Astrology: Happy New Year

Forget January the 1st, no, the Sun’s entry into Aries is the ‘real’ New Year, and it happens Tuesday Morning, the 20th of March here in England.

Don’t you feel the primordial power today, as the switch is about to be made, it’ll be like turning the lights-on.

Only the ‘World’ is a funny place, and the ‘opposite’ occurs in the southern hemisphere.

Anyhow that ‘power’ is ‘rising’, [as if] the lame and weak and poor now can walk, talk and just ‘be’ stronger in expression once more.

And our ‘vision’, which we were keeping to ourselves, and only saw dimly is now about to come into being, and we can almost touch, and certainly can ‘feel it’.

We are ‘like’ that bouncing baby lamb once again.

And as we allow ourselves to get excited, we must somehow keep it ‘together’ in that typical self-controlled Arien way, and not over do it.

So, to be ‘young’ again, and believe Winter was the ‘blip’ and Sun and Air and Joy and Movement were, and always will be our ‘true’ state of being.

So here’s to the next six months, when we really start and continue to live life to the full.


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