things as ‘worthy winners’ were ‘made’, whilst others must ‘fade-away’, amongst a myriad of different outcomes/life experiences.

Now, i have drawn-up a Horary chart for tomorrow’s final Premier League day and asked will Manchester City win the Premiership title? of which they are favourites to do so. It is 23:16 -1hr for BST on May 10th 2012 at Cromer, Norfolk, England.

And the chart sees ‘City’ under the non-existent Venus Saturn aspect to ‘win’, so will they do it?, well one things for sure if they do it will be seen as a huge effort to overtake the champions, as recently they were so far behind in the points table.

So their story somehow ‘fits’ with the ‘possible’ outcome of an ‘aspect’ so close to perfecting, as Bonatus gave it.

So, how do ‘predict’ the ‘outcome’ in advance? go by the ‘rules’ or discretion? either way ‘this’ chart gives a strong yes or no answer, so i must defer judgement, as i don’t truly know which way it will turn.

But by looking at what else happens in the chart we may have that ‘further clue’ needed. Now, if you believe it could come true for City to win, the separating square to Saturn, lord 1, and applying to no other planet could do it, along with the Moon in applying square the 10th cusp.

But if you believe that [that] ‘minute’s’ distance away from ‘perfection’ will stop City winning, then the lord 7 trine lord 4 aspect [of the only other team in it] ‘Manchester United’ will give it to them instead.

So, i get to the unenviable position of never having such a chart with such possible chances and denials in it, so the only answer is to listen to the ‘matches’, [played at the same times] and see who comes-out on top, [its as clear/easy as that].

Then having seen how it played-out i will be in the position of never had giving a ‘definite’ answer, and simply using the ‘answer’ to further my knowledge.

Although on my Twitter feed i’ve already committed myself to City not being Champions, but we’ll see.

I will continue working with the Horary in more detail after the ‘result’ is known, but on my other blog. Astrology and the Astrological World, see link at bottom of this page.

I do hope from a personal angle that City win, and United lose, but in a way the Astrological answer is more important to me.

Laughing, i tell myself that working on this Horary/Post has been ‘as hard as’ winning a ‘match’, and that’s no real exaggeration.


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